Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~Candid

Since the A Famosa is conquered by all those tourist,therefore,I decided to do some candid shot with my Sigma 70-300mm..First time doing such thing..haha..but too bad don't have any pretty gal for spy shot...kakaka

Here is some of the kid's candid and mix with some other old man shot..Hope you guys like it..








When you guys reading this entry..I should be on my way back to Malaysia and I have to say that my next update will be an unknown because I am going to live in KL and temporary no internet connection..So,we will see then...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~HDR Series

After the previous testing on doing the HDR,this time I am using 3 different exposures to compose the HDR effect photo but still there is some flaw because I didn't use tripod to capture all these..handheld for 3 different exposures will cause some shadow or blur to the photo..

Anyway,here is some creation of mine which I think worth to share with...Notes that the dark cloud in the first picture is uneditted version...The cloud is there when I shoot that and it is dark in colour as well..It is not me who edit it till like some sort of Armageddon effect...

As usual,I will show you the normal exposure photo and then the creation of HDR with the photo..C&C are welcome..



And for this one..I know it is a bit can see aura light surrounding the statue..but I think I can explain this effect..muhahaha..This is because the light is come from the back side of the statue and since the statue is in white,so the reflection from the statue will cause its surrounding a bit brighter than the front part which cause the aura...nice or not...kakakaka



Next is the picture that capture in the building up at the St.Paul's Hill..





So,what do you think??The color looks so fake..?!The pciture looks so unreal...kekeke...I quite like the effect..It does look like an oil painting to me..anyway..just wanna share it here and hope you guys like it..Two more days I will be back from Bali...stay tuned ya...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~Random Scene 1

For you guys who miss the previous post,just for your information..I am having my graduation vacation to Bali in this mean time while you reading if I happen to not reply any message,or comment,please be patience because I will do it once I am back from there..

In this entry,I gonna show some random pics that I took when three of us have a walk at the A Famosa area...So as usual,I will just let the photo do the talking as I am damn busy to having fun at Bali...muakakakaka..As usual also...C & C are always welcome..





Definitely not a good day for photoshoot...damn lot of tourist until you can't avoid them to be appear in the scene...




Then,we feel quite boring with all these tourists wondering we take a walk to the St. Paul's Hill to find some new spot for shooting...and I found this...


Then Ser don't want to be left out..






What the heck are they shooting at??!!??No idea..?Haha..proceed to next picture then you will know..


Hahaha...shooting at KIMFEI.BLOGSPOT.COM...muahahahhaa..Ok la..I know I am so so so lame....cannot mer..


Haha...I think I am posting too much photo in once...somebody going to curse me for that already...anyway...I just change the photo I am using Flickr to post all these photo...any difference if compare to previous post...load faster?? Let me know ya...Next will be some photo of the HDR effect..stay tuned!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~Flower Series

During the Wesak Day,where the whole Malacca Town is filled by the tourists that 80% of them are mainly from Singapore,Johor and KL and there are three silly fellows choosing this day to have a photoshoot session at A Famosa,one of the historical spot in Malacca Town and hence now you got the chance to see the master piece of one of the three silly people...

During the entire five years of my uni life,I only visit these place once when I was in Alpha year,which is the first year I came to Malacca.Many thing had change and it really makes me feel that "aerghh...I am getting older...aging..."All right,I think I better straight to the point since I got load of photos wanna share with the readers and I have limitted time to do so..

Remember,C & C are always welcome...I would love to hear any comment,critics or praises from you please leave me a come the Flower Series that I took when I first reach there..Actually I am taking all these to test out my lens only but anyhow,the result is quite satisfying..






So,what do you think about the photo..I know some color saturation is over d..I also don't know how come this will happen..may be due to over expose or whatever..

Anyway,tommorow,will be the starting of joyness..excitement will be around all the time because I am going to BALI but don't worry,I will still keep my blog update by using the pre-post feature.cause seriously I need to clear out some some of the pending photo folio else I will end up rushing to post it before I can show you guys the pretty of Bali...So,do check my blog often ya...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Sixth Year Anivesary

This gotta be a very personal post.Yesh..6 years ago,23rd of May 2002,I still can remember that time I still driving a Suzuki RR2 motor,rushing to this special one house just before my tuition going to start...

The very lame reason that I tell my special one so that I can find her is to borrow her camera for some event shooting in school...Of course,since I mention it is a lame reason,so at last I end up forget about the camera but I am full of joy and happiness when I came out from her house and went to the tuition..this is because,at 03:05 pm 23rd May 2002,she agree to become my girlfriend after I dig out all my guts to ask the second hardest question in this world "Can you be my girlfriend?" is just like a blink where I still can remember clearly what had happen throught these few years and now it is our sixth anivesary..Dear..thanks for all your love,all your concern throughout these six years had meant a lot to me..I am glad that you are by myside when I am down and I really feel glad to have you as my dear...Even though some time I am getting a bit frustrated due to some disagreement among us..but I really likes the way you handle it...

So,till here...I guess most people will ask,"Then how you guys gonna celebrate your sixth year anivesary..Dear..once again I have to say sorry because I am really bond to a tight schedule as you all know that I gonna move all my ass up to KL and prepare for my new journey of life after my uni~~Working!!So,I really hope that you will love the gift that I think you will need it the most when you are doing your internship...

Image Hosted by

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Image Hosted by

Also,I would like to thank for the gift that you buy for me...It is lovely and just the thing that I need most..and never forget this is my preferred brand..Crumpler Six Million Dollar...Muaks....Luv ya..

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Lastly,there is a great surprise for all my friend,especially my dear who like her so much...Dang Dang Dang Dang...ViVi..

Image Hosted by

Her name is ViVi,you may wonder why ViVi..sound like wee wee...later always pee...Ahaks...then you are wrong...ViVi is after the name ViVidus in latin which means "Lively" and she is just like her name..lively...Isn't she very cute??Even though she is a mix..but I damn like her..Dear arr...don't jealous arr...kekekek..Lastly..again..Happy Sixth Year Anivesary and I luv ya..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farewell Lunch @ Seoul Garden fast it is the time to say good bye to my coursemates..friends...Hence,two days ago,the Tele Gangz is having a farewell lunch at Seoul Garden which is located in Melaka Mahkota Parade.For your information,this is the first time I step into the shop even though it already open for more than half year..

Image Hosted by

There are 18 of us in total and the shop is full with our noise..Damn..this is our trend..I am gonna miss it so much..

Image Hosted by

Basically,we just BBQ,chit-chatting around with our friend since this properly would be the last gathering for us before we graduate..

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Here is some photos of the food..Actually it is like a buffet style restaurant,just that all the food is provide in raw,hence we need to BBQ it or boil it just like the steamboat style..

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Then our most talent coursemate,Yung Sifu try to cook some nice food with the provided material..

Image Hosted by

The first step is to fried some mix vege first....

Image Hosted by

Then the Char Siew Chicken...

Image Hosted by

Lastly,dang dang dang dang...the Yung Sifu Special...

Image Hosted by

Not to forget, the Yung Sifu Dessert...hmmm..yummy..

Image Hosted by

After sapu for around two hours,it is the time to say good bye..and thats why we emo...

Image Hosted by

At last,we took a group photo before we left..

Image Hosted by

Sigh..notice the bad bad quality of the photo??This will always remind me to bring my tripod along...sigh once again...

Image Hosted by

This is the group photo that without me..because I am the one who holding the camera..much more better huh....Guys and gals...I really gonna miss these old sweet time....Thanks for all....