Friday, October 26, 2007

5 Things Meme & "What Classic Movie Are You?"

First to first,I am so happy since I wake up this morning,why..hehe..because today is Friday ma..*LOL*After a week of work,well,I can’t say work actually since I am doing nothing in the office as well,all rights,to be more exact is I attend to the office daily to sit there,surf net,chatting,once a while learn something about the software till today..the Friday.Friday means a lot to the workers who work from Monday till Friday,today is the end of the week and I can enjoy my weekend..*muahahaha…*

Okay,back to the topic,I have been tag by Mariuca about this 5 Things Meme yesterday.As what I promise,I would do it as soon as possible.So,I decided to do it in this entry.(Actually I am out of topic to blog about)*hehe*Thanks to Mariuca for tagging me oo..Here it goes the meme:~

5 things found in my room:~

Currently I am doing my internship at Shah Alam here,nothing much in my room actually.
1. My bed
2. My roommate’s bed
3. A table for lappie
4. My bag which is full of clothes
5. The stand fan

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:~

1.Travel around the world immediately without going through the process of earning money-save money till old-then only travel
2.Own all those latest technology gadget
3.Eat all the way but never get fat
4.Learn to play all kind of sports
5.Smart without the need to study

5 things found in my bag:~

2.Panasonic FZ8 camera
3.Headset of my handphone
4.A portable edifier speaker for my lappie

5 things found in my wallet:~

2.Driving License
3.Bonuslink Card
4.Touch n Go Card
5.10 bucks in Love Shape

5 things I am currently into:~

1.Fifa 08
2.Industrial Training @Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd
3.Heroes Season 2

That’s the end for the 5 Things Meme and here come the second meme.Haha..first time being tag in double by same person.The second meme is about “What Classic Movie” I am. First,I would have to say the person who tag me with this(Mariuca) is link to the Godfather(the mafia) and this might be the reason why I am doing both the meme given by her,Mariuca…*aiks…lame joke*

Here is the result after the 45 question test for “What Classic Movie Are You”

Seriously,I never watch this movie before,and I don’t even know what kind of character I am in,so,If anybody of you happen to watch this before,do tell me what does it means..thanks first..

Even though currently is the industrial training period for most of my coursemates,but still I want to tag people with this double meme.Here is the list:~



733ling said...

u good la... tml i still need to work... so cham... :((

Mariuca said...

Kimfei!!! This is my 3rd attempt to leave a comment :( hope this one will get through!

Thanks for doing the meme, you did a great job and I had fun reading it.

My question is who gave u the RM10 love note ah? ;)

kimfei said...

733ling : hais...weekend pass monday ledi..@ working place

mariuca : wow...blogspot having problem again??I apologise for are such a kind person to leave me comment with 3 attempt..jaja
about the love note..for sure is my dear dear dare I keep the love note others than my gf ler..keke

Mariuca said...

Which one is ur gf la? ;)

Btw, I have something for u at my blog, come see! :):):)

kimfei said...

mariuca : wanna know my gf oo..soon you will know..coz her bday is coming ..hehe