Saturday, September 22, 2007

~Relax Moment~

At first I didn't plan to come back to Segamat this weekend,but,due to certain unforeseen reason,I have to come back eventhough the final exam is just less than 8 days from now.As what I always say,"Sometime you find good thing in the most unlikely places",but today I have to say "You may find good thing in the most unlikely timing as well".This weekend is definitely not the suitable time for me to meet some old friend and hanging around but since I make myself back to Segamat,hence,I should just let it be what will it be lor.

Some more this friend is a bit special,she is the one that help a lot when I want to tackle my english is so call matchmaker.So,early in the morning,we(me and my gf) go out to have breakfast with her since she is going back to JB in the afternoon.The breakfast is not the main point,the main point is she coming back together with her newly bought Shih Tzu.So,after the breakfast,we go to her house to visit the little puppy.Here come the picture of it.

Don't worry,I am not that blur.This is the rabbit that she bought long time ago.The supporting character to the main cast.~hehe~This rabbit is the Daddy rabbit,u may notice its size..overweight..~fainted~It got a really big tummy but it is really cute.

When I say Daddy rabbit,there must be Mummy Rabbit as well.The mummy looks a bit depressed.My friend say the mummy just gave birth to three little naughty rabbits.Here are the three little baby.

There three baby are only 1 month old,but look at their size,they really grow up fast as my friend say when they just born,their size is even smaller than the palm size.Look at the white brownish little girl,she has the pretty color fur just like her mummy while the other two gentle "rabbit" have the same fur colour as their daddy.According to my friend,the rabbit can get pregnant by just let both the male and female stare at each other.This is the first time I heard of such thing,not sure about how true is it or my friend just cheat me..heheShe claims that the daddy and mummy rabbit is live in different cages but the mummy still get pregnant.Anybody know how could it be ar?

Acting cool in front of the camera
At last,seduced by the vege~~~Yummy Yummy~
You may think that the other two gentle "rabbit" is so kind enough to let the lady to have the vege but you are wrong,that two monster already filling their tummy full with the food and getting sleepy actually.
~Enjoy the drink and have a nap later~

After visit the rabbit's family,here come the main character of the day,the little Shih Tzu~QQ.

~QQ just 4 months old~

~QQ with the pinky bell tied on her neck~
This little puppy is very clever.Once you sat on the floor,she will come to you and climb into the place where both your leg fold.The warmest place for her i think.
Play around with this little puppy and my friend ask this puppy show a lot of stunt~lol~ I would say amazing

Finally can enjoy the snack..haha

Sigh,I feel so envy,I would like to have one too..ish,but my family just not allow since I am a small kid.And now,its about time going to work,want to get one also very hard to take care liao..sigh..


mapo said... cute ler..furry furyy..
my xiao hei no fur..

adyla said...

wah so cute one...
QQ so nice lor...
and rabbit too..
i think ur frend joke only bout that staring thingy..
cant be...
if u find da truth tell me k??
kimfei gege..

kimfei said...

i also wondering is she joking to me...need those professional to give comment.haha

Myron said...

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