Friday, May 22, 2009

Long Delay Update: Recent Me

Halo my friends,I felt really sorry for this long delay update as what I promise for the previous weekend.It is kind of seriously hectic + busy + super tired + hypertension for the past four weekends.

I had been travel around Malaysia from North to South, West to East for BUSINESS TRIP. For the first weekend that I stop updating my blog, I was at Bukit Kayu Hitam for emergency case solving, then the second weekend, I was at Johor Bahru for another urgent project which ends up not really that urgent after so many issues is pending,the third weekend I was at Kuantan and Kota Bharu for another really urgent project.Last weekend, finally I got the chance to back to Segamat to get my car repaired and maintenance which swallow a lot of my allowance.

And now, I am at Penang, for another newly urgent project...haha...seems like everything is urgent for my work..sigh...It is such a long time I didn't really have time to take up my hobby,grab my camera to walkaround and capture some nice photo already..Damn it...I need a relax weekend where I am allowed to do all these...

So, this is the recent me and oh ya,forgot to mention, I suppose I will be stay at Penang for another week until the project finish but too bad I need to work over the weekend. So, if possible,you may rang me up and find me yum cha during the night ba..of course in condition you would like to meet me la..hahaha....

Lastly, one photo to make my blog looks more contents than usual boring contentless plain writing...hehe...
800_IMG_0604 I wish I will have the free day to enjoy the blue sky....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CNY Yum Cha @Old Taste

Just to share another gathering with my friends during the Chinese New Year.Nothing much to tell, it is just a simple gathering where everyone chat around,then camwhore a while...Gosh..I tend to become so lazy...haha...but my working life is really a tired please forgive me if I ain't pay much effort on my writing..kekeke

Anyway,here is some photo that taken during the session....
Our special guest who rarely can meet..


With the pretty gal,Fann


My buddy...


Another joker...


And Mr. Fee, oh ya...yesterday is his ..just to wish him happy birthday for second time...muahaha..


The person who sked flash so much...look at his eyes...LOL


Lastly a fail camwhore...muahahaha...look at my big big face...really kns!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

CNY Gathering Part 2

Continue from previous post but before that, here is Ms Tan's photo as requested by Ms Rawpotato!


Here is some other photos of my friends...
This one,both also my friends that know them more than 15 years,then they suddenly become couple after Form 5!Sometime I feel quite weird because after knowing each other for so many years then only become couple,those kind of feeling..haha..but as long as they are happy..who cares!


Okay,here come my face since I seldom show my face in my new girlfriend?!!Hell no..haha..just another of my friend who didn't meet her for ages long...


And this one even longer because we are not in the same secondary school after Primary grad and if I am not mistaken,I met her on the last year gathering which is also her first time attending the gathering after so many years...


The big boss in red..


And here is the poor guy...looks like lose a lot during gambling..


Still camwhore-ing....


And she already cannot tahan d...


Hehe,this is a must for a good boyfriend..


Guys,you see how sweet will it be if you are doing the same thing as what my friend is doing...


Hehehe..ok la..I just make it up la..but trust me..your girlfriend will definitely love it especially during the shopping time..muahahaha

Allright,out of topic d..haha..without writing any further..let's end this post with another group photo before we leaving...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

CNY Gathering

In every Chinese New Year ever since I graduate from Secondary school, there is a must "to do" thing during the CNY which is the Primary Sch 6A Class Gathering at our class teacher, Miss Tan's house.During this time,basically I will met with almost half of my ex-classmates who I don't even know where they all disappeared,how they all doing,is it still studying or already working for sometime.

And to my biggest surprise during this time gathering is one of my friend already become father...ZOMG..Really need to congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future,and of course happy always for his family!


And as usual,we chat a lot,especially those gals,and for the guys, the topic that we usually chat for an hours had changed.Time flies and can't deny that we need to be more mature and that's why ppl start talking about buying car,or house or investment!I wonder for the coming CNY Gathering, how many of my friends will start talking about marriage..muahahhaa...

OK la...with further is is loads of photo that taken during the gathering..And I don't think I can post all of it over here but anyhow,you still can view it through my facebook's album

As you can see from the photo,the living hall is almost fully filled by us..


Part of the guys...


My 6A class teacher, Miss Tan,and the most unforgetable thing of her is her "rotan"..may be this is the main thing that make us still remember her...LOL..And thanks to my friend's hand,the only photo also become blur due to his handshake...arghh...


Taken with the gals whose hardly can met for the whole year..


My best friends,luckily I still able to meet them once in a while..
After a while, the gals also join in for the photo end up we keep shooting nonstop..


During this time,the guys only got the opportunity to chat with the teacher..


Well,obviously the gals are much more than the guys..



And lastly, the group photo of us..


So,this will be the end of this post..sound kinda serious and up I will post up some random shots during this gathering..till then..

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Path

Sigh, so fast it is another end of the weekend d, I really miss the weekend especially when my gf come over all the way from Malacca to visit me. That makes me feels like I am still a human who still have life, who still know how to enjoy the life rather than working..working..and working...Anyway, this will be another story about how I enjoy the weekend.

Back to this post, sometimes I had been thinking am I choosing the correct path in my career. Is the current job the one that I desire long ago...Is this the path that will lead me to the bright future?? Well, I not really have the answer yet but so far, I am quite enjoy for my current job except for the part where everyone keep pushing me to the deadline...I did learned a lot in terms of many aspect, technical side, marketing side and project management side etc...

The team that I am working in really did looks like a team, everyone is willing to give a helping hand when needed. So far, I not really had any experience of office politics..may be this is not a really good thing though cos I might not be able to survive if I fall under one..good or bad..judge yourself,right?


Anyway,I hope this will be the right path that lead me to the bright future least for current stage it is!


Of course, with the right path, you will also need something to ease the journey...basically you will need everyone's help in order to deserve a relax journey..If you understand what I am bullshit over must be a success one!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Huawei MRO CNY Dinner

Ho Ho Ho...miss one update already..last weekend I went to Cheras Mahkota, my uncle's open house and spend my entire weekend with my family and relatives. At first I am thinking on keep this updating latest by Monday but sadly to tell, I am heading off to Penang on Monday morning for business trip and came back on Tuesday.Then yesteday work until 9 something only reach home,hence this morning is the best time for the update...*seems like a lot of excuse hor*

Okay..just to cut the long story short..let's continue from the previous post! After the staff gathering, we have few hours free to hang around...but as you all know,the places around JW Marriott are all shopping complex which not really draw any of my we just walk around and then back to the hotel around 6 something, and have a rest at the couch before the start of the dinner..

This is my boss who is meeting with the "Zhou Gong"


Not long after that, the registration is started..


Part of my team members..


Have a try on my newly bought UWA..


This is my sifu aka my mentor when I joined Huawei...a very nice and kind person who willing to teach..


Ok ok..I know you guys are come some interesting one..

Here are some of the pretty girls from the MRO department..


Most of them already here...


Huawei CSSD Team


This means the starting of the dinner "lou yee sang"


The best constume of the night...


My mentor just got lucky enough to win away the second prize of the lucky draw...*when is my turn ler*


To be honest, I really enjoy this dinner very much where you can get together with your team members, or even met with some guys from other department..hopefully next year still can join la...hehehe

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Huawei MRO Staff Gathering come another weekend already...Well, as usual,I still got nothing to do during the weekend since my girlfriend is not around,and most of my closer friends went back to hometown already..Hence, thanks for that and now I remember to update my blog..hehe..


Still, this is a very outdated post as this event is happend right before the Chinese New Year.It's my company regional office's staffs gathering.It was held at the JW Marriott Hotel, opposite of the Pavillion.This event start from 9am till 4pm.Actually there is nothing much to tell since it is just like an ordinary company annual staff meeting.The only different is me and my friend JiunKei had volunteered ourself to become the volunteer photographer to cover for this event which means we had the passport to walk around during the meeting..rather than sitting there for the whole day, and listen to the annual report of each departments...

We are the first two person who reach there,this is mainly because we need to survey some spots to photograph during the event on-going..


And we found out that the lighting in the ballroom is definitely a big challenge for a noob like me who never cover any event before...Luckily,eveything still going fine after trying a few setting...

Here come the MRO-TSD department director at the registration booth...


All the team director,manager are busy chatting right before the start of the meeting..


During the meeting..everyone seems like paying attention to the presenter on stage...


Very serious indeed..


While everyone are paying attention to it...we shoot..


During the breakfast time..Here come my teamates,all under the same product line..Opps..did I tell you guys yet?Yeah..I am working as a Optical Network engineer who mainlly take charge on the optical transmission part..



The ex-department director...


Before the end of the meeting, we had a company group photo..ZOMG..this is real not easy in anyway...The lighting is just not enough for the front speedlite is just not power enough to cover all..and hence...this is the best I can give..Luckily still can pakai and the good news is it had been selected to publish in our company monthly happy la..


If you think this is the end of the day, then you are wrong..My company department is very kind to invite all the staffs to the Chinese New Year celebration dinner,which also located in JW Marriott Hotel..and That will be cover on my next post..till then...