Thursday, February 28, 2008


NO~~I am not promoting Happy the mobile operator..I am really happy now.Today is a good day,today is a nice day even though today is the rainny day!!I know you might be blur by reading the first few line of this entry.Nevermind,the good thing must share..

First,today is Thursday,all right,nothing special for you but it is an important day for me because I need to meet my FYP supervisor.Luckily,until last night I manage to come out with some solution to my problem and at least I have some progress to show.Actually I just back from meet with my supervisor and what to be glad is he feel quite satisfy with my progress,phewh...such a great relief..I should finish my project before the mid term break..hopefully!!

This is still not the greatest part that make my day!Five minutes ago,I just receive a call from a FIST lecturer requesting to have an interview session on the coming Monday.Oh my holy mama...thats just great!The job I am apply to is the Associate System Engineer offer by Cisco.I not dare to think of the result but I really feel glad that I had been called for interview,at least it reserve me a chance and also the chance to undergo a one year training at US.God,bless me....

Even though today is a rainny day,but I just feel like the sun is just by my side which enlighten my day!Or may be this sunflower will do...

Image Hosted by

Argh...I am just happy...excited now..tomorow I am going to KL Plaza Sentral to collect my cheque,then most probably will head to KLCC to have a walk at the JobsDB Career Fair and I will be back to Melaka around many thing in pending..Ciao...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Running Out of Idea!!

Mamamiya...I am just run out of idea for blogging recently.I am damn fxxking busy with my project and I am damn agree with one of my friend's MSN status,"FYP means NO LIFE!" This is the real fact,you will never know until you face it.But somehow there are still people who are able to enjoy their life with the FYP on hand,FYP for them is just these three words,"For Your Pleasure"

Sigh,recently,my life is really meaningless.My camera is hiding in the corner of my room and I am sure there will be a layer of dust on the camera body.It is for weeks I didn't play with my camera,shooting around and I really miss the fun for shooting.Especially seeing someone holding a brand new camera,outz for some shooting session.Thats just tempting me a lot!Now,I only left with few more photos to upload and after that,I got no more photo means I got nothing to update anymore.

Should I go for some outing,shoot on something,then at least have something posted here?I hope to,I wish to,I wanted to but I can't do that until I can at least show some significance progress on my FYP else I am gonna die.Have you ever heard of those gonna die people will go for outing??No way!!Yupe,thats my situation,so I think there will be sometime my blog will be full of words,full of babling and ranting rather than showing some photograph that I shoot at!

Okay okay,I know from the start until now is all craps and I really want to thanks you guys for reading all these craps that I wrote in the midnight.I am just too pressure and just want to release a bit.Obviously,my FYP only give me these three words,"FOR YOUR PRESSURE!!"

I will upload those photo when I have mood and when I have time to do so...till then...*yawn*

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are You Occupied?

Firstly,I would like to ask how many of you guys are occupied during the age of 22,when I say occupied,I am saying the bond to relationship for more than 3 years plus!Guess what,till the day of yesterday,I had been occupied for 5 years and 9 months.Can I consider it is quite a long period for our relationship?Well,I consider a BIG YES!!So,what do you think?

Many people will ask," do you survive for such a long term relationship?" or "Won't you get bored with your loved one?" and some will asking "Ehh..whats the secret behind to manage this kind of relationship matter?"

Thanks to all these kind of question,and because of all these people who curiously digging the answer,hence,the GQ Magazine had put me on cover!!Thanks for you guys out there!I am really happy and I am really willing to share my thought about this issue.So,do remember to get yourself a copy of the GQ August 2006 issues.I know this is a quite long time copy but I just think of that recently,I think you may get it from some of those old bookstore or the indian store that selling magazine in Sungai Wang Plaza.

Now,I would like to introduce some of my friends who also on cover recently.Let me introduce miao,rawpotato,fattien,vian and kiki.If you never on cover before,fret not,just click this link and you may request for it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aircraft Shooting @ LCCT Terminal

As what I always say,we must plan for everything when we want to do something even though there is great possibility that our plan didn't work.During the last Thaipusam,I plan to go LCCT Terminal to have a peak so that my plan will go don't know what is my plan?Make a wild guess..hints the title lor..

Yeap,I want to shoot the aeroplane, shoot the aeroplane with my camera,not "beat" the aeroplane with my hand..OK!!Actually,the purpose I went to there is to explore some place that I never been to as I am having the public holiday during my internship.Adhere,I shall thanks for my friend,See Mean for helping me to check out the nice spot that can shoot the aircraft when it landing and also tag along during the hot day.You guys can check the spot from wikimapia,somewhere around the LCCT Terminal.The only regret is we can't find the place to shoot the aeroplane when there take off.

So,we went there by my car,of course!Present you the Grandpa of Saga BLM, SAGA ISWARA.*LOL*I quite like this photo,as it shows how shining is my car...haha

Image Hosted by

The moment we reach there,I really getting very excited as the aeroplane is really damn near to us.Not believe my words?Okay,judge it from the photos.I ddn't use zoom for the majority of the photo cause once you zoom,you only get partial of the plane.

Image Hosted by

I use zoom for this photo as I shoot this at different spot.I just stand at the side of the fences.Not so nice,right?I am damn frustrated during that time cause it is really hard to shoot the aeroplane even when it is landing due to its high speed moving.

Image Hosted by

The second advice is I suggest you guys to bring the binocular along.This is because you can check the coming aeroplane,judge it size and type then only you may decide at which spot you shout ready with your camera.For your information,there are many type of air craft and what's more important is the size of the aircraft.If you are standing too close,you can't capture the full view of the plane and vice versa.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

If you observe carefully,you will see the difference of the plane,their shape,their size and their wing.You need not worry there isn't any plane for you to shoot at cause according to my 1 time experience,you can shoot for more than 10 aircrafts within an hour.

Actually I am not really satisfy with the photo and I really wish to go for second time.To shoot it with a very nice angle is a very challenging task as you need to predict the size of the plane,the direction and the lane that it going to land on as there are two separate lane.Another advice is try to do the shooting during the early morning cause the lighting will be better.

So far,here is the only photo that I quite satisfy with.

Image Hosted by

After the shooting session,I decide to pay a visit to Sepang F1 Circuit as it is just nearby to the LCCT Terminal.

Image Hosted by

This is my first time to be here and during the time,there are some MOTO GP team is doing their early season testing.It is damn nice to hear the rawr of the engine,it is totally different from what you heard from the live cast through TV,totally different feel!I failed to get any photo of the motor cause they are just moving too fast and I am very lazy to find a good spot cause I am really exhausted after shooting the airplane under the hot poison sun.

Image Hosted by

Hence,I only take some landscape photo and this is the one that I took when I am leaving.

Image Hosted by

Next,I also don't know what will I going to blog about as I almost finish posted all the photo that I think I want to share with.May be you will see me babling again about my FYP,hopefully I won't,now feeling better already,try my best to cope with it.Have a nice day !!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I want Freedom!!

I really hope that I need not to face all these headache problem especially the Final Year Project.It is really gonna to kill me soon..real soon..How nice if I do not need to face all these but just the blue sky..I love blue sky..if blue sky plus the beautiful white sand beach..god..I am in heaven I tell you..

Too sad I don't have any free time to any beaches or islands and hence blue sky is the thing that can make me half in heaven.I took some of these photo during the last Thaipusam when I went to some where near LCCT terminal.

Image Hosted by

Even though the route is still long,and I not even reaching the half of it..but with the blue sky as the destiny will definitely enlighten the journey.

Now,I gonna show you my most favourite photo so far,I don't know how you guys feel about it but I just like it..It really give me the relax feel,especially during this super tension period.

Image Hosted by

How I wish I am the little caterpillar,worry about nothing,enjoy the breeze,swing on the grass,do nothing and just follow the wind and enjoy the blue sky at the same time...

Here is another shot of it.I just love the shot!!

Image Hosted by

I think thats all for this temporary post.I shall do some more detail updates on what I capture during this outing at latter time.Hope you guys love the photo and comment are always welcome.The more the comment,then I only know where is the room for improvement else I will never sharpen my skill..right??

Moody AfriKim in the House

Just want to let you guys know that I am damn fxxking moody recently,cannot consider emo,I am just too stress for everything.I should thanks to my Final Year Project which contribute majority of my stress level,then something that about my dear's thing,which kept me in hyper tension mood....

I just don't understand,obviously my Final Year Project which is definitely much more important than her thing,but she seems like cannot understand at all why I not willing to help her out for her thing.Come on,this blardy Final Year Project gonna affect my entire life if I not doing good for that.Please stand at my position and think about also know I am having my greatest bet ever,you know how much I have to achieve for this trimester then why can't you just try to be a more independent person,they are a lot more clever fellow out there that you can ask for their help and I am not god that knows everything,and sometime even I know it doens't means that I have the time to help out as well.

May be you will think that I am just too selfish and I won't deny that.Yes,I am selfish,but who won't be the selfish one if they are at my position.The only thing that I needed the most will be some relax moment when we go out together,to reduce my tension after working out so hard for my Final Year Project but not something which will boost up my tension level.I know recently I am a bit harsh on you but I really do hope that you can understand my situation.I apologize for everything that I did that hurt you and I really hope this post can let you know what I am thinking right now!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year Outing

During the Chinese New Year,there is nothing that we can do if we are from some small town like Segamat.Basically,the only thing that you can do is yum cha,or gather at somebody's house gambling or go to friend's house "bai nian".There is nothing like watching CJ7 at cinema,or clubbing at Ruums,not even Pure Bar.

Did I mention there are some disco?Oh ya,there are some disco where you can shake your butt but normally these places are full of gangsta and "la la" boy or so call "Ah lian" and "Ah hui" which I not really like.Then there is another choice which is sing Karaoke at some KTV box where you can only order beer or liquor,other than that such as Coke,yeap,you can order but the price is about the same as the beer,it is up to you..

For my gang,things really getting bored when you already gamble for 3 days and hence we decide to go this Captain KTV to have some fun.When the time we reach there,I really feel myself like a "waterfish"..sigh..all the price is increase by 20% during Chinese New Year and there is no free room package which means you need to pay for the room as well as for the drinks itself.Thats sucks..but luckily there are about 13 people of us and hence the charges is still reasonable as we didn't drink too much.

I only manage to get some photos by using my phone camera as I left my camera at home.Here is some snapshot of my secondary school mates..

Image Hosted by
Kee Lim the Rockz Stars..

Image Hosted by
Tong Jian the Enjoy fellow,Kee Lim the poser and Gi Chuan the Mic Eater

Image Hosted by
Kit Sheng,Cheng Yong,Me,Gi Chuan the Sucker and Tong Jian

Image Hosted by
He is damn enjoy,didn't he??

Actually there are few more peoples but I didnt snap them since my phone camera flash is not that good also...

On the next day,my friend,Gi Chuan who bought a box of fireworks invites us to his house to enjoy the fireworks show.The show end very quickly since there is only 1 box of it and therefore I start to play around with my phone camera again..thats the thing that I will do when I feel bored and this is why you only able to see few photo of it cause most of the time I am busy talking and gambling..

The people that appear below is the gang that I normally hang out with at my hometown.They are my best buddies ever since Standard 3 in Primary School and the lucky part is we are all in the same class when we go to Secondary school until Form 4 but the friendship between us never change and I really treasure it a lot..Hope to see you guys soon..

Image Hosted by
Kit Sheng and Annie

Image Hosted by
Cheng Chan

Image Hosted by
Gi Chuan

and I miss out my another friend,Cheng Yong,hence,the photo of him when we went to Green Box the other day..

Image Hosted by
Cheng Yong

Basically thats all of the photo that I took during the Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Mei is coming,which means new year is going to end soon,and I,as a final year student,also need to fully concerntrate on my study as well as my final year project already..*sigh*Bless me for my FYP..till then~~See Ya..

Friday, February 15, 2008

Primary 6A Gathering

On the first day of Chinese New Year,the gang of Primary School 6A classmates are having a gathering at our primary schoold teacher's house far at Jementah.It tooks us about half an hour to reach her house but we will never miss it.The gathering is just like our annual gathering,it is really hard to gather all the friends,I mean ALL at the same time to visit our teacher.

I really appreciate such chances and I waste no time to keep talking with them especially my teacher,Tan whom I only manage to meet her once in a year.Therefore,I only manage to snap some photo when the time we are going to leave.

There is another special guest,a friend who lost contact for around 11 years,who never met for 11 years,make it to the gathering because one of my friend who study in Serdaya College just happen to meet her in the college.I am really glad to see her again even though I can't really recognise her at the first glance but luckily I manage to recall who is she...keke..

This is she..I am so sad cause I miss the chance to take photo with her because she tell me she is going out with us during the night but she didn't make it..*Sad*

Image Hosted by
Gi Chuan and Shu Pei

This is my primary teacher,Tan who really did a good job as a primary school teacher.She is my class teacher since Standard 3 until Standard 6 and she really teach me a lot of thing..She really earns my respect..

Image Hosted by
My teacher,Tan and Me

At last,our group photo,I can't say it is a class photo because there are people still missing,there are 23 of us and I really happy to meet them..Besides,I really feel glad that I bring my camera along,else the photo won't be this clear cause it is a very bad lighting condition in the living hall..

Image Hosted by

Back Row(L-R):Soon Kuan,Wei Mun,Wee Zhee,Siang Heng,Cheng Yong,Chor Wei,Kit Sheng,Cheng Chan,Huai Yi,Mei Ping,Gi Chuan and Me
Middle Row(L-R):Meng Han,Tan,Annie,See Yee,Yann Yann,Zhi Yeo and Phey Huoy
Front Row(L-R):Bao Chen,Phei Zi,Shu Yan and Shu Pei


Then during the night,we went to some Chinese Restaurant to have our dinner and the "MUST" order food will be "Lou Sang"..

Image Hosted by

So,do you "lou" already??Got "fatt" or not??hehe
Then this time I didn't forgot to take photo with another of my good friend who come back from Singapore.A very pretty girl,Ser Fang whom I seldom met,may be 3 or 4 times in a year..hehe

Image Hosted by
Ser Fang and Me

I think this will be the end of my post.Actually I took less photo during the Chinese New Year,even I myself also couldn't believe it..Anyhow,there are still some of the photo will be upload in the coming post..stay tune...Last day,wish all of you having a nice and sunny day just like the sun flower..

Image Hosted by
This flower is now the wallpaper of my K810i phone

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve

The first thing that I would like to say is Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who did visit my blog recently. I hope all of you also win money while gambling ya..

Image Hosted by

My mum bought the Gold Mouse to put it in my house and do you know what I tell her?I say then you better keep the “Money Making” Cat else all the gold mouse will run away..keke

Image Hosted by

Throughout the whole Chinese New Year,I am just busy to hang around with my family,my old buddies,my friends,my classmates and of course my my dear and her family.

I guess most of the people also doing the same thing,gather with family member,having some gathering with old schoolmates and lastly gambling no day no night.If you are not doing this,then I really curious on what had you did for the whole Chinese New Year.

For today,I just having some time to edit some of the photo and hence I will update a little bit on what I have done during the Chinese New Year eve.

Chinese New Year Eve,everyone will having the dinner with the family member and so do I.I having my dinner at my grandmother house where all my uncles also there.For those who still don’t know me well,my father have 10 sisbling including himself.So,it is really a good chance to meet all my auntie uncle who came back from outstation.

So after the dinner,I am kinda boring while all the children are playing fire cracker out side the house.I used to like it but when I reach the age of 22,I just can’t force my ass from leaving the comfortable sofa.Hence,I taking some random photo of my family members..

Image Hosted by
My dad and my Grandma..SAME POSE!!

Image Hosted by
My creative photo again..haha..

Image Hosted by
My mum,Youngest Bro,Wan Fei and My Youngest Sis,Phei Gie

Image Hosted by
Phei Gie

Image Hosted by
Elder Sis,Phei Szi

So far,these are the photo that I had edited.I am still quite busy gambling with my course mates and tomorrow I need to celebrate Valentine with my dear.So,stay tuned for more photos ya!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sorry guys for not updating my blog.Hmm..I am kinda busy recently.I am busy to celebrate during the Chinese New Year,busy to meet all my old buddy,busy to collect angpow and of course busy to gamble.

Now,I am back to University,the class is started and I am freaking busy to prepare my Industrial Training Presentation which is on 13 February,tomorrow morning and I only just finish prepare the presentation slides.God,bless me for that..

So,I might need few more days before I can update my blog!Stay tune and do visit my blog often ya!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Little Genting

On the last day of my training,I met with my hometown friends before I went back to Melaka.I stay ar Kuala Lumpur around 3 months time but there is one place that I always wanted to go but don't have the chance.So,my friends are kind enough to bring me to the place during the last outing.

The place is located some where near Cheras,don't ask me for the exact route to there,cause I also don't know and neither my friend.We spent around one and a half hours only reach the destination.I only know some signboard showing that it is Kuala Lumpur Look Out Point so may be you can check from the wikimapia.

Once we reach there,I really getting very excited until I left the tripod holder for my camera in the car and I only realize that when I take out my camera,my tripod and ready to shoot some photo on the top of the tower.So,I have no choice but to walk down the slope again just to get the holder.That's freaking tired.

Then I took some of the photo but the photo is not really satisfy since that day is quite misty.So,I only post up 1 photo for the view..keke..

Image Hosted by
Kuala Lumpur Night View

When the time I start to take photo for my friend,there is something wrong with my stomach.For my friends who know me well,they will know that my stomach is very sensitive and I will easily go for the "big" one if I ate something wrong.That day consider a bad day for me,I went to toilet for around 4 times,man,on the hill,when I am on the top of the tower,stomachache,then have to walk down to the toilet near the restorant,then go up to the tower again,then cannot stand the pain,go to toilet again...damn...I am damn tired for the view...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Cheng Yong

Image Hosted by
Cheng Chan

Image Hosted by
Group Photo 1

Image Hosted by
I damn like this group photo..very yeng..hehe

After we took all the photo,then we went to the restorant for some rest,especially me who totally not in good condition. The view from the restorant also very nice,must have a try especially for couple,really romantic!!

Image Hosted by
Gasoline Cafe

Then my friend start to ki siao again after eating the KLCC,now he is imagine the KLCC is just in front of him..he just love KLCC,didn't he??

Image Hosted by
Siao Cheng Chan with the KLCC

Last photo before we going back,took at the entrance of the staircase.We actually stay there for around 4 hours plus until the gate is going to close which is around 2am.

Image Hosted by
Cool Huh??

Luckily,at last I still able to take some of our photo,else this will be a really wasted visit,anyhow,I swear I will go there again for some nicer photo..anyone?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ming Jie's Birthday Outing

Last week is the first week for the new and also my last trimester before I end my degree course.I feel great and a little bit of weird feeling when I step into the lecture hall.You know,it is great to meet all the friends,coursemates and it is really weird to study in lecture hall after 3 months of working.

No matter what's the feel is,we already plan for the telegangz outing and also celebrate the belated birthday of our "dai ka jie" ,Ming Jie.

Image Hosted by
Ming Jie

So,we went to the newly open Wong Kok Restaurant at Dataran Pahlawan for our dinner.The restaurant will be the smallest Wong Kok Restaurant that I ever seen after the 3 months in KL.Well,I can't expect much since Melaka is way too different from KL.What can we do in Wong Kok other than eating?Camwhore is really great to meet all of them after 3 months and the best is I got so many model to let me shoot...*muahaha*

Image Hosted by
Random Pic 1

Image Hosted by
Random Pic 2

Image Hosted by
Blogger in action

Haha..this is some weird thing that I felt,no more DSLR from my eyesight when I back to Melaka..LOL

Image Hosted by
Ah Jian in the screen

After the whole night of shooting,this is the only photo that I like the most.The kind of feel give me some idea.Sigh,I really suxx in taking People photo.

Image Hosted by
My housemate

After the dinner, we went to Wings Music Cafe for our second round.Oh ya, I forgot to mention, there are 17 of us in total,consider quite a big gang but still,not all attend yet since some of them haven't back to Melaka and also some is not free.

Since they named it Music Cafe,there must be some one on stage to entertain us,right?This is the only photo that I shoot on them since my battery is running low!*damn me forgot to charge the battery*

Image Hosted by
The Singers

Image Hosted by
I don't know why I put this,but I like it

Image Hosted by
Siao Luis in action!!

Image Hosted by
Random Pic 3

Image Hosted by
Random Pic 4

Sigh,Ming Jie is just too fair.One lesson for you guys,don't ever took a photo together with a much much fair people,that will only show people that you are dark,real dark.

Image Hosted by
Ming Jie and Me

Image Hosted by
I like this one too,seems natural!

At last,the group photo of the Telegangz~

Image Hosted by

From left,
Back Row: Me,Wei Siang,CJ,Alex,Siti,SzeYing,Jap,s3r,Luis and Jian
Front Row: Nicole,Gik,Ming Jie,NianYou,Cunlynn,Yung and Woonlee

So,this will be the end of the post and I think I still able to post up another post before the Chinese New Year,anyhow,wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year in advance first,just in case and Gong Xi Fa Cai ya..