Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today is Halloween??

Sigh..again,another day without any task..boring sial!!

Since I am quite free actually,therefore I have gone through a lot of blog and just read through this from Mariuca.I think is is quite interesting since today is the Halloween.You might wanna know whats your monster character just like what I am.

Here come the monster me *ngek*ngek* looks so "monster" ler..The name Basilisk Slayer make me think of the character in the anime- Bleach.I am just like the Aranka in the anime..haha..

Your Monster Profile

Basilisk Slayer

You Feast On: M&Ms

You Lurk Around In: Public Restrooms

You Especially Like to Torment: Hippies

About the characteristic,well,quite accurate for me.M&Ms is my fovourite and nonetheless any chocolate will do.I am just in doubt about how the heck i will lurk around in "Public Restrooms"??What is going on??I don't like the smell of public restroom unless it is the restroom in The Gardens...haha..That will be different story..and the third one,I just don't like hippies but not till the level to torment ...
So,whats about your monster character??

Monday, October 29, 2007

First Gathering @One Utama

Last Saturday,the Tele Gangz members who doing their internship at Kuala Lumpur area had been gather at One Utama.This is the first gathering and there are still a lot doesn't shown up.Some of them can't make it because have to accompany girlfriend,some is working during Saturday and some going back to Melaka but still we are having fun.It is not easy to gather especially at Kuala Lumpur where everywhere is traffic jam.

At first,we set our time to gather at One Utama around 2 pm but I am the one who come late but I would say thats not my fault as there are too many reason that cause me late.Sorry to make you guys wait for me and I am very hungy too.Without further wasting of time,we head to "Wong Kok"Restaurant once I reach there.Another apologise from me b'coz I forgot to take the photo of the food as well since I hungry till totally forget about it.

Here is the group photo of Tele Gangz + CE(She is not from Computer Electronics but her name is See Yee)in "Wong Kok"Restaurant...

After that,some of us choose to go shopping and some go for bowling.I've been follow to the bowling centre.Well,it is not really worth to play during weekend and whats make thing worst is the lane that we are playing keep got problem..really feel frustrated,next time we shall gather at Sunway Pyramid then can play bowling at better centre...*keke*

After the bowling session,we went to SS2 for our dinner.There is a long street full with all kind of food,anything you want to eat,you can get it from there but of course you can't compare to those high class air conditioned restaurant lor.That street is known as "Wai Se Gai" in cantonese.

At night,Woonlee and Hui Li are joining my hometown friend to visit the Eyes On Malaysia. @.@I really speechless when I heard my friend say he want to bring his girlfriend to Tasik Titiwangsa there..*omg *Orz

I nearly bang my head to the,this is the third visit in three continuous weekend.Can you imagine that arr??It is not that I like the place so much,these three visit is because my family,my friend,and my friend's girlfriend yet to visit there so I just accompany them.So don't think that I am so crazy about this place and trust me,there is nothing much just the nice view during night time.

So,while waiting for my friend's turn for the gondola rides,I am just use my camera to shoot around to kill the time.While Woonlee the first time visit fellow don't want to queue up for the rides,may be she scared qua..any unknown phobia may be...hehe

I hope you guys won't vomit when you see the picture.This is the third time I post the photo about the Eyes on Malaysia..The only lucky thing is I drive today,thats mean I have my tripod with me,so the photo is kinda steady if compare to the previous one.

Woonlee and Me

Different angle view of the Eyes

KLCC at Far Far Away

The Steady Still Eyes

Special Effect by utilizing the shuttle speed

The Group Photo

Front row from left : Ya Si,me and Woonlee

Back row from left : Huai Yi,Siang heng,See Yee and Hui Li

We really having fun for the first gathering.For those who can't make it to join us,we will try to find a more suitable time so that more people can join us and another thing I would like to say is we are actually planning to go Genting Highland during November time,who ever want to join us please inform any of the Tele gangz member.

Internship @Maxis

Well,sorry for the late update,supposedly I should post this after the first day of my training but due to the reason,I only able to post it now.After a week of training,I am starting to get used to the working lifestyle here.I can say I am having a routine yet busy lifestyle over here.

Every morning,I wake up around 8 something,wash up and prepare,depart to the working place at Subang Hi-Tech around 9,having lunch around 12 or 1 something,and back from work sharp at 6pm.The practice of back on 6pm sharp is told by the supervisor..*blek :P*So,don’t blame me as a lazy fellow since I never been late to work as well..*hehe*

So far,there is still no task for me to handle,so,I am still quite free but then start from second weeks onward,I suppose will be assigned some task or project which is told be my supervisor.

Here is some snapshot at my working place.As I mention earlier,I am working at Subang Hi-Tech,so anybody happen to duty at there or nearby,may find me for lunch ya..hehe..

The Maxis Building which is just beside the Digi Head Quarter.

Maxis Building @ Subang Hi-Tech

Registered under Maxis Broadband Sdn. Bhd.

The Reception Counter inside the building

Our working place

Our working place is inside the computer lab..hehe..The computer inside this lab is much much better than those in MMU.Luckily we have the chance to use the computer. Since there isn’t any task assigned to us,therefore we use the computer to find some information which is relates to our jobs and of course we definitely fully utilize the facility!:P and this is the reason why you are able to read this entry.

If you believe that I am actually working in a computer lab,then you are totally wrong.Proceed to the next photo then you will know why.

The War Room

This is the place where I will stay for the next thirteen weeks.Well,I cannot tell much about this room as this consider the confidential information and also I am not suppose to post the photo as well.So,please pray for me so that none of the staff get the chance to see this entry,else I will be in big trouble.

This is the computer I am using

For those sitting inside the office,you will absolutely understand how important the chair mean to us.Without a comfortable chair,it is a tremendous challege to stay inside the office for more than 8 hours a day.

The Lovely Chair provided by Maxis

Me in Formal

The thing that I study in the first week.

I should start my task from now on but don’t worry,I will still try my best to update my blog no matter how.If really no choice,I will drive 20 minutes to Sunway Pyramid and find a Starbuck just to update my blog,so,you guys must visit my blog always ya..*keke*

Friday, October 26, 2007

5 Things Meme & "What Classic Movie Are You?"

First to first,I am so happy since I wake up this morning,why..hehe..because today is Friday ma..*LOL*After a week of work,well,I can’t say work actually since I am doing nothing in the office as well,all rights,to be more exact is I attend to the office daily to sit there,surf net,chatting,once a while learn something about the software till today..the Friday.Friday means a lot to the workers who work from Monday till Friday,today is the end of the week and I can enjoy my weekend..*muahahaha…*

Okay,back to the topic,I have been tag by Mariuca about this 5 Things Meme yesterday.As what I promise,I would do it as soon as possible.So,I decided to do it in this entry.(Actually I am out of topic to blog about)*hehe*Thanks to Mariuca for tagging me oo..Here it goes the meme:~

5 things found in my room:~

Currently I am doing my internship at Shah Alam here,nothing much in my room actually.
1. My bed
2. My roommate’s bed
3. A table for lappie
4. My bag which is full of clothes
5. The stand fan

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:~

1.Travel around the world immediately without going through the process of earning money-save money till old-then only travel
2.Own all those latest technology gadget
3.Eat all the way but never get fat
4.Learn to play all kind of sports
5.Smart without the need to study

5 things found in my bag:~

2.Panasonic FZ8 camera
3.Headset of my handphone
4.A portable edifier speaker for my lappie

5 things found in my wallet:~

2.Driving License
3.Bonuslink Card
4.Touch n Go Card
5.10 bucks in Love Shape

5 things I am currently into:~

1.Fifa 08
2.Industrial Training @Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd
3.Heroes Season 2

That’s the end for the 5 Things Meme and here come the second meme.Haha..first time being tag in double by same person.The second meme is about “What Classic Movie” I am. First,I would have to say the person who tag me with this(Mariuca) is link to the Godfather(the mafia) and this might be the reason why I am doing both the meme given by her,Mariuca…*aiks…lame joke*

Here is the result after the 45 question test for “What Classic Movie Are You”

Seriously,I never watch this movie before,and I don’t even know what kind of character I am in,so,If anybody of you happen to watch this before,do tell me what does it means..thanks first..

Even though currently is the industrial training period for most of my coursemates,but still I want to tag people with this double meme.Here is the list:~


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kuala Lumpur One Day Trip

Last Saturday,my hometown’s friend came to Kuala Lumpur to change his car’s engine.I had been meet them up at Mid Valley around 1 something. The first thing that we gonna do is to fill up our stomach first.I am so hungry since I didn’t have anything for my breakfast.We go to a bistro which is not reside in Mid Valley but somewhere between the Mid Valley and The Gardens(the new building block opposite Mid Valley).The restaurant is at the corner lot, named Prince Bistro.For the Chinese name,you may see it from the photo.

Prince Bistro

This bistro is some how alike as the Kim Gary.Majority of the food is based on Hong Kong style.I am so sorry as I can’t post any of the food’s photo over here b’coz all the photo are blur due to my hand keep shaking…hehe.I think I am too hungry already…*paiseh*paiseh*

After the lunch,we go shopping in The Gardens.This is my first time visit since it open a month ago.What I can say is,it is not really suitable for people like me..You know why..oh man..when I first step into the building,I can feel how high class is the place.The first thing I saw is the branded handbang like Prada,Gucci and LV…there is no way I will spend a sen over here,my friend even say that if don’t have credit card,then really no point to shop inside there.

After a while,all my friend decide to go to another newly open shopping complex near Bukit Bintang there,The Pavillion.The Pavillion is at least better than The Gardens.Here is some snap shot inside The Pavillion.

View from Main Entrance of The Pavillion

View from Top

Inner Design

Another shot

The first time taking photo inside a shopping complex

At the night time,my friend say he wan to bring her girlfriend to the Eyes On Malaysia..oh my..can you imagine,I actually visit this place just a week ago together with my family and now I am going again with my friend..*sigh* choice lor since I am not the driver.Of course,I wouldn’t want to waste my time to queue up for the Gondola rides or just wait at the café there,I have take the opportunity to snap some photo from different view with my camera,but sadly to say,I forgot to bring along my tripod as I am going out by the KTM Komuter.All the photo is not up to my expectation.It is tremendously hard to snap the twilight photo without tripod especially when I need to set it to slow shutter.Here is some of the photo..the quality is so so only..I think I shall go there again together with my tripod..hehe..

Far view by my camera FZ8

Far view by my Phone Camera

Close View(You all keep seeing this for two weeks d hor..keke)

The result of Slow Shutter

My friend Gi Chuan with his girlfriend,Shi Pei

After they finish the rides,we heading to Sungai Long to find my another friend who study at the UTAR there.He bring us to the Cheras Selatan Jaya Jusco around 11pm…You must be thinking..what the…..all the shopping closed already,whats for going there during such hours??We actually going to sing karaoke at the Green Box which is inside the Jusco.This is the second time I been visit there.What I have to say is the package is quite worth only during the weekdays.Don’t ever go there during weekend,it is fxxking expensive!!Since we already pay for the money,so better don’t waste it.The package include the supper buffet,drinks,tidbits and also the room till 3 am which all together cost around RM40 per person.

Don't misunderstood,I won't kill people for only RM 40++,this is the Halloween Festival Deco inside the Green Box.

When we come out from the Green Box,it is 3am in the morning.One of my friend suggest to go Putra Jaya to walk walk..I am the first one to agree because I rarely have chance to hang out with this gang of friend,we must not waste our time on sleeping ma..must play till the max.

When people play till 3am in the midnight,I guess many of them already out of their mind.Look at my friend and what they have done..I couldn’t believe that at all.They cam whoring around,some even lie at the middle of the road,but for sure I am not that crazy like them,because I am so busy with my camera.*ngek*ngek*

Don't Be Shy la..

This is the reason why you never ask ppl don't be shy..oh

The Leng lui Jessy from UTAR

My Friend Cheng Yong and Shi Pei

The Sleeping Beauty at the middle of the road

Hoi..siao arr..You think The Terminator return mer..Terminator come in naked ..OK!!

I am busy with my camera

This is another chance for me to test my camera but again,I am lack of tripod to aid me for the photo shooting,so I have no choice but to find those obstacle that can hold my camera still..hehe..The process is quite funny lor..I have tried on the hood of the car,the chair beside the lake,the gate which is round in shape..anything just to make sure I can hold my camera still for the shuttle that takes around 8 second,and here is the outcome of it.Nice or not??

Shot from the Hood of the Car

The Most Satisfy Photo I have take throughout whole night(Aperture F8.0,Shuttle 8s,ISO 100,EV 0)

I guess I should end at here since I am blogging during my working hours.I shall not do my thing even though I am so free,but it is such a dilemma as I remember my tutor, Jason tell me that we must pretend that we are very busy even though we are very free,what do you think??

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Start of Industrial Training

After a long wait and wet,finally the industrial training is start.Last few days I have been hanging around with my friend who came KL and I have plenty of photo to upload but no connection as you all know I will not be that stupid again to use the 3G anymore.I will upload those photo by tomorrow if possible because I already found a best place to update my blog---->Maxis

Yeap,my industrial training will be in Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd located in Subang Hi Tech.Since Maxis chop me for the 3G usage charges,I think this is the best opportunity to revenge...*ngek*ngek*

During the first day of the training,it is a rainny day,me and my roomates who is same company with me reach the location around 8.20am which is 10 minutes earlier as the time stated in my offer letter.I get a nice place to park my car which is just opposite of the main gate of the building.As I mention it is raining heavily,so I have no choice but have to use the umbrella which I strongly not like it at all.Till this moment,everything is looks smooth since I reach earlier,get a nice parking,except the rain.

The thing getting worse when we register at the Security Guard House there,the security not allow both of us to go in as he said our supervisor will only come to work at around 9.30am..wth..can you imagine,wearing in formal,holding an umbrella,and block by the security and I try to persuade them to let me in so that I can wait at the lobby there but the security is so straight,I think his brain is square in shape,why can't he just turn and think at my side.In the end,I have to go up to my car in such weather and go to have a breakfast till 9.30am..and of course end up with the nice parking was parked by others...really speechless... (~x~)"

The first day of training is really boring,I am required to revise on the GSM architecture and those that I had learned in the Tele course.Today is the second day of training and my supervisor is off as he work over time last night...another boring day for me.The latest news that I being told is I am going to start handle some task start from next week onwards.All I have to do for this week is to familarise myself to the working environment..haha..sound quite easy hor..

This is the reason why I have time to update my blog in such hours..I will prepare my entry at home and try to upload the photo when I free by fully utilising the facility provided by Maxis since I already paid for it...I bet you all won't forget how I paid for it..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Stupidity of Me

After a late night of playing Fifa 08 last night,I had been wake up by a sms from maxis early in this this case,I should shout to Maxis..damn..stupid fool..but when I read the sms..bloody hell..the sleepyness all gone.

The sms is about the bill amount
"Your total usage of RM183.63 has exceeded your limit.Kindly make payment within the next 24 hours to avoid interruption.For detail...."

Oh my...I hardly believe that I overuse that much as I set my credit limit to RM100 only,and what make things worse is today is not yet the billing issue date.My normal monthly usage is about RM80++ only..In my mind,I keep thinking,am I use that much for calling??Any international call and the answer is No.never in this month.Damn,then suddenly something flash in the dark corner of my brain. am using the my mobile phone as modem and connected to internet through 3G broadband.What the...the thing I remember is I only online for less than half an hour and my bill become extra more than RM100.Without any waiting,I straight away check the data rates from the internet by using my friend's 3G unlimited services.When I check on it,my whole body is bleeding,it is not only at the level that chop at the neck,my whole body is wounded.

Damn..1Kb/1sen for peak hour usage.I never know it would be that expensive.Can you imagine I am actually browsing my blog and some other people blog which is full with picture.The would be few hundred thousand of Kb when I online using the services.

Aiks..since when my stupidity come back to fool I am for not checking the rates before use it.I am such an idiot and now I am suffering to pay the bill which is much exceed than the monthly usage.Sigh...I shall never use the 3G again unless I am able to subscribe the unlimited package..The only saving is now I can bath with my blood,priceless,not even need to pay for the water bill......

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Ever watch the movie "Back to the Future"??Hmm..if you watched it,then you might get the idea how to travel over time instead of over place.Have you ever wonder if time can be turn back??Which age would you like to be travel to??For me,I really wish to back to the age where I still study in secondary school.I guess thats the most enjoyable ages so far till now..

During secondary school life,I feel very proud to be a scout.Since Form 1 until Form 5,I am working so hard to get those badges which means a lot to a scout.Even though the process isn't easy at all,some says it is tremendously tough,but I still enjoy in doing it.

Through out all the test that we need to complete in order to get the badges,I 've experienced to camp in school,and more extreme in the jungle and the most challenge is inside the "paya".Besides,I also join a lot of Jamboree,some is local level and some is international level.

During these 5 years,I've experienced a lot,learn a lot and know a lot of friend.....and the main reason out of all these is I really wish to back to this age so that I could have the chance to prepare and sit for the test to be a King Scout.I had miss the chance to take the King Scout test as it is held 1 week after my SPM is such a regret moment for me..

So..anybody can create a time machine for me??Aiks..I guess no at least for now..well,even though it is just a tag assign by yung but I really appreciate it,it makes me think a lot..recall a lot..and also remind me about how tough I am during secondary school.(at least is thinner than now)

Now,I would like to tag:~
kei's world

******************Start copy************************
Instructions:Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Colleen wishes to go back to age 23 to spend more time with mama.
宝茹 wishes to go back to age 4 to start everything all over again.
YuinYin wishes to go back to age 21 and 9 months to relive the short happiness with *K.
Jian aka Miao wishes to go back to age 20-21 so he can be slimmer again.
kimfei wishes to go back to age 13-17 to experience once more for the scouting life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Weekend @Beverly Heights Kuala Lumpur(updated)

I had been missing for the last few days because my ADSL modem provided by the TM-net is not functioning,today it the third day and I still the person-in-charge still yet to come to exhange the modem...scrXX them...Now I am online by "borrowing" those kind people's wifi.Thanks to them,I will utilise the service wisely..hehe..

Last weekend,during the first day of Aidilfitri,the whole family of mine went to Kuala Lumpur early in the morning to pay a visit to my uncle's house at Beverly Heights.Besides,my other relatives also going to their house,hence,it is like a family day for my mother's side.

As you all know,in Malaysia,during any public holiday or especially during the Raya celebration,the citizen in capital like Kuala Lumpur,Johor Bahru will rush back to their kampung for the celebration which cause traffic jam in the highway.This year it is still the same,it is no more the highway but more favour call as "slowway".Luckily,these phenomenon only happen to those coming out from Kuala Lumpur.

We reach there around noon time.After taking a break,my parents and others went out for shopping.I think the only activity in Kuala Lumpur will be SHOP.I don't like shopping,therefore,I am the one who stay in the house to be the "children"sitter,help my uncle look after his 3 naughty sons.
The Three Brothers


I still remember when I was a small kid at age of 5,this is the uncle who punish me,and now is his turn to have this 3 naughty monkeys.What I have to say is I am totally lose compare to their level of naughtiness.The eldest is still acceptable but the youngest,grhhh..I hardly to hold my temper on him.

The eldest is still consider normal,just that he is very annoying,keep asking question related to money..He always ask,"How much is your handphone arr?".."How much is your lappie oo?"..he even ask about my watch.."How much is your watch oo??Need two hundred??Who buy for you oo?"...such question and if you didn't answer him,you can't concerntrate on what you are doing cause he will keep babbling...

While the second one is only in the second year of Primary School.You will never believe in such age kid will be a super fan of TVB Drama Series.When he knew I brought my lappie along,he nonstop asking me to show him the latest drama"Mens don't Cry".When I say no,he even try to "hijack" my lappie..*scare*scare*...

The youngest which is also the most naughty monkey among the three.I also afraid of him.He dare to keep kicking my ass in his house and guess what,this is just the small case!!He even dare to pull up my shirt when we are having lunch at the Ikeano there.It was so embarassing as so many people looks at my bare back,when you scold him,he takes nothing,he don't even realise you are going to get mad on him..*speechless*For god sake,I only need to face them once a while.

During the day in Kuala Lumpur,I have been visit the Ikeano,The Curve,Petalling Street and lastly Eye On Malaysia.
Sunday morning,my uncle bring the whole bunch of us to IKEA near Damansara there.My uncle told me that IKEA won't be crowded even during public holiday because it shows only furniture ma..*sigh*am I that easily to get bluff..Since I heard that won't be crowded,then I just follow lor..who knows when we reach there..oh my.."people mountain people sea"...the people pack inside is even worst than the saddine in the can.

I found this at the entrance to Ikeano.Looks not bad huh..I really wish I could have a rack to place these display bottle...

After the window shopping at IKEA,we head to The Curve which is just at the opposite site of IKEA.

Outside view of The Curve

Inside The Curve

During evening time,we accompany my grandfather to the Petalling Street since he wish for so long time.Now,my grandfather cannot walk anymore,because of diabetes,and one of his leg is cut till the the knee cap there,therefore,he is on wheelchair everywhere we go.I think he must be very excited to go Petalling Street after these so many years.

At nights,we went to the Eyes on Malaysia at Tasik Titiwangsa there.Too bad for me cause I forgot to bring along my camera.When we reach there,it just start raining,bad timing hor..but then since my parents and my relatives that from Johor Bahru never ride the gondola before,hence I wait them at the lakeside since I already ride once together with my girlfriend.

Eye on Malaysia in purple-ish colour

View from the Tasik Titiwangsa

Actually not much to write about for this trip,it is just an ordinary "eat-drink-play-and enjoy" style..Tomorrow I am going to Kuala Lumpur to settle down for the coming industrial training lo..Hopefully can get any free WIFI signal from the place I staying ..else I could hardly to online..till then..

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tiger Show

As stated by the title,today you guys gonna watch the Tiger Show in my blog.Those under age are encourage to watch..Yaya,I mention under age.Don't worry,you rarely see me post such "Not For Children" entry.Of course,The tiger show,from the words,the main character must be the tiger itself,else,it can't be tiger show rights..:P*try to be innocent*

I know I know..Sorry lor...I doesn't meant to change my blog to a discovery channel type or to shift to neither.I am posting all this is because:~
1)I just got the chance to visit the Zoo after so many years.
2)I just have another chance to use my camera.
3)A great chance for me to practise on how to use all those setting and the purpose I posting the photo over here is asking for opinion.
So,just bear with me ok..I know you guys are kind enough and always with me..right!!

If compare between lion,leopard and tiger.The quantity of the tiger in this Zoo is much more than others.There are 3 sites in total for the tigers.For those tiger or tigress lover,may be this is the best place for you.I am going to show you some of the tiger that I shot using my camera,don't worry,I am not using the machine gun..

Sleeping Tiger

3 legs tiger??

This is the fierce one,chase after me when I shot another tiger.

Well,it might come quite often for you to see people camwhore with so many type of face expression but have you ever see a tiger doing such stunt??Proudly present you,the five continuous shot of the Tiger.




No eye to see??Or just tired??


Roaring(want to scared me,no way!!)

This will be the end of the tiger show.Actually I am quite tired b'coz I just back from Beverly Heights,Kuala Lumpur.I had promise on this tiger show thing so I should make it fast so that nobody is waiting,businessman might say "Customer is always the corect one!" but I serve "Reader is always the highest,always corect and I will never let you down!!"