Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Weekend @Beverly Heights Kuala Lumpur(updated)

I had been missing for the last few days because my ADSL modem provided by the TM-net is not functioning,today it the third day and I still the person-in-charge still yet to come to exhange the modem...scrXX them...Now I am online by "borrowing" those kind people's wifi.Thanks to them,I will utilise the service wisely..hehe..

Last weekend,during the first day of Aidilfitri,the whole family of mine went to Kuala Lumpur early in the morning to pay a visit to my uncle's house at Beverly Heights.Besides,my other relatives also going to their house,hence,it is like a family day for my mother's side.

As you all know,in Malaysia,during any public holiday or especially during the Raya celebration,the citizen in capital like Kuala Lumpur,Johor Bahru will rush back to their kampung for the celebration which cause traffic jam in the highway.This year it is still the same,it is no more the highway but more favour call as "slowway".Luckily,these phenomenon only happen to those coming out from Kuala Lumpur.

We reach there around noon time.After taking a break,my parents and others went out for shopping.I think the only activity in Kuala Lumpur will be SHOP.I don't like shopping,therefore,I am the one who stay in the house to be the "children"sitter,help my uncle look after his 3 naughty sons.
The Three Brothers


I still remember when I was a small kid at age of 5,this is the uncle who punish me,and now is his turn to have this 3 naughty monkeys.What I have to say is I am totally lose compare to their level of naughtiness.The eldest is still acceptable but the youngest,grhhh..I hardly to hold my temper on him.

The eldest is still consider normal,just that he is very annoying,keep asking question related to money..He always ask,"How much is your handphone arr?".."How much is your lappie oo?"..he even ask about my watch.."How much is your watch oo??Need two hundred??Who buy for you oo?"...such question and if you didn't answer him,you can't concerntrate on what you are doing cause he will keep babbling...

While the second one is only in the second year of Primary School.You will never believe in such age kid will be a super fan of TVB Drama Series.When he knew I brought my lappie along,he nonstop asking me to show him the latest drama"Mens don't Cry".When I say no,he even try to "hijack" my lappie..*scare*scare*...

The youngest which is also the most naughty monkey among the three.I also afraid of him.He dare to keep kicking my ass in his house and guess what,this is just the small case!!He even dare to pull up my shirt when we are having lunch at the Ikeano there.It was so embarassing as so many people looks at my bare back,when you scold him,he takes nothing,he don't even realise you are going to get mad on him..*speechless*For god sake,I only need to face them once a while.

During the day in Kuala Lumpur,I have been visit the Ikeano,The Curve,Petalling Street and lastly Eye On Malaysia.
Sunday morning,my uncle bring the whole bunch of us to IKEA near Damansara there.My uncle told me that IKEA won't be crowded even during public holiday because it shows only furniture ma..*sigh*am I that easily to get bluff..Since I heard that won't be crowded,then I just follow lor..who knows when we reach there..oh my.."people mountain people sea"...the people pack inside is even worst than the saddine in the can.

I found this at the entrance to Ikeano.Looks not bad huh..I really wish I could have a rack to place these display bottle...

After the window shopping at IKEA,we head to The Curve which is just at the opposite site of IKEA.

Outside view of The Curve

Inside The Curve

During evening time,we accompany my grandfather to the Petalling Street since he wish for so long time.Now,my grandfather cannot walk anymore,because of diabetes,and one of his leg is cut till the the knee cap there,therefore,he is on wheelchair everywhere we go.I think he must be very excited to go Petalling Street after these so many years.

At nights,we went to the Eyes on Malaysia at Tasik Titiwangsa there.Too bad for me cause I forgot to bring along my camera.When we reach there,it just start raining,bad timing hor..but then since my parents and my relatives that from Johor Bahru never ride the gondola before,hence I wait them at the lakeside since I already ride once together with my girlfriend.

Eye on Malaysia in purple-ish colour

View from the Tasik Titiwangsa

Actually not much to write about for this trip,it is just an ordinary "eat-drink-play-and enjoy" style..Tomorrow I am going to Kuala Lumpur to settle down for the coming industrial training lo..Hopefully can get any free WIFI signal from the place I staying ..else I could hardly to online..till then..


mapo said...

hahha..will miss u de..
so nice can stay v cj them..
take care o in kl..
update bout ur working life..haha

kimfei said...

mapo : hehe...blek....find us more often lor..keke

生番薯 said...

so naughty those kids...haha...giv me...i will cry in front of them...sure they will scared...and dare not touch u anymore

kimfei said...

生番薯 : haha..i cannot cry la...more embarassed to me.

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