Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today is Halloween??

Sigh..again,another day without any task..boring sial!!

Since I am quite free actually,therefore I have gone through a lot of blog and just read through this from Mariuca.I think is is quite interesting since today is the Halloween.You might wanna know whats your monster character just like what I am.

Here come the monster me *ngek*ngek* looks so "monster" ler..The name Basilisk Slayer make me think of the character in the anime- Bleach.I am just like the Aranka in the anime..haha..

Your Monster Profile

Basilisk Slayer

You Feast On: M&Ms

You Lurk Around In: Public Restrooms

You Especially Like to Torment: Hippies

About the characteristic,well,quite accurate for me.M&Ms is my fovourite and nonetheless any chocolate will do.I am just in doubt about how the heck i will lurk around in "Public Restrooms"??What is going on??I don't like the smell of public restroom unless it is the restroom in The Gardens...haha..That will be different story..and the third one,I just don't like hippies but not till the level to torment ...
So,whats about your monster character??


3POINT8 said...

M&M is the only thing that keeps you alive??
Harharhar...I know what to do when next halloween comes!

kimfei said...

3point8 : haha..finally somebody got wat i imply liao...*blink*blink*