Sunday, September 30, 2007

Philosophy of Magic Cubes

You may wonder, come Kimfei suddenly become so serious..talking about philosophy over here.Nope,this is not my philosophy,it is come from a magazine -Feminine.

Whats?!!?Again..yeap,it is Feminine or in chinese "Feng Chai".Many people would think that this is a magazine for girls but I may say you are wrong.There are plenty of information with different kind of variety,and it is still adding more categories into it.While i read this latest published,I found this article which I think quite interesting to share with since majority of us is going to work very soon.

Here is the story,actually it will be more interesting in dialogue form.

So let
A-Big Boss of It Company
B-friend's of A

One day,when A is outstation to B's place,A invites B for dinner so that they can gather around.
When B meet A in the hotel,B saw a young guy in front of A.The young guy is the one who want interview for the job offer in A's company.B saw that A is demostrating to the young guy a magic cubes and solve it on the spot,and then A ask the young guy to solve it.It is quite hard for a person who never play those magic cubes before.Hence,A tell the young guy to solve it within 3 days time,then the young guy leave.

After the young guy left,
B : A,this is the special question that you use for the interview?

A : Oh..this young guy have some supportive background,so I just can't abandon this job
request,hence,I ask him this question in order to know where to place him in my company.

B : Oh,now I see,but If that question is for me,I am not that clever though,I think most probably
I will unplug the magic cubes and arrange it in the correct order in the sense solved.

A : Haha,that will be great if he do like this,this at least show that he dare to do anything in
order to achieve the final goal,the Marketing Department is the place for him.

B : Hmm..what about the other solutions imply??

A : Nowaday,those kid never play magic cubes,I don't think he can solve it immediately.Let say,
If he paint 6 different colour on the cubes,this show that he is creative,can works in Software
Development Department.

B: Oh..what about if he can make it by this evening??

A : If he can do it before this evening,this show that he is a smart learner,it will be the best to
become my personal assistant.
If he can solve it before the end of the 3 days period,this mean he know a lot friend,his EQ is
very good,hence he is more suitable to Customer Service Department.

B : Good idea...

A : And if he manage to give me the solved magic cubes before I back to my company,this imply
he is very hardworking,and he can work for lower level software processing job.
And in case he give me back the magic cubes and admit that he don't know how to solve it.
This shows that he is a honest people,can work in the Financial Department.

B : What if he never come back?

A : If he never come back,what else you hope me to do?Surely I can do nothing what..

The second day,A and B meet again,

B : So,hows the magic cubes story goes??

A : haha...I already hired the young guy. This morning,he came to me,and pass back the solved
magic cubes to me.Guess what?He buy me a new one and tell me that he is not able to solve
after he try few times,so he decided to buy a new one,and this magic cubes is larger than
the previous one,and more smooth in turning as well.

B : Whats this imply then??

A : don't know??He is definitely have talent in doing pirated job.You know la.
There are a lot of software which also copy from others ,the name is different but serve the
same purpose,this young guy is very good in this for sure.

The End.

So what do you think about the meaning behind this??Although it is more like a joke,but, in my opinion,the thing that the boss say is quite true,every tiny act from us is implying something.So,lets start observe which part are you good in,in later time,we shall know better how to present ourselves during the interview.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Top 5 Favourite Posts

After whole day of study,I am just like a Zombie now,brain malfunction,mind still awake,physically tired and yet I am blogging over here...~blek...Hopefully the hotbabes in Resident Evil can't find me over here..

Actually this entry is a tag from Yung,he say I am so kind to present him an award and now in return of his gratitude,he gave me a tag.Yung, I am glad you tag me,ya, I know I am the lucky one who drop by to your blog in such a good timing...hehe..anyway,you did help me with the tag as I don't know what to write in this few days,kinda busy for study..All right,thats all for the nonsense,back to the tag----->>

Oh!! forget to mention,this tag is required you to post 5 links of previously written posts which relate to certain keywords,but since I just start my blog entry over here in less than 1 month time,so..not much can relate to actually and I just try my best ya..

Rules :

1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below.

2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments.

Link 1 must be about FAMILY:
Surprise from my family,
So far this is the only post relating to my family in this blog site.They are so sweet to come all the way from Segamat to Melaka just to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

Link 2 must be about FRIENDS:
Memoirs of Alpha Year,
This will be the same as Yung,and thanks to Alex for this tag.At least it make me think back a lot of sweet time during Alpha year.

Link 3 must be about YOURSELF, who you are, what you’re all about:
I am a person who start addicted to photography,especially after I bought myself a prosumer camera.

Link 4 must be about something YOU LOVE:
My Birthday Gift~~Panasonic Lumix FZ8,
This will be the thing that I love the most from now since the question mention "something" and not "someone".

Link 5 can be ANYTHING you choose:
Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok Chun On are in the town,
This is recommended for those star gazer,of course the "star" is not the star lor..This is the first project that I do using my newly bought camera.

All rights,done with the tag,now is the time to tag people.I would like to tag

1.s3r,I know you very hardworking de..
2.aikosumomo,I forgot I tag you before or not,here is one for you
3.rawpotato,don't always post food,I very hungry d
4.Fennlyn,here is my first tag for you..must give face ya
5.SaMYP,update lor..else ur blog dah basi...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Heroes Season 2

After a long waiting period since the end of the Heroes Season 1,now,the Heroes is back.The Heroes Season 2 is proudly present to you by the NBC channel and it will starts from 24 September 2007.For those who already watch season 1,for sure,you already know what's the story all about.It is a series where some human having special ability.For those still don't have the chance to watch season 1,it is highly recommended as this is 1 of the most interesting series that I ever watch.Another of my favourite series is {Lost}.

In Heroes Season 2,there are some new casting character.The above photo presents you the five new Heroes that will appear in season 2.The person from left: Dana Davis(Monica Dawson),Kristen Bell(Elle),David Anders(Takezo Kensei),Dania Ramirez(Maya Herrera) and Shalim Ortiz(Alejandro Herrera).

(*)-casting character's name

In the first episode,there are 3 of them already appear in the series.Well,I don't want to expose any info regarding to the episode.The photo below is one of my favourite character.

Know who is she?She is the cheerleader,Claire Bennet that appear in Heroes Season 1,casting by Hayden Panettiere.Her special ability is tissue regeneration,this means that no matter how she get hurts,she will be fine as her body's sel tissue will auto regenerate,i think this ability is cool and this is why i like her,of course,she is pretty too.~hehe~
So,let's enjoy the series and temporally(as in 1 hour for the series only) forget about the coming exam..... everybody jia you o..

Moments of Full moon

During the night of Moon Cake Festival,or full moon,is it how we call??correct me if I am wrong because I can't think of any words to say about this.All rights,while s3r is having the celebration with his taekwondo gang and his master,enjoying the mooncake and also the tang lung,I am just sit at home,facing this notes.

So,you must be thinking,wow,Kimfei is so hardworking oo,preparing the final exam during the festival and still,doing such good job in writing the are wrong,can you see the difference,the notes at the right hand side is by me and the left hand side is from my girlfriend, the accounting student.The words are so tiny compare to mine,as you can see,I only jot down the formula only,lazy me.Of course when I say I am lazy,I mean it.During that night,I really feel so pissed off to study the Law for Engineer but I can't avoid it since it is in the degree course.Can you imagine,an engineering student have to study those complicated,and repeated law statement,that's way much much boring then you study the formula.Some more the weather is so so so hot,hence,I take out my camera,and snap photo around.

This is exactly what I can see out from my room's window.~aiks~,mooncake festival,no moon cake for me,no tanglung for me as well.Such a lonely view from my window.Some more it is a cloudy night,so desparate the rain will down pour then everybody have no chance to play tanglung..hahaha~evil me~

From this picture,you may know how boring I am during that time.I purposely try the different setting of my camera,such as adjust the EV,aperture and the shuttle of my camera.I like my camera a lot because I think my previous camera cannot capture such photo.Present you the full moon during the cloudy night.

The setting that I am using to capture this photo are : EV-1/3,Aperture-f8,Shuttle-1.3s.Of course I am using the tripod else impossible to get such photo.For my opinion,the a bit reddish moon is a bit looks like the sun in the opening of the Series~Heroes.Don't you feel that??The following is some other shot from mine,it is all shot by using the tele mode(tele=telescope),fully zoom to the max in optical zoom.

After 20 minutes I snap these photo,the moon is being block by the cloud,so no choice,have to back to study and I think within 15 minutes time,it starts raining,haha..the air is so fresh as before that it is so humid and hot.Sorry for those playing tang lung out there,I didn't mean it but it just rain.
Anyhow,this post is just to show the photo that I take,especially what I promise to show to Chin Kuang.So,nothing much,continue study lor...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

~dang dang dang ~dang~~~

Last week,when I doing the Genie tag from net,I have been invited to on board to the Magical Flying Carpet ride by the Genie Princess.Not long after,the Genie Princess requested if I can let the small little Genie Princess to fly around my blog and I am kind enough to do that as well.Hence,I have been awarded by the Genie Princess this "You Make Me Smile Award" since the little genie definitely happy to stay in my blog.

First,I would like to thank Genie Princess for the award and I would like to mention that,this is the first award that I receive since I start blogging,really appreaciate it,and it really light up my day and my blog too.Genie Princess,you make me smile too!!

Therefore,I would like to pass this award to my friends,who are busy studying for the coming final exam.Wish you all good luck and have a nice day!

I would like to dedicate the award to

woonlee(hope to make you smile with this award)

ck(your comment on chelsea tribute makes me smile)

miao(your comic strip light up my day)

yung(your retarded movement is never the end in my imagination)

adyla(hope you will happy with this award)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival

Hereby I would like to wish all my friends,whoever drop by to my blog,HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL.It is just too bad as this year we cannot celebrate the festival since it is so unfortunately falls on our mmu-ian study week.Everybody is busy doing revision for the final exam and most of them camping whole day in the library.So,I also write less as I have no time for this as well.Here are some photo of the creative project of the lantern competition from my hometown Segamat which I able to catch up the celebration at there last weekend.

I only choose few of it as there aren't any attracting project.

I think is not cute at all.Feel creepy instead.

This is just an ordinary tanglung.Nothing special lor..

This one still consider Ok,at least the shape is

Among all,this is my favourite.Very creative and beautiful instead.(My opinion la)

Cutie Tweety Bird

This one looks like a vase.I think its initial design is a pineapple qua

Winnie The Pooh.My girlfriend always say my nose is just the same as the Pooh.sigh..same mer??

At last,wish those who going to sit for final exam,Good Luck and enjoy camping in library ya.I always camp in my room not much different.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sonija Kwok & Roger Kwok Chun On are in the Town~video~

As what I promise earlier,these are some of the video clips that I take during the game session.There are 3 gaming session in total but I only shoot on 1 category only.Here are the interesting part of it.

Game Instruction :
The first person in the row need to look at the title and try to deliver the message from the title to the next person until the end of the row.The last person is required to tell what's message is delivered.

The sound of this video clip is very slow,so increase the volume of your speaker a bit to hear clearer voice.

The first clip : 地上拾到宝,问天问地拿不到 This clip is the demo how the game is play.Notice the guy stand in the middle,he is the Pirated VCD seller in the "Tai jor lar" Astro Commercial.

Second Clip : 黄飞鸿牙擦苏,耍太极劈西瓜(Part 1) Sonija is in action in this clip.Enjoy~

黄飞鸿牙擦苏,耍太极劈西瓜(Part 2)

Third Clip : 肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 1) In this clip,Kwok Chun On is in action.They are really funny.

肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 2)

肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 3)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sonija Kwok & Roger Kwok Chun On are in the Town

Today,I rush back from my hometown,Segamat around 11 am so that I can catch up these event at Dataran Pahlawan,Melaka.Proudly present to you by the Astro On Demand,Sonija Kwok Sin Nei and Roger Kwok Chun On.The purpose they are here is to promote the Astro On Demand package brought to you by Astro.Personally,this two actors are my one of my favourite actors in tvb.Thats why I am so keen to rush back and refuse to join the badminton session.Sorry guys,the chance to see these two actors in real is really rare and badminton can play any time,so you know la..

Actually,the event will only start around 4pm but I reach there earlier in order to get some nice place to capture the photo.Less crap is better because the photo is much more interesting than I am writing nonsense here.

The big poster on stage.

This is the condition when I reach there.Fully crowded,so I have no choice but to find a place at first floor.

One of the M.C of the event.I don't know what is his name and not interested to know as well.

Another M.C,Jojo aka Josephine.You may seen her everyday in Channel 36 Astro On Demand Channel

She is really pretty and very good in hosting.The guy M.C just stand beside after she shown up.Notice the left hand side of the photo,yupe,he is our coursemate,Chun Teng,see how concerntrate he is when he is on duty.

Around 4 something,the main character shown up,Kwok Chun On and Sonija.From the photo,you may imagine how far I am from the stage lor..

Hehe,this is the time my camera shown its power.I can tell you,Kwok Chun On is a bit dark and my goddess,Sonija,she is really pretty...

Too bad the place they stand is sharp at the position where the sunlight shine on them.Therefore the photo is a bit dark since it is under exposure.

Game Session

Envy this girl.Can get so close to him..ishh...the photo is take during the game session.I think the girl is a crazy fan of TVB series,almost every question she also can get it correct.

Haha..don't worry,it is just a game.Don't be afraid even you can't answer the question.Our pretty Sonija would not blame you for that.

Sigh,it is just too bad because only for those who subscribe the Astro On Demand Package can take photo together with them.Besides,you may get the signature of them too.I am so jealous ler bcoz no chance to take photo together with them.~wasted~

The event end around 5 something.Actually I had capture a few video clip for the game session,but the file size is too large.Anyone know using what software to compress it so that I can upload it to share with you all??

When I see this pretty M.C,Jojo,I only know that she is the host for the channel 36 Astro On Demand.I really like her a lot,hehe,take a lot of her photo.She looks much pretty in real.Then when I back home,I just know that she is the Second runner up for the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006.Aiks..I found another goddess liao...haha..
Jojo aka Josephine

*p/s:Hope you all enjoy the photo.If someone manage to tell me how to compress the video file,then I might upload the video clip of this event in my following post.I have no time to edit the photo,so some of it is not really nice.I have around 1Gb of the photo and video,whoever wants it just get from me la.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

~Relax Moment~

At first I didn't plan to come back to Segamat this weekend,but,due to certain unforeseen reason,I have to come back eventhough the final exam is just less than 8 days from now.As what I always say,"Sometime you find good thing in the most unlikely places",but today I have to say "You may find good thing in the most unlikely timing as well".This weekend is definitely not the suitable time for me to meet some old friend and hanging around but since I make myself back to Segamat,hence,I should just let it be what will it be lor.

Some more this friend is a bit special,she is the one that help a lot when I want to tackle my english is so call matchmaker.So,early in the morning,we(me and my gf) go out to have breakfast with her since she is going back to JB in the afternoon.The breakfast is not the main point,the main point is she coming back together with her newly bought Shih Tzu.So,after the breakfast,we go to her house to visit the little puppy.Here come the picture of it.

Don't worry,I am not that blur.This is the rabbit that she bought long time ago.The supporting character to the main cast.~hehe~This rabbit is the Daddy rabbit,u may notice its size..overweight..~fainted~It got a really big tummy but it is really cute.

When I say Daddy rabbit,there must be Mummy Rabbit as well.The mummy looks a bit depressed.My friend say the mummy just gave birth to three little naughty rabbits.Here are the three little baby.

There three baby are only 1 month old,but look at their size,they really grow up fast as my friend say when they just born,their size is even smaller than the palm size.Look at the white brownish little girl,she has the pretty color fur just like her mummy while the other two gentle "rabbit" have the same fur colour as their daddy.According to my friend,the rabbit can get pregnant by just let both the male and female stare at each other.This is the first time I heard of such thing,not sure about how true is it or my friend just cheat me..heheShe claims that the daddy and mummy rabbit is live in different cages but the mummy still get pregnant.Anybody know how could it be ar?

Acting cool in front of the camera
At last,seduced by the vege~~~Yummy Yummy~
You may think that the other two gentle "rabbit" is so kind enough to let the lady to have the vege but you are wrong,that two monster already filling their tummy full with the food and getting sleepy actually.
~Enjoy the drink and have a nap later~

After visit the rabbit's family,here come the main character of the day,the little Shih Tzu~QQ.

~QQ just 4 months old~

~QQ with the pinky bell tied on her neck~
This little puppy is very clever.Once you sat on the floor,she will come to you and climb into the place where both your leg fold.The warmest place for her i think.
Play around with this little puppy and my friend ask this puppy show a lot of stunt~lol~ I would say amazing

Finally can enjoy the snack..haha

Sigh,I feel so envy,I would like to have one too..ish,but my family just not allow since I am a small kid.And now,its about time going to work,want to get one also very hard to take care liao..sigh..