Friday, October 19, 2007

The Age That I Wish To Go Back To

Ever watch the movie "Back to the Future"??Hmm..if you watched it,then you might get the idea how to travel over time instead of over place.Have you ever wonder if time can be turn back??Which age would you like to be travel to??For me,I really wish to back to the age where I still study in secondary school.I guess thats the most enjoyable ages so far till now..

During secondary school life,I feel very proud to be a scout.Since Form 1 until Form 5,I am working so hard to get those badges which means a lot to a scout.Even though the process isn't easy at all,some says it is tremendously tough,but I still enjoy in doing it.

Through out all the test that we need to complete in order to get the badges,I 've experienced to camp in school,and more extreme in the jungle and the most challenge is inside the "paya".Besides,I also join a lot of Jamboree,some is local level and some is international level.

During these 5 years,I've experienced a lot,learn a lot and know a lot of friend.....and the main reason out of all these is I really wish to back to this age so that I could have the chance to prepare and sit for the test to be a King Scout.I had miss the chance to take the King Scout test as it is held 1 week after my SPM is such a regret moment for me..

So..anybody can create a time machine for me??Aiks..I guess no at least for now..well,even though it is just a tag assign by yung but I really appreciate it,it makes me think a lot..recall a lot..and also remind me about how tough I am during secondary school.(at least is thinner than now)

Now,I would like to tag:~
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The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Colleen wishes to go back to age 23 to spend more time with mama.
宝茹 wishes to go back to age 4 to start everything all over again.
YuinYin wishes to go back to age 21 and 9 months to relive the short happiness with *K.
Jian aka Miao wishes to go back to age 20-21 so he can be slimmer again.
kimfei wishes to go back to age 13-17 to experience once more for the scouting life.

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