Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mooncake Festival

Hereby I would like to wish all my friends,whoever drop by to my blog,HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL.It is just too bad as this year we cannot celebrate the festival since it is so unfortunately falls on our mmu-ian study week.Everybody is busy doing revision for the final exam and most of them camping whole day in the library.So,I also write less as I have no time for this as well.Here are some photo of the creative project of the lantern competition from my hometown Segamat which I able to catch up the celebration at there last weekend.

I only choose few of it as there aren't any attracting project.

I think is not cute at all.Feel creepy instead.

This is just an ordinary tanglung.Nothing special lor..

This one still consider Ok,at least the shape is different..lol

Among all,this is my favourite.Very creative and beautiful instead.(My opinion la)

Cutie Tweety Bird

This one looks like a vase.I think its initial design is a pineapple qua

Winnie The Pooh.My girlfriend always say my nose is just the same as the Pooh.sigh..same mer??

At last,wish those who going to sit for final exam,Good Luck and enjoy camping in library ya.I always camp in my room only..so not much different.


mapo said...

haaap mooncake fastival~
sien ..no bbq no celebration this year..
btw, u wan mooncake o not?

kimfei said...

i ate a lot d lor..but then if u wan bring for me, i also wan ge...haha

adyla said...

got lil bit same...
love that cutie bird really...

生番薯 said...

happy mooncake festival!!!

kimfei said...

adyla : actually there are a lot participants but the lantern all so so only.last year de very nice..

生番薯 : same to you..