Thursday, November 29, 2007

~Marche Bloggers Gathering~23/11/2007~

#Beware,this will be a very long post loaded with bunch of photo.So,just be patience if you are using dial up.Don't blame me cause I don't have time and don't really know how to make all this photo in a sheet.#

Ya ya, I know this is a very late update of mine.I am really sorry about that but I have no choice cause I am waiting for the photo since I didn’t snap any during the gathering.Weird right,you guys that normally hang out with me are the one that shot by my camera but I am just like you guys in this gathering,being shot by plenty of DSLR big gun plus those super huge flash gun.

There is once a while in my mind thinking that,”Whoa,I am now a superstar,everyone is flashing on me!!”May be you guys not really believe in what I am saying,and think that I tried to find some excuse.Well,after you have a look on the photo,then you will know what I mean.

I think probably I am the last to blog about this event but nevermind,this is for my readers that I promise since last week.Last Friday,I am attending a blogger gathering at Marche,one of the restaurant at The Curve.This gathering is organized by the legend,Evie and Princess Eileen.This will be my first time to join such gathering and I couldn’t believe that I only start blogging two months ago.So,I really consider this is a very lucky chance in my life and I think it is fate because I wouldn’t had join this gathering if I am still study in Melaka.

Image Hosted by
Evie & Princess Eileen

I think I better cut the crap.For any detail about how the gathering progress,you may refer to
All the bloggers above attend the gathering and they had already blog about this.So for my portion,I would like to let the photo talks rather than I crap over here.But there are three thing that I want to mention :~

1~This is the first blogger gathering of mine and I am glad to know all the people who attend.Getting to know you guys is really great.

2~Another first time of mine,guess what,I am brought by the Princess Eileen to go Scarlet.Whats the place?Hmm,clubbing place is a club inside the Cineleisure.I couldn’t believe my first clubbing experience is together with all these newly met friends but it is just nice.

3~Lastly,all the photo that appear in this entry is provided by Eugene,Fattien,Mich and HungWei.Thanks for the photo especially HungWei who become my personal photographer.*hehe*

First,thanks again for the photo that I get from the 4 photographer below.

Image Hosted by
Eugene and Me

Image Hosted by
HungWei and Me

Image Hosted by
Mich and Me

Image Hosted by
Fattien and Me

Image Hosted by
Evie and Me

Image Hosted by
Princess Eileen and Me

Image Hosted by
Anston and TallBoyz

Image Hosted by
Thomas and KhengSiong

Image Hosted by
Tim and huei

Image Hosted by
Boonage aka yipguseng and Me

Image Hosted by
Boonage,Eugene and Me

Image Hosted by
Princess Eileen,Maegan,Jo,TingTitLei and Evie

Image Hosted by
AbbyC and Me

Image Hosted by
Calvin and Me

Image Hosted by
Photographer in action*korf*Korf*I am holding nikon D70s..kaka

This is the reason why I didn't take any photo.

Image Hosted by
Mich~Call Her Pro,Can?

Image Hosted by
NkWai~Another Pro,agree?

Image Hosted by
Yatz and his girlfriend(Sorry,forgot your girlfriend)

Image Hosted by
Group Photo without Me

Image Hosted by
Family Photo of Eugene and HungWei's Family

We also having some gift exchange session as this is a early precelebration of the Christmas.This is the mambo number 5 that I get and can you guess what is inside?

Image Hosted by
Mambo No 5

Sure no la..IF you can,you must be the person who give me this.*keke*

Image Hosted by
My Gift

I got 2 pack of Vita Force Cream which is for Whitening purpose,a pair of earring,3 pieces of chocolate with very special wrapping and 1 sweets that I never see before.So,for the earring,anybody interested?I am giving out since I cant use it,neither my girlfriend cause she don’t use this type.Ok la,just joking,I am not that rude!Anyway,thanks for the pressie.

As I say,after the gathering,some of us go clubbing at Scarlet there.Hmm,you know la,this kind of thing,it is really hard to describe it in words, so may be you can invite me go clubbing if you also want experience it.

After all these so called first time experience,I am really looking forward for another gathering,or any outing,please invite me oo..*blink*~*blink*..*korf*..*Being Think Face*I will be very glad if you guys can read up till this point because I found that this will be the longest post of mine due to the huge number of photo.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lame Lame Me

Meow~ Meow~…Sorry ya,I am calling my cat friend who currently at the far far away cat kindom,Kuching but seems like nobody is answering me.Hmm,I guess the Miao still in its training some where near Sibu.Here is the tag that gave by him and the reason he gave me this tag is to entertain this sad Miao.

Meow~Me~Meo~Meow…can understand arr?No??All rights,I just trying to tell you,it is no problem at all.After I got your tag,I had been browse through all my photo that I keep in my lappie.The first photo that I found is this.

Image Hosted by
Me in Pink

Looks like some gangster wear gold round neck but in pink shirt.But then I think this is not the most stupid pose of mine.So,I continue my photo viewing in order to find some thing that is really stupid.And finally,I found this photo which was taken during somebody’s birthday at Wings there.I am like a idiot with that hairstyle,colored some more.

Image Hosted by
Hair with Colored

But still,I still not really satisfy with it cause I know if want to entertain you,I must find some thing really greats.And guess what,at last,after all the searching,thoughout all the photo from my alpha years till now,I got one absolutely stunning photo.Ladies and Gentleman,hold your breath,I afraid you will hardly breath once you see the photo,so listen to me,take a deep breath,and hold it..

Image Hosted by
Most lame sign,silly pose,ugly pic

So,am I entertain you enough?So now is the time to get some one to entertain me after I scarify so much.

#Here's the rules. All you gotta do is post the most stupid picture of yourself doing the most stupid / lame / weird / embarassing act that someone asked you to pose for a picture. Secondly, Just tag 5 people to do it, Then you're done. OK?!

I would like to have the people in the list to entertain me!
~Kiki aka ~Intoxicated~
~3point8 aka KokFye

Wednesday~The Middle Of Everything

As you all know,it is been a busy weekend for me as I have to attend the blogger gathering,back to Melaka for my dear’s birthday celebration and what make me busier is that I had been tag by four bloggers during the weekend.It is just like a super combo hits when I got a lot of thing need to be update.Well,may be I should think from other corner.

So,today I decide to finish the first tag that I receive from Mariuca.She is so nice to drop me with a double combo tag.*korf korf*Seems like every tag that she gave me is a double hits.But still,I am glad to receive the tag as this is the gift from the Genie Princess.

Here it goes the first meme,its name is TWO THINGS MEME

1. Two names I go by : KimFei or Pang
2. Two things I am wearing right now : Shirt and Shorts
3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship : Trust and Care
4. Two things I like to do : Badminton and Traveling
5. Two things I want very badly in these moment : Public Holiday and my dear by my side
6. Two things I did last night : Watch drama series and play Fifa 08
7. Two things I ate today : Black Pepper Chicken Rice and Hokkien Fried Mee
8. Two persons I last spoke to : My dear and roommate
9. Two things I am doing tomorrow : Work and update my blog
10. Two favorite days of the week : Friday and Saturday
11. Two favorite holidays : Chinese New Year and University holiday
12. Two favorite beverages : Tequila and Latte
13. Two things about me that you may not have known : I have a mole in between my finger and I don’t eat Ikan Bilis
14. Two jobs that I have had in my life : As a helper in my dad’s mini market and internship at Maxis
15. Two movies I would watch over and over : The Terminal and Gladiator
16. Two places I have lived : Melaka and Shah Alam
17. Two of my favorite food : Pizza and foods that cook by Mum
18. Two places I would rather be right now : On a vacation with my dear to Maldives and Italy

This is the end for the first meme.The second is an easy one.It is just a simple question and I am sure everybody will like to do it.Here is the question.
What are the 5 gifts you would buy for yourself this Christmas,if you had unlimited income?

1.A DSLR camera with all those additional accessories.
2.A bachelor condominium
3.Travel around the world with my love
4.A limited edition BMW
5.A bungalow for my parents

That’s it for the tags.So,now is the time to tag some one.For those who are in the list,just take your time to do it.You may choose either to do both or either one also can.

~kei's world

For those who are not in the list,don't feel sad ya,cause I still have 3 more tags so I will make sure all of you will at least get one!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Continue from last post. last I am not that blur after having a good rest last night.So,I decide to continue from the last post rather than update about the gathering cause I am still waiting some of the photos from some of the bloggers.

So,after the dinner at Amigo,her friends inviting us to go Pure Bar since she have some friend already at there.Actually this will be my second time for clubbing and you might be curious when is my first time..oppss...Ok,my first time clubbing!!I think you might not believe what I am going to say but please trust me lor..I am just telling the truth.My first clubbing is just happened one night before the second time which in on Friday night,after the bloggers gathering,being brought by Princess Eileen to Scarlet some where near The Curve.

Image Hosted by

Well,I am quite enjoy it as it is not really pack inside Pure Bar.I guess most of the clubbers already go to Sun Shine Bar.Oh ya,I forgot to tell ya,this is the first visit for my girlfriend so i guess she really got excited qua..*hehe*

Image Hosted by

The next morning,we are going to watch Enchanted.Yeap,I bought the tickets one day earlier so I forgot to ask my housemate want to watch or not but who know when I reach there a while,I meet this fellow together with his girlfriend.He is clever now,after I told him this movie quite nice,he straight bring his girlfriend go already.*hehe*

Image Hosted by
From Left : Evon aka my dear,me,Waileong and his gf,Lina

Well,I am not going to talk about whats the movie all about but I really like to recommend it.This movie really nice and worth the bucks you paid for the tickets.Especially for couple,seriously must watched it.For all those synopsis,trailer or picture of this movie,you may click Here for more information.

After the movie,me and my dear going to shopping and I think this is none of your interest as well.So I will just stop at here.Remember to watch this movie if you haven't.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Dear

Seriously,after such an over enjoyed weekend,I am having a serious Monday Blue this morning.

This morning,while listening to the Hitz.Fm about the JJ and Rudy's Monday Blue story and song,I didn't even aware that I just got mine.Have you ever see a guy,driving to the working place steadily since he is going out earlier and the time management is just great,and then just about 2 more junction before he reach the office,then only he found that he had left the handphone back in the house since the phone is not inside his pocket.Since the time is still allow the guy to get his handphone by driving all the way back which will takes around 10 minutes time,this is actually what he did and he is glad that he went out earlier which now allow him to make his way back to take the handphone.When the time he reach the front gate of the house,he makes his move to open the door and just the second before it,his housemate who is also inside car shout on him,"Hey,I found your handphone la,it is at the driving seat!"And I think you can imagine how does it feels right!!Yay..that stupid fellow of course is me lor..So,now you are agree with me right..I really having a serious Monday Blue.!@#$@#%#$^^$%&!@#*Damn blur mode*

All rights,lets cut the crap and see what actually makes me having such deep shit in the early morning.Last weekend,my schedule can consider full as I am attending the bloggers gathering on Friday night,rush back to Melaka on the next morning and travel back to Shah Alam during Sunday night.This is so tiring..I shall updates on the bloggers gathering when I get all the photo from others.

Today is my dear's birthday and this is the main reason why I am rushing back to Melaka on Saturday morning.Even though I cannot celebrate with her during the exact date of her birthday which is today,but I am glad I still make my way for her pre-celebration.

This will be the fifth birthday which I celebrates with her and its her 21 years old birthday as well.So,on Saturday night,we are actually having the celebration together with her friends and coursemate at a bistro in Melaka named Amigo.

Image Hosted by
Random Photo

Since my dear is an Accounting Student,so majority of her friends are girls as well.Don't try to ask me for their phone number or any contact cause thats the first time I met them as well.May be you couldn't believe that but I am just telling the truth.Yeap,I seldom hang out with them and I am the so called "invisible" boyfriend to them.

Image Hosted by
Group Photo,Can you spot my dear??

All the guys that appear in the photo are the boyfriend to those who they are hugging.So,you know la,others status I not really sure ya.*LOL

Image Hosted by
Group photo with the 3 luckiest guys in it

This two fellows are the late comer that actually miss out the group photo.Anyway,it is always better late than never,so cheers for them.

Image Hosted by
Seems like I am have a daughter and son in law

Of course,birthday celebration must always include the cake cutting ceremony so here it come-

Image Hosted by
Cake from Secret Recipe

For sure never left out the sweet couple photo.

Image Hosted by
My dear and Me

After the birthday song,cake cutting and its time for birthday present.This is the moment when you get heart attack if you have bunch of friends that is so called "Open Minded".

Image Hosted by
My dear and her gifts

Why I say so?You should really check it out clearly.Who ever guess it right,sorry prize but you win my salutes!!*hehe*

Image Hosted by
Can you guess it right?

I think I should stop here cause I really in serious blur mood.At last,my words to my dear,my darling.Whoever thats feels it is a "yiaks",don't ever look at the statement cause it will really cause your bulu all stand up.So take your own risk.(To view it,just highlight at below)

"Muaks,Dear arr,Happy Birthday and I love you so much.I hope I will be the one who celebrates with you on your coming birthday!Love Ya"

P/S :Shall update on the bloggers gathering once I got all the photo from others.So,just be patience ya!

Friday, November 23, 2007

PhotoHunt ~ Hot

Image Hosted by

The theme for this week is ~ HOT.Whats the first thing that come in your mind if you are thinking of something hot??Hot Chick may be..LOL..I often heard this word lately from my supervisor.Hmm..for those hot drinks lover,may be is Hot Chocolate?Or for Malaysian,the hot sun that never miss throughout the whole year?If you think I gonna post any of this then you are wrong.

I decide to post something which is the origin to keep people warm.Can you guess it right?Yeap,the FIRE.You will feel warm when it existing in the late night,you will got hot tempered when the fire is burning your it is hot right?Present you the small little fire that I capture unintentionally because somebody ask me to do so when I having vacation at Port Diskson.

Image Hosted by
Not really that Hot

Wow..Its Friday!!

Time really flies,today will be the end of the fifth week for my intership.Basically,I am still have nothing to do other than doing some daily monitoring job,retrieving some useful file from the system and thats it.This is the main reason why you can always see me visiting others blog because I am allow to do so when I have nothing to do.

This few days it happens to be quite busy for me as there are some cases but nevermind,cause today is Friday.Friday really meant a lot especially for a worker who need to work from Monday till Friday.Friday means the weekend is coming and we can actually plan something for the weekend.Some might say,going back hometown,some choose to clubbing and high till max and some will have some gathering with their friend.

Anyway,the main purpose is to relax ourself and as long as we are used to it,we enjoy it then there isn't any problem for what you choose to do.Well,of cause I am not asking you to rob the bank,be a rapist or being a sick pervert who snap people's underskirt.Seriously,I been hang out with one of my friend and she told me that there is a case during the road show where one sick pervert keep trying to approach them and everytime the sick ass is holding a paper bag where the camera is in it,and the sick ass will try all the possibility to approach them and each time the paper bag will be place some where below their skirt.So,ladies,beware of such sick ass.

Allrights,don't let the sick pervert spoilt my wonderful Friday.Man,Its Friday and you know what,tonight I am going to attend a bloggers gathering which is organize by Evie and Princess Eileen.*korf*Hehe..sorry for the cough but I am just way too excited.You know la,my first time ma..Eii Eii..don't think to the wrong side,OK!!I am really looking forward to meet all of those pro blogger and I really glad that I have this chance and I still couldn't believe that I actually going to attend it.Well,I guess it is a good start for my blogging life as my blog is only 2 months old.

So guys,enjoy the weekend!!Oh ya,this weekend I am going back to Melaka.So,anything you may reach me through my handphone.For those in Melaka,find me yumcha lor..hehe..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Web Album

My friend always ask me where do I hide those that I post and promise to upload.Some even complain that blogspot is very slow in loading the photo.So,since this few days I am quite free,I had work it out my web album.

At first,I am thinking to use the flickr since everybody is using.So,i just sign in using my Yahoo account,set it up and upload my photo.The upload speed is kinda slow since I cannot use the tool in my office.So,I just upload some of it and then only I found that there is a limit to create set for the photo for free account.Thats totally not the way I want it.Here is the printscreen of it.Well,if you guys like to view it from Flickr,you may click here.

Image Hosted by
Flickr Page

Since I am not really satisfy with it.I decide to search around and I found another photo host which is but too bad I can't upload the photo by using its tool from the office since the java application being blocked by the firewall.So,this morning,I just started to work it on Picasa Web Album.Surprisingly,the upload speed is very fast even though I am just using the basic uploaded from the IE browser.After the hardwork of mine,here is how it looks.All the photo is organise according to the category.So,I just able to upload portion of it until now.So,just enjoy the photo so far ya..For my Picasa Web Album,please click here.

Image Hosted by
Picasa Web Album

You may always find the link at my sidebar.Enjoy!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

What A Guy Will Do During the Boring Saturday

What will you do for the workless weekend?Sleep till late in the afternoon..or wake up earlier to have some exercise after a hectic week?Just as you all know,my body alarm is much more precise and efficience than my phone alarm,what I mean is you might forget to set the alarm from your phone but my body alarm will never turn me down.Thats means,I wake up 8 in the morning again and I have nothing to do but just lay on the sofa,read some magazine to pass my time.

When I still thinking what is my plan for my boring Saturday,then I got a sms from my housemate,asking me to play badminton in the afternoon and that’s absolutely my favor.I think is is more than a month since I last play badminton at Melaka and I miss the game so much.The main reason is I am growing weight and my waist is…you know la..after all those Italiannies,Kim Gary,Wong Kok and those fast food.Seriously,I need to exercise more.

Image Hosted by
Badminton Session

After the badminton game,actually I got invited by the friendly blogger,Hung Wei to join a bloggers gathering and at the same time celebrate Mich birthday but I couldn’t make it cause I got another outing with my hometown friends who study at UTAR.Anyhow,I would like to wish Mich,Happy Birthday ya and I bet you have a great birthday celebration with those bloggers who attend the gathering.

Image Hosted by
Wong Kok Restaurant

So,for my dinner, I am having Wong Kok again..gosh..just shake out some fat and now gain more..LOL.I am meeting my friends at One Utama again since they say they hardly have chance to come all the way to One Utama since their UTAR is located at Sg Long.

Image Hosted by
My Hometown's Friend Cheng Chan and the pretty girl,Jessy from Sabah

After the dinner,we have a walk at One Utama and we found there is a Digi RoadShow which crossover with the Sony Ericsson event,but so sad we couldn’t found any Yellow man around.All we can find is the Yellow man board and here is my friends who like Yellow Man so much till they wanna be part of them.

Image Hosted by
Yellow Dude,Cheng Yong

Image Hosted by
Yellow Buddy,Cheng Chan

For me,I am not that crazy fans of Yellow Man and I prefer to stand aside and have a photo with the Yellow buddy.

Image Hosted by
Yellow Dude and Yellow Buddy friendly neighborhood,Kim Fei

Today might not be a boring Saturday for me...huh..sounds weird??You must be wondering why I suddenly change my mind,right?Look at the photo then you will know why…

Image Hosted by
The Pretty ShowGal

Image Hosted by
One More

You must be thinking..ele..Kim Fei so cheap,some pretty show girls already can turn the boring Saturday night into a night full of colour,especiall YELLOW??

Come on,how could I satisfy by just taking few photo??*LOL*Sounds like I am a pervert.I am not,OK!!After that,we thought to catch a movie at One Utama GSC but so sad the timing isn’t that suitable so turn out we are having fun in the U-Bowl playing pool.*hehe*Your eyes don’t have any problem la,we are playing pool and some other games inside U-Bowl except bowling.

Image Hosted by
Jessy pose in front of the Pool Table

Image Hosted by
Call me Pro..hehe

The party is just begin.After the game,we are join by a special guest.*Welcoming Drums*

Image Hosted by
Ta da..The Pretty ShowGal,Chia Chin

We are join by the pretty show girl just now..hehe..envy or not??Okay la,I better stop fooling around else my girlfriend with get mad very soon.The girl is actually a friend of mine since secondary school,I know her since I am Form 3,a very sweet and pretty girl.It has been a very long time I didn’t meet her and that really makes the Saturday night become very interesting.

Image Hosted by
Group Photo,From Left:Jessy,Cheng Chan,Me,Chia Chin and Cheng Yong

Since she say she still need to work on the next day,so we decide to give her a ride to Wangsa Maju,and yum cha at the Restorans BRJ.

Image Hosted by
Restorans BRJ

I am quite happy actually because it is such a long time we didn’t contact each other and now we have chance to meet again.That kind of feeling is really great.The only bad thing is she need to work the next morning so we cannot have a really good chat till very late.After send her home,I follow my friends to his house at Sg Long and stay overnight at his place.

You always heard about girls are having those pillow talk bla bla why not for guys??Once a while,it is really great to have a talk with my hometown buddies because when we getting older and older,the chances for us to meet up,and have a nice talk is less and less especially once your buddy is married,that would be really hard.

Image Hosted by
Chivas ReGal

This is the basic thing that we need for guys talk.All rights,I am just kidding.My friend offer me this kind of liquor rather than those soft drink.You think he is so kind?No way,whats left in the bottle is just able to give us three half cup of liquor,but nevermind,I would like to have a try on this one since usually I only drink beer or vodka,and this might be a new thing for me.

Image Hosted by
Drunk and Fainted Night

After the drink and some talk till late nights,we end up like this.I not really get used to the taste of it and I still suffering when I having my lunch on the next day.This is what I do to change my boring Saturday to a wonderful one and how about yours?