Monday, October 29, 2007

Internship @Maxis

Well,sorry for the late update,supposedly I should post this after the first day of my training but due to the reason,I only able to post it now.After a week of training,I am starting to get used to the working lifestyle here.I can say I am having a routine yet busy lifestyle over here.

Every morning,I wake up around 8 something,wash up and prepare,depart to the working place at Subang Hi-Tech around 9,having lunch around 12 or 1 something,and back from work sharp at 6pm.The practice of back on 6pm sharp is told by the supervisor..*blek :P*So,don’t blame me as a lazy fellow since I never been late to work as well..*hehe*

So far,there is still no task for me to handle,so,I am still quite free but then start from second weeks onward,I suppose will be assigned some task or project which is told be my supervisor.

Here is some snapshot at my working place.As I mention earlier,I am working at Subang Hi-Tech,so anybody happen to duty at there or nearby,may find me for lunch ya..hehe..

The Maxis Building which is just beside the Digi Head Quarter.

Maxis Building @ Subang Hi-Tech

Registered under Maxis Broadband Sdn. Bhd.

The Reception Counter inside the building

Our working place

Our working place is inside the computer lab..hehe..The computer inside this lab is much much better than those in MMU.Luckily we have the chance to use the computer. Since there isn’t any task assigned to us,therefore we use the computer to find some information which is relates to our jobs and of course we definitely fully utilize the facility!:P and this is the reason why you are able to read this entry.

If you believe that I am actually working in a computer lab,then you are totally wrong.Proceed to the next photo then you will know why.

The War Room

This is the place where I will stay for the next thirteen weeks.Well,I cannot tell much about this room as this consider the confidential information and also I am not suppose to post the photo as well.So,please pray for me so that none of the staff get the chance to see this entry,else I will be in big trouble.

This is the computer I am using

For those sitting inside the office,you will absolutely understand how important the chair mean to us.Without a comfortable chair,it is a tremendous challege to stay inside the office for more than 8 hours a day.

The Lovely Chair provided by Maxis

Me in Formal

The thing that I study in the first week.

I should start my task from now on but don’t worry,I will still try my best to update my blog no matter how.If really no choice,I will drive 20 minutes to Sunway Pyramid and find a Starbuck just to update my blog,so,you guys must visit my blog always ya..*keke*


Jian said...

wah macam syok ler... got aircon got internet got nice fomfy seat...

btw the room looks eng tao ler..byk confidential ar? when u bek jz tell us secretly :P

kimfei said...

jian : problem..anything u wanna know just ask me personally...keke

niknurfaizah said...

hello faizah.i looking for internship in maxis at plaza sentral.but till today no body answer my call.i need to find the internship place asap.i'll start january.

miera said...

hai... looking for internship at maxis subang too. can u give me some experience intern at there?

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