Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Start of Industrial Training

After a long wait and wet,finally the industrial training is start.Last few days I have been hanging around with my friend who came KL and I have plenty of photo to upload but no connection as you all know I will not be that stupid again to use the 3G anymore.I will upload those photo by tomorrow if possible because I already found a best place to update my blog---->Maxis

Yeap,my industrial training will be in Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd located in Subang Hi Tech.Since Maxis chop me for the 3G usage charges,I think this is the best opportunity to revenge...*ngek*ngek*

During the first day of the training,it is a rainny day,me and my roomates who is same company with me reach the location around 8.20am which is 10 minutes earlier as the time stated in my offer letter.I get a nice place to park my car which is just opposite of the main gate of the building.As I mention it is raining heavily,so I have no choice but have to use the umbrella which I strongly not like it at all.Till this moment,everything is looks smooth since I reach earlier,get a nice parking,except the rain.

The thing getting worse when we register at the Security Guard House there,the security not allow both of us to go in as he said our supervisor will only come to work at around 9.30am..wth..can you imagine,wearing in formal,holding an umbrella,and block by the security and I try to persuade them to let me in so that I can wait at the lobby there but the security is so straight,I think his brain is square in shape,why can't he just turn and think at my side.In the end,I have to go up to my car in such weather and go to have a breakfast till 9.30am..and of course end up with the nice parking was parked by others...really speechless... (~x~)"

The first day of training is really boring,I am required to revise on the GSM architecture and those that I had learned in the Tele course.Today is the second day of training and my supervisor is off as he work over time last night...another boring day for me.The latest news that I being told is I am going to start handle some task start from next week onwards.All I have to do for this week is to familarise myself to the working environment..haha..sound quite easy hor..

This is the reason why I have time to update my blog in such hours..I will prepare my entry at home and try to upload the photo when I free by fully utilising the facility provided by Maxis since I already paid for it...I bet you all won't forget how I paid for it..


S3R said...

good lo, at least u'll use the things that learned b4 haha.... take ur lappie plug in download lar... haha

生番薯 said...

wah...so long post...waiting in the rain only mah...i summore need to report to few place leh

kimfei said...

s3r : I don't think so lor..my job is to monitor the transport link throughout whole malaysia..i think just need to know how to use the element manager then can d..

生番薯 : wahh..ppl write long a bit also cannot oo??