Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kuala Lumpur One Day Trip

Last Saturday,my hometown’s friend came to Kuala Lumpur to change his car’s engine.I had been meet them up at Mid Valley around 1 something. The first thing that we gonna do is to fill up our stomach first.I am so hungry since I didn’t have anything for my breakfast.We go to a bistro which is not reside in Mid Valley but somewhere between the Mid Valley and The Gardens(the new building block opposite Mid Valley).The restaurant is at the corner lot, named Prince Bistro.For the Chinese name,you may see it from the photo.

Prince Bistro

This bistro is some how alike as the Kim Gary.Majority of the food is based on Hong Kong style.I am so sorry as I can’t post any of the food’s photo over here b’coz all the photo are blur due to my hand keep shaking…hehe.I think I am too hungry already…*paiseh*paiseh*

After the lunch,we go shopping in The Gardens.This is my first time visit since it open a month ago.What I can say is,it is not really suitable for people like me..You know why..oh man..when I first step into the building,I can feel how high class is the place.The first thing I saw is the branded handbang like Prada,Gucci and LV…there is no way I will spend a sen over here,my friend even say that if don’t have credit card,then really no point to shop inside there.

After a while,all my friend decide to go to another newly open shopping complex near Bukit Bintang there,The Pavillion.The Pavillion is at least better than The Gardens.Here is some snap shot inside The Pavillion.

View from Main Entrance of The Pavillion

View from Top

Inner Design

Another shot

The first time taking photo inside a shopping complex

At the night time,my friend say he wan to bring her girlfriend to the Eyes On Malaysia..oh my..can you imagine,I actually visit this place just a week ago together with my family and now I am going again with my friend..*sigh* choice lor since I am not the driver.Of course,I wouldn’t want to waste my time to queue up for the Gondola rides or just wait at the café there,I have take the opportunity to snap some photo from different view with my camera,but sadly to say,I forgot to bring along my tripod as I am going out by the KTM Komuter.All the photo is not up to my expectation.It is tremendously hard to snap the twilight photo without tripod especially when I need to set it to slow shutter.Here is some of the photo..the quality is so so only..I think I shall go there again together with my tripod..hehe..

Far view by my camera FZ8

Far view by my Phone Camera

Close View(You all keep seeing this for two weeks d hor..keke)

The result of Slow Shutter

My friend Gi Chuan with his girlfriend,Shi Pei

After they finish the rides,we heading to Sungai Long to find my another friend who study at the UTAR there.He bring us to the Cheras Selatan Jaya Jusco around 11pm…You must be thinking..what the…..all the shopping closed already,whats for going there during such hours??We actually going to sing karaoke at the Green Box which is inside the Jusco.This is the second time I been visit there.What I have to say is the package is quite worth only during the weekdays.Don’t ever go there during weekend,it is fxxking expensive!!Since we already pay for the money,so better don’t waste it.The package include the supper buffet,drinks,tidbits and also the room till 3 am which all together cost around RM40 per person.

Don't misunderstood,I won't kill people for only RM 40++,this is the Halloween Festival Deco inside the Green Box.

When we come out from the Green Box,it is 3am in the morning.One of my friend suggest to go Putra Jaya to walk walk..I am the first one to agree because I rarely have chance to hang out with this gang of friend,we must not waste our time on sleeping ma..must play till the max.

When people play till 3am in the midnight,I guess many of them already out of their mind.Look at my friend and what they have done..I couldn’t believe that at all.They cam whoring around,some even lie at the middle of the road,but for sure I am not that crazy like them,because I am so busy with my camera.*ngek*ngek*

Don't Be Shy la..

This is the reason why you never ask ppl don't be shy..oh

The Leng lui Jessy from UTAR

My Friend Cheng Yong and Shi Pei

The Sleeping Beauty at the middle of the road

Hoi..siao arr..You think The Terminator return mer..Terminator come in naked ..OK!!

I am busy with my camera

This is another chance for me to test my camera but again,I am lack of tripod to aid me for the photo shooting,so I have no choice but to find those obstacle that can hold my camera still..hehe..The process is quite funny lor..I have tried on the hood of the car,the chair beside the lake,the gate which is round in shape..anything just to make sure I can hold my camera still for the shuttle that takes around 8 second,and here is the outcome of it.Nice or not??

Shot from the Hood of the Car

The Most Satisfy Photo I have take throughout whole night(Aperture F8.0,Shuttle 8s,ISO 100,EV 0)

I guess I should end at here since I am blogging during my working hours.I shall not do my thing even though I am so free,but it is such a dilemma as I remember my tutor, Jason tell me that we must pretend that we are very busy even though we are very free,what do you think??


mapo said...

wahsai..blogging while working a!so geng..hahah

生番薯 said...

when u go shopping ah??now should be working de woh...

Mariuca said...

Hi Kim Fei, looks like u guys had FUN! Btw, I tagged u! :):):)

kimfei said...

mapo : are the person who teach me do like this oo..don't forget ya..kaka

生番薯 : i already mention last weekend ba...last weekend not yet start work ma..else where got time oo..

mariuca : hmm..can say so is really hard to gather together as some of us separate at different places..I will do the tag shortly..

adyla said...

hey the pixxy are nice...
btw u look like u loss quite a pounds there...
slim man

kimfei said...

adyla : wahh...true or not..serious arr??I will be very happy to hear that u know..keke

jijitankyy said...

The pavillion is huge!
Next time must pay a visit to it.

yung . said...

the last pic is very impressing! and it's so nice to be able to blog during work.. Envy nia..

kimfei said...

jijitankyy : is damn huge..i think you can walk there for the whole day..

yung : yea...I like it so much..some more didnt use any tripod..just support by the pagar you got ur streamyx ler..its time for me to envy u liao...