Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Memoirs of Alpha Year

Good morning sunshine,it is such a refresh after a nice rest eventhough i haven't finish my slide.hehe..Normally the first thing that I do after I wake up is to check on my lappie.Hmm..today early in the morning got a great gift from Alex,LOL,tag by him.Last night before I sleep I just browse through *~aikosumomo~*'s blog about this tag.It is kinda fun look at those Alpha year photo.They really did change a lot.

Well,for me,Alpha year is the most enjoyable year in MMU life.The whole Alpha year,I always stick with my Alpha Group 6 members,but too sad is we seldom take photo for that.Hence,I decided to add in some Beta and Gamma photo.I just want to share share the memories that I had with my buddies,so,don't be so strict of it ,ok.

This is the photo that i choose after I dig here dig there.Here comes the photo : ~

The first thing came in my mind for Alpha is the Drama Presentation.
The lady is our group Leader,Ah Meng

Look at the fancy costume.

Our big boss with his follower.

Look at the cop.haha,he did get attracted by the G-Cup.

This is the photo taken after the social work for don't know what subject.

Here comes the girl members.Is is not that we didn't take photo together.Just the group photo is a bit blur.So I separate it to two.

Group Six all members group photo.

This photo taken end of Alpha year if I not mistaken.We went to Pandai Kundur one day trip.hehe..thats really fun.

Here comes the hottest hunks in town..muahaha

hehe,ShauLin 9 LUOHAN is here.

Taken during Tanglung festival.

I think this is the latest reunion of the group 6 members.So far,this is the most updated group photo that i had.

I don't have much time to upload more photo.So this is it.Hopefully can at least let you know how I look like during Alpha year la..haha,not much changing right??aiks..The moment without exam,fyp,assignment is really fun,but too bad now I have to continue with my FYP presentation slide already.Last flow chart to go.
Thats all for now and here is the 5 ppl that I gonna tag.


hao said...

Waa... dunno where I put the photo d... must dig first

kimfei said...

haha..slowly dig la..no rush

Simyian said...

Hi Kim Fei,

I must say i enjoy looking at those picture which gives us the nostalgic feeling.

i'm glad to be in the same group with you for the drama presentation. Erm~ i just realize i did not even have a single pic on our drama and those pics for the social service also. Can send to me?

Good Luck in your Fyp

kimfei said...

Of course no problem,but there plenty of it,may be you can pass me your pendrive or wat to store it.

adyla said...

nice picture..
bet you are one of the mmu"ans

kimfei said...

yes i am..lol..