Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Nusa Dua ~> Turtle Island

Fuh…I feel so tired after back from Pattaya on the last weekend. I shall blog about it after I finish my Bali post..hehe..I think may be two weeks later ba..

Back to the Bali trip, on the third day of the trip, since our schedule is a bit free, therefore we decide to visit another extra place by paying some extra money. We are heading to Nusa Dua, the beach that facing the south of the Bali Island. Why arewe going there? Why not staying at Kuta Beach where there are lots Bikini gal or even one piece can be seen…

Actually we are paying for a package which including a visit to the Turtle Island and one round of banana boat at the beach. So, in this early morning, all of the guys face is actually looks like this after a very tiring journey to so many temples.

1-Ah Jian

2-Ah Hao

3-Ah geek

Three of them are staying in the same room and they look damn tired..I have no idea what they did during the night…wuakakakaka..Anyway, it took around one and a half hour to reach Nusa Dua from Kuta Town.

Without further babbling, we are on the motorboat where there is a transparent glass at the middle of the boat. The purpose of this glass is for you to see the underwater world but the only thing I can see is…

4-Group on Boat Nusa Dua

It is better to take photo rather than looking into the dull underwater world.



7-Cool Ming Jie

8-Choo Hang

9-Lu Heng

During the journey to the Turtle Island, we actually feel quite bored because the scenery is really …sigh…plus the water also very dirty…

And then finally, after another half an hour, we are on the Turtle Island which you can see a lot of turtles. At first, our feeling is like this…

10-Turtle Island

Damn excited man…you can see sea turtle and personally I thought it is some kind of centre which developed to protect the turtle from distinction..but to my disappointment, not because of the lack of turtle. I am fucking piss off on the way they treat the turtle, the living environment of the giant turtle is damn….!@#!@$#$%

At the entrance, you will think, wow…this is the paradise of the turtle because the baby turtle is kept in a medium pond..

11-The little turtle

And you can actually hold it to take a photograph but please be gentle..

12-Group v turtle

Until I walking deep inside the centre, everything is change…

14-Bad environment for turtle

This picture only shows two turtle in the pond which don’t have much water in it..Actually there are more than 10 turtles of this size live in it…wtf@$@#!$@#$$

And that’s why you can see the turtle is really lifeless and I can feel their pain from this picture..aren’t you??

13-Kesian turrle

All right, I got nothing to say since this is in Indonesia, may be their law enforcement is different or whatsoever, but man, with such living condition for the turtles, and still the people of the centre force all the tourist to give some donation to them so that they can improve the centre??I guess that would not come true even you come back after many years…If they really need money to do something for the turtle’s good, I think they already did it long time ago with the amount that donated by the tourists like us which are forced to do so when we are leaving this fucking turtle island…

This is really an unpleasant morning for me and my friends..but whatelse that we can do…sigh…When we back to the Nusa Dua beach, I am just stay at the beach while others going for the Banana boat…

18-The Flying Ship

At Nusa Dua beach, you can see a lot of water motor sports which hardly be seen at Kuta Beach for example the jet ski, or this…the Flying Fish..

16-Flying Fish

While I shooting around with my zoom lens on, my friends just back to alive from the banana boat..LOL..look at lively and energytic are they…kakaka


17-The Flower

Even though the weather is very nice, but the trip to Turtle Island is definitely spoilt the good mood of the vacation…..Next, we are going to a place where it is quite similar to the Cameron Highland in Malaysia..stay tuned for the next post ya…I guarantee you will like this place..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Kintamani ~> Holy Spring Temple ~> Goa Gajah ~> Jimbaran Beach

Continue from the previous entry, our next station will be some where near to the sky, or should I say some where near to the cloud because it is some where on hill. Along the way to the destination, you will need to pass through those narrow roads just like when you go Genting Highland back on 1980s. The different thing is you can see a lot of villages cottage structure and paddy field a long the road side. The place is named Kintamani. This place can be consider a hot spot for the tourists and usually tourist will having their international buffet lunch in one of the restaurant on this hill.

24-On Kintamani

If you ask the tourguide what’s so special about this place, I think the only answer you will get is to enjoy the cool weather, the beautiful scenery of Mount Batur and also Batur Lake which I don’t have the chance to snap a photo or two of it.

22-Mount Batur

The Mount Batur is actually an active volcano where its last explosion occurs back in 1990s. I have to say that the scenery is indescribable with the photo that I capture. Also, the foggy day left the photo blur and you can hardly see the peak of the Volcano because it is block by the cloud.

So, I highly recommended this place or if you have extra free day, may be you can have a trip to climb to the peak of this Mount Batur and have a boil egg with the heat of the Mother Nature. So for our graduation trip, of course we cannot left out the group photo at such beautiful place right..

21-Group on Kintamani

Then, some pretty girls are trying so hard to get the best angle of cam whoring around…

Cunlynn & Woonlee

23-V YX
Me, YunXuan and Choo Hang

After having some short photo taking session, we get onto the bus and ready for the next station which is the Holy Spring Temple situated at Ubud.


I won’t explain any history regarding the temple so if you feel interest, may be you can try to google it or wiki it..As the name of the temple, Holy spring, this is the place where you can get holy water to clean your sin may be…As what I saw from there, there are a lot of tourists and local peoples who wash faces, or taking bath at there..

26-Holy Spring

27-The Prayer

You must be wonder where all these holy water come from..I think its theory is about the same as those hot springs and the difference is the water is real cool. Yupe, the water is come out from the underground..Before you enter to the place to see the source of Holy Spring, you have to wear sarong if you wear shorts or skirts to this temple.

Group Photo at the Entrance of Holy Spring Temple

As you can see from the photo, the black color sand in the water is actually the source of the holy spring.

28-Source of Holy Spring

Then I found this, the monkey king, the best friend of our monkey hao…

29-Ancesstor of Monkey King

Of course not to forget to take photo with the leng lui from our course, Nicole and Ming Jie…err..extra 1 people..Alex..

28-V leng lui
Nicole, Me, Ming Jie and Alex

When we heading to the exit of the temple, there is a pond which is full of carp and Cunlynn ask me to take this photo…nice or not arr??

30-Lenglui Cunlyn

The last station of the day before we heading to the 5-Star Balinese Spa is the Goa Gajah or known as Elephant Cave. There is nothing much about this place, it is quite similar to the Holy Spring Temple..

31-Goa Gajah

Then these three poser start to pose before we all getting into situation..

33-The Poser

Lastly, the group photo in front of the cave!

32-Group in front Goa Gajah

For this day, we had been visit quite a lot of place and walking for quite long distance and its time for us to relax ourselves at the Balinese Spa..For anyone who ever have chance to visit Bali, you must try the spa therapy. You actually can choose variety of package which best suit yourself. The Balinese massage is much different if compare to Thai massage which I had chance to try on this few weeks time…

Before we heading back to the hotel, we are having dinner at the Jimbaran Beach. For me who not really favor of seafood, the dinner is just to fill my stomach rather than enjoy it..

34-Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

The group photo while having dinner at Jimbaran Beach

35-Group @Jimbaran

And very fast, it is the end of the first day of journey and it is time to rest our eyes and have a nice rest to catch on the next day schedule..

36-The eye

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Batik Factory ~> Celuk ~> Mas ~

As I mention in my previous post, the next station is the Batik Factory. Well, for me, I feel it is quite interesting to have a visit to such factory even though Malaysia also well known of its Batik. When we reach the Batik Factory, our tour guide is doing his job in explaining to us on the process to produce batik. Until that day I just know that the process is damn complicated..haha..Hmm..I shouldn’t say complicated, it is very tedious because the process is keep repeating..There is a gallery where you can see all those batik painting and also you can buy it home if you love to. This is one of my favorite batik paintings but I don’t have money to buy it home, so I capture it home…

14-Nice Batik

Besides, you can also leave some batik souvenir on your cloth just like what you see in the following photo..

The Making in process..

Da da..Final Product..

Also, you can found some handicraft in the gallery as well such as this one…


Next, we will proceed to Celuk which is very famous of the gold and silversmith. If you ever been to here, then you will understand what I mean, the people that live along this street can consider quite rich in Bali because they are selling gold and silver jewels. For poor people like me, I can only see those jewels lying comfortable in the cabinet because the price is considered quite expensive. So, the only thing that we do is take photo everywhere.. Such as…

16-Gold Street

Or this…

17-Gold Street Pose

Stupid enough right..OK, I know what you thinking…the only related photo that I took at this place is the silversmith on action..

18-The worker

The last station of this post is Mas. Mas doesn’t produce EMAS, this place is well know of its wood carvers. The hot spot of this place is you can see variety of art masterpieces which are carve from wood. Same as the previous place, all these masterpieces are mark for a very expensive prices if you would like to take it home and the only different in this place is even you don’t have money to buy it home, they will make sure that you don’t have any chance to capture it home with your are right, no camera is allowed in the shop…So, I end up photo taking the statue outside the shop..

19-The Statue

So, what do you think about these few places..boring enough right? Kakaka….you have to deal with it because you are reading my blog which I not really have much time to write everything in detail but I promise next post will be a stunning if compare to this one…Want to know what’s next..make sure you come back to my blog on this Friday!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Barong & Kris Dance

After a very nice rest in the deluxe room..*Forget about my roommate*..and having a so so buffet breakfast in the hotel, we started off the journey to our first station which is the Barong & Kris Dance performance. It is located at the South of Denpasar and I forgot to mention that our hotel is actually located in Kuta area. Legian Street is one of the streets in Kuta which is quite famous to the tourists.

1-Outside Barong

All right, back to the Barong & Kris Dance. Actually this performance is actually a sketch about the legend of the local people, Barong. According to our tour guide, Barong is a type of mythological animal which can appear in lion form or tiger form. It is kinda similar to the Chinese Tradition, the lion dance and the story is also about the same. The only different is the cultural background and the main character; Barong is actually a good spirit to keep the villagers in peace.

2-The Band

When we step into the hall, the band already starts playing some music while waiting for the performance to be started. After a while of waiting, the tiger, which not yet become a Barong, come out to the stage.

3-Barong Dance

Don’t worry; there will be no spoiler over here. So, I am not going to tell you in detail about how the story goes. You will only see some of the photo that I took during the sketch.

4-The Monkey
The Tiger and its friend, Monkey

The Dancer

Servant to the Dewi Kunti

7-Servant 2
Servant to the Dewi Kunti

8-Sadewa-son of Dewi Kunti
Sadewa, son of Dewi Kunti

9-The Witch
Rangda, represent the Evil Spirit

10-Big gun
A guy with a big gun, Big knife

11-Kris Dance
Kris Dance

At the end of the show, the audience actually can go on stage to take photo with the Barong and the dancers but one thing very irritating is when I took photo with the Barong, the man inside the Barong keep asking me “tipus,tipus…” which make me crack my head to hard to understand what he is telling and finally I got what he means. Gosh…he is asking for tips!! Please la, if want to ask for tips, at least pronounce it better first then only come and ask…

Next, you guys are gonna follow me to a Batik Factory, Celuk which is well known of the Gold and Silversmith and Mas which is famous of its wood carvers. Stay tuned!