Monday, October 29, 2007

First Gathering @One Utama

Last Saturday,the Tele Gangz members who doing their internship at Kuala Lumpur area had been gather at One Utama.This is the first gathering and there are still a lot doesn't shown up.Some of them can't make it because have to accompany girlfriend,some is working during Saturday and some going back to Melaka but still we are having fun.It is not easy to gather especially at Kuala Lumpur where everywhere is traffic jam.

At first,we set our time to gather at One Utama around 2 pm but I am the one who come late but I would say thats not my fault as there are too many reason that cause me late.Sorry to make you guys wait for me and I am very hungy too.Without further wasting of time,we head to "Wong Kok"Restaurant once I reach there.Another apologise from me b'coz I forgot to take the photo of the food as well since I hungry till totally forget about it.

Here is the group photo of Tele Gangz + CE(She is not from Computer Electronics but her name is See Yee)in "Wong Kok"Restaurant...

After that,some of us choose to go shopping and some go for bowling.I've been follow to the bowling centre.Well,it is not really worth to play during weekend and whats make thing worst is the lane that we are playing keep got problem..really feel frustrated,next time we shall gather at Sunway Pyramid then can play bowling at better centre...*keke*

After the bowling session,we went to SS2 for our dinner.There is a long street full with all kind of food,anything you want to eat,you can get it from there but of course you can't compare to those high class air conditioned restaurant lor.That street is known as "Wai Se Gai" in cantonese.

At night,Woonlee and Hui Li are joining my hometown friend to visit the Eyes On Malaysia. @.@I really speechless when I heard my friend say he want to bring his girlfriend to Tasik Titiwangsa there..*omg *Orz

I nearly bang my head to the,this is the third visit in three continuous weekend.Can you imagine that arr??It is not that I like the place so much,these three visit is because my family,my friend,and my friend's girlfriend yet to visit there so I just accompany them.So don't think that I am so crazy about this place and trust me,there is nothing much just the nice view during night time.

So,while waiting for my friend's turn for the gondola rides,I am just use my camera to shoot around to kill the time.While Woonlee the first time visit fellow don't want to queue up for the rides,may be she scared qua..any unknown phobia may be...hehe

I hope you guys won't vomit when you see the picture.This is the third time I post the photo about the Eyes on Malaysia..The only lucky thing is I drive today,thats mean I have my tripod with me,so the photo is kinda steady if compare to the previous one.

Woonlee and Me

Different angle view of the Eyes

KLCC at Far Far Away

The Steady Still Eyes

Special Effect by utilizing the shuttle speed

The Group Photo

Front row from left : Ya Si,me and Woonlee

Back row from left : Huai Yi,Siang heng,See Yee and Hui Li

We really having fun for the first gathering.For those who can't make it to join us,we will try to find a more suitable time so that more people can join us and another thing I would like to say is we are actually planning to go Genting Highland during November time,who ever want to join us please inform any of the Tele gangz member.


mapo said...

so nice..hhaa
i very happy tat day ler..
thanks for coming for gathering and thanks for bringing me to eye on malaysia...
when onli can i get the photo?

kimfei said... many thanks...treat me makan nice food la..haha

-SaMYP- said...

so gathering...tele still rockzz

kimfei said...

haha..sure la..tele gangz long live!!next week gonna rockzz again...

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