Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day Trip to Pulau Ketam

Two weeks ago,my family plan for a day trip to Pulau Ketam but too bad my two little sister didn't make it for the trip..If you are asking why Pulau Ketam..I also don't know why..I don't even know that there is a Pulau Ketam that located near Port Klang..Ok..just forgive me for not knowing it..

Actually there is nothing special about Pulau Ketam,my mum says a lot of ppl tell her that the seafood on Pulau Ketam very nice and cheap but after I tried it..really so so only..may be I am not visited the correct restaurant..Well,if you have interest to visit the small fishing village,then here is some tips for your journey.It is rather easy to take the KTM Komuter than you drive to Port Klang.So,just buy yourself a KTM Komuter ticket to Port Klang and when you reach there,get on the boat thats cost you around RM7 per adult and they will send you to Pulau Ketam.You need not to worry about those route or what so ever...

So, as usual,here is some photo that I took during the trip..Long time never touch my camera d..really scare that there is fungus in the lens..haha..


My parent and my youngest bro..


View from the dock


Nope..I am not having my meal in this restaurant..may be you can give it a try..but never try its opposite restaurant..


I don't know what's this call in english..but in cantonese is "zhu tan"'s kind of shell creature like oyster..but looks really geli when you see it alive..


The typical fishing village...anything that you can found in the fishing village you found it here..especially the smell...*yucks*

Lastly..took this when we heading back to Port Klang...the cloud is coming..


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Some Random Pic

Just to keep my blog alive while I am still tied with few projects at the same hopes that my blog won't die after I posting some of this random pics ya..


This one taken quite some time ago during the visit to the KL Birdpark.


Hmm,what shoud I named this one....


Chicky pic..This was taken using my +4 Close up filter..the effect is really amazing..Have no faith on my words...check this out..


So,what do you think?This one was taken using my 18-55 IS Kits with the +4 close up..not bad huh..


Hopefully by next post I am able to share some of the pic that taken during my family trip to Pulau Ketam...till then..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear's Birthday

I suppose to update about this quite some time ago..but..hais..November 26..Its my dear's birthday...Time really flies..this will be the 7th Birthday celebation ever since I started with her..My goodness..I still can remember the first year celebration,that's the time when I was Form 5,I wanted to give her surprise so I arrange everything with her best friend for her birthday celebration and did works and I can see the tears of joys from her eyes..Then years after years...the curve of our relationship become very stable with some peaks and drops in between and I admit that I did enjoy this relationship a lot..


Very fast it will be our 7th Year Aniversary. People always say that 7 years is the time when something will happen..Well,I hope it won't happen neither from you nor me..Today is the fourth day you went back to Segamat after your internship and I still feel there is something lost in my daily life..Yupe,I admit that when you are here,sometime I will feel that you are intruding my life but when you are 300KM away from me..only I realize that I already accept that as part of my life..Actually I have no idea why I want to write this post where my initial plan is to share the joy of celebration with my friend but now...I think I just want to let you know I will always love you no matter when you are doing such funny face..


or drinking with such face..


Trust me..I still are the same person that you met six and a half years ago..*OKOK,may be looks a bit ok than those time*


Miss you my dear....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Old Flamingo

Nothing much to share nowadays since the chance for me to join an outing is just too low..still the same words from me.."BUSY"...Now, I really understand why people says that joining this company is not as easy as what I think of. Luckily I still able to find some passion on this job eventhough it is having a real hectic schedule...

Just to hope that after all these projects, I won't have so much wringles like this flamingo did. This shot is taken during my last visit to KL Birdpark..sound ages ago..muahaha..Nothing much to pp since the time I capture this, it already give me some studio effects...


For this time being, I think I shall stop here..Ya,I know it is a very short update but I think nobody cares except Rawpotato and Woonlee who purposely come over to spam my chatter box..LOL..Anyhow,I still wanna thanks to all whoever visit my blog eventhough there is less and less update nowadays...May be you can pray to see some Human photos on my next update rather than those birds again..muahahahaha