Monday, October 27, 2008


What do you think when you see the title of this post?You must be thinking oh shit KimFei trying to fool us again right..I wonder how many Non-Thai can really speak the words out loud..Well,as what I say in my previous post,this is a very famous temple where the Sleeping Buddha living in it..Also,there is one historical building in this park as well..


Here is the sleeping is quite different from the one you see in Bangkok..the most significance difference is the color of the statue..She is in white color while the one in Bangkok is in Gold..


As I said,there is a very tall buidling in this park..


Before you enter the that area,you will see this statue..the Laughing Buddha..correct if I am wrong..the special thing is you can see there is pig statue beside the Buddha..I wonder do I have the chance to see such thing in Malaysia?


Of course since we are in the area where everyone is so into the religious,so the thing you can see around here is statue..statue and again statue of Buddha..


I wonder how long does all these Buddha Statue being placed over here..because they looks realy aging..



View from the top of the building..


This is also one of the reason why you should stay over night at Ayuthaya because if you going for a one day trip,you will visit this place around noon time and I tell you the weather is freaking see how "hangus" I am then you may judge my word and think twice..


Next will be the very last post of my Bangkok entry..afterward there will be load of photo to come..muahahaha....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ayuthaya ~ The Ancient City of Thailand

Let's continue with my Bangkok post..on another weekend while I stay at Bangkok,I had joined a day trip to the ancient city of Thailand, Ayuthaya.This is a very famous place because the it used to be a main province for the king of Thailand.

So,the bus depart from Bangkok around 7.30 am in the morning and it tooks around 1 and a half hour to reach the Ayuthaya Province.Actually I am quite regret for joining the 1 day trip because I should stay there for few days..wondering why?The place is so much different compare to the faboulous night life that you got in Bangkok or is so peaceful over here..and it did makes people feel comfortable and relax..Anyway, here are some of the photo that I took during the is kind of rush as we only allow half an hour to explore the place and I can tell you that it is not even enough for you to visit one of the site..

First,we reach a Sitting Buddha Temple which is located just beside of the ancient site..



Here is the first view when you enter the site area..



this is the place where the building collapse..




A little bit like what I saw in Bali..the Hindu style..


and lastly...the one that I most satisfy with from all the photo that I took..


Shall continue next on another site of the Famous Sleeping Buddha..till then..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KLPF Fujifilm Model Shooting Contest

Just allow me to have a short break from my Bangkok posting,I had visitted the KLPF on the last Saturday together with Monkey Hao and Jian aka Miao.Please forgive me for the lack of information regarding the event because I also not so clear about that.The only thing that I know is there are a lot of seminar by those professional photographers.

Other than that,there is a model photo shooting contest organise by Fujifilm as well.Hmm..I didn't submit any of my humble shot because this is my first ever model shoot and I can say that I am like a noob in front of all those pro photogs who holding those L lens with big big flashgun.

So here are some of my noob shot of the day..C&C are always welcome..even though I know not much people going to leave me a comment...I shall resume on my Pattaya post after this...
















Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pattaya ~~>Coral Island

On that night,we also went to The Street,which is very famous with its night life.At here,you can find all kind of bar,club,AGOGO,Massage,Gay Bar,anything you named it.Too bad I didn't have chance to go in any of it because none of my colleague wanna go along with sad..



On the next morning,we plan to have a visit to the Coral Island,where you need to ride motorboat for about half an hour to reach.Before you reach the island,normally the boat will take you to a platform where you can play this..


Not clear enough..all right,you can play this..but it is kinda expensive for 1 round..


These are my colleague from other country,some from Vietnam and some from Philipine.


At the Coral Island,you can do all kind of water sports,go for Banana Boat,or Scuba Diving.For your information,you can also wear like an Astronout and walk under the sea but again it is very very expensive.


This is the view of the Coral Island beaches.Taken when I ride motor to a special place in the Island.Why is it so special, there,you can play the realy gun by paying some money for the bullet.Not believe me?Check this out..


You can choose many type of gun,some I din't even able to name it.



Thanks to my previous experience on playing the Archery,I am able to hit the target and got 1 head shot..muahaha


Of course not this type of head shot la..
On the Island,you also can found some ancient temple which built ages ago..



and this is the newly build temple..




Other than all these activity,you can also rent a chair at the beach side,and enjoy the sunshine with a coconut on hand..but the sad thing is this island is no way compare to Bali,you can hardly found those hot chicks at the beach but you can find this...


and thats the reason why I prefer shoot on something like this..


hehe..better than those on uncle in their hot suit,right?kekeke...coming up next will be some photo of the ancient city of Thailand.Stay tune..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pattaya ~~>Alcazar

After visiting the Sriracha Tiger Zoo,we continue our journey to Pattaya.I think I need not to explain where is Pattaya and how the place is since you can simply google about it.For short, it is a place that full of "entertainment" and also "trap".Don't got cheated by your eyes on what you looking at because 90% it is a trap and when you realize the truth,you gonna vomit along the whole street for the rest of the day..Too deep for you guys to understand?Check it out by yourself and you will know what I mean..

On that night,we went for one of the most popular show in Pattaya,Alcazar,the popular cabaret show in Pattaya.If you guys got the chance to visit Pattaya,this is the one that you shouldn't miss or you can go for Tiffany Show as well since they are categorized as same genre.

Here are some photo that I took during the show.Oh ya..forgot to tell that I got the VVIP ticket for this show from my agent and I was seated at the first row so you can imagine how tempting is that if they are "girl" just enjoy the photo ya and hope you guys love it..







Ya..becareful of this bombshell,because in every show,she is going to come down from the stage and choose some one to actually enjoy the bomb and that day I just got lucky because she choose me,but thank god my Crumpler camera bag save my day since the bag is blocking her from kissing me..muahahaha..and pity on my friend who sat beside me because he is the next victim.




Coming shot is my of the best that I what do you think?





Also,you can took picture with all these dancer after the show..but don't forget to pay them some tips after you took photo..



So,how is all these ice cream that I treat you guys?Do you guys love it..muahahaha...