Monday, October 15, 2007

The Tiger Show

As stated by the title,today you guys gonna watch the Tiger Show in my blog.Those under age are encourage to watch..Yaya,I mention under age.Don't worry,you rarely see me post such "Not For Children" entry.Of course,The tiger show,from the words,the main character must be the tiger itself,else,it can't be tiger show rights..:P*try to be innocent*

I know I know..Sorry lor...I doesn't meant to change my blog to a discovery channel type or to shift to neither.I am posting all this is because:~
1)I just got the chance to visit the Zoo after so many years.
2)I just have another chance to use my camera.
3)A great chance for me to practise on how to use all those setting and the purpose I posting the photo over here is asking for opinion.
So,just bear with me ok..I know you guys are kind enough and always with me..right!!

If compare between lion,leopard and tiger.The quantity of the tiger in this Zoo is much more than others.There are 3 sites in total for the tigers.For those tiger or tigress lover,may be this is the best place for you.I am going to show you some of the tiger that I shot using my camera,don't worry,I am not using the machine gun..

Sleeping Tiger

3 legs tiger??

This is the fierce one,chase after me when I shot another tiger.

Well,it might come quite often for you to see people camwhore with so many type of face expression but have you ever see a tiger doing such stunt??Proudly present you,the five continuous shot of the Tiger.




No eye to see??Or just tired??


Roaring(want to scared me,no way!!)

This will be the end of the tiger show.Actually I am quite tired b'coz I just back from Beverly Heights,Kuala Lumpur.I had promise on this tiger show thing so I should make it fast so that nobody is waiting,businessman might say "Customer is always the corect one!" but I serve "Reader is always the highest,always corect and I will never let you down!!"


yung . said...

Lol I love the 5 continuous shots, umm or it's 6? I think I saw 6. Still, the tigers are cute n funny haha!

Ahhh! I hope my camera can come bac soon so I can play with it too..

kimfei said...

haha..I don't know who make it 6 or 5 coz the last photo is different tiger..haha..don't worry la..ur camera will be back soon

mapo said... house streamyx sux..take me long time to post this comment..
i luv cute la..

kimfei said...

haha...screamyx is like tat de lor..

S3R said...

at least better than dail-up rite...

kimfei said... least lor...but too bad last few day my screamyx also cannot function..dunno is model prob or the service provider problem...