Friday, September 14, 2007

My Birthday Gift~~Panasonic Lumix FZ8

At the very first place,I would like to thank all my friends for the birthday wishes and especially for those who come out and celebrate with me at the Juice Mamak there.I am very happy especially most of you still celebrate with me in such critical moment when everybody are busy with the assignment.

While the second thing I need to mention is related to the Japan Open Super Series 2007.It is a disappointed news for me,sadly I have to tell you all that all the players from Malaysia that playing in Round 2 are being eliminated except the Men's Single,Lee Chong Wei able to make it to Quarter Final.Again,disappointed result from KKK & TBH when they lose to the Indonesian pair 21-19,21-19.Sigh,such a waste!!

All rights,forget about the sad news.Here come the good news,at least to me.I finally got the prosumer camera that I order from is my birthday present that I buy for myself and of course my girlfriend going to sponsor some on it.At first,I thought I will able to receive it during my birthday but who knows the dealer tell me that they need to find the stock since I request the black color version of the camera.

Actually,I didn't expect I will receive it by 13 Sept since that day is public holiday for Malacca state.Hence,I am quite sad lo because that means I need to wait for another one.Then around 11 something in the morning of the "public holiday",while I still busy answer haven7 question about the assignment,somebody is horn outside the house.I am like get shock and keep thinking,would it be??would it be??Yesh,it would be when I spot the Pos Laju van from the window.This is just too nice for me.

All right,I know,crap too much already,but I am just too happy for it,so forgive me ya.Here is some picture of the camera that I ordered.

Panasonic Lumix FZ8 in the box

Package Content : Panasonic DMC-FZ8, Battery, Charger, Lens Cap, Lens Hood & Adapter, Strap, AV Cable, USB Cable, Software CD, User Manual

Beautiful Angle Look

Front View

Side View

Back View

View with Flashlight

View with Lens Hood & Adapter

This prosumer camera is equipped with 7.2 Megapixel Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens with 12 X optical zoom.The detail specification of this camera can be found at this websites.Actually I still don't have chance to try on it because I just finish charging the battery and there are too many manual mode that I need to know before I can actually take the good quality picture by using this camera.So,be patience for the outcome of this camera ya.

I think should be enough for today,feels so tired.Guys and gals,thanks again for the birthday wishes and celebration.Good Nights!


mapo said...
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Sean said...

crap! 1 nice gear u hav there.

- Jeannette - said...

woot a prosumer camera wo~ I got 2 of those camera but got bored to it already... too bulky and ma huan...

wah mapo u dare say yung n fenn camera lao yah a?? Her camera drop 100 times also can take good pictures.. dat's call geng!! Hmmm.. where is ur camera ler?

yung . said...

Wahaha kimfei when free can lend me play play ornot oh.. hehe but I think I am still not ready for this BIG toy lah, too big for my pocket and wallet liao..

Still very curious on the combination of 72x zoom, really wanna try it wahhhaa!

mapo you know taking a nice pic needs not only a good camera but also great skills oh, sadly you have none. And if you want effects, go back use photoshop edit got liao lor.. want fireworks la, black n white pic la what also got. Hahaha

mapo said...

wah jeannette u shoot me back o?haha..i no nee camera N73 enuf for me liao..i m not pro blogger wat..haha

shifu, i comment 2d time liao..

kimfei said...

mapo : don't say like that la..different camera have different usage,some more ah yung just buy a new 1, u ask him throw away mer...

sean : yeah.I think for more than 1 month just finaly make the decision le...a gear that i think for long long time finaly got it

- Jeannette - : this is the first for me,hehe,b'coz i wanna learn those manual setting,tats why i buying this instead of the normal compact digital which cannot do those aperture setting.Compact digicam is very convenience in term of the shooting mode and its size but since my handphone can take those picture liao,hence i go for tis prosumer loo..hehe

yung : sure no problem,when i free we go jalan jalan and take photo la..haha..wan learn how to use all tat setting,actually it is not tat big also compare to the DSLR category.Eeee,yung ar,mapo just too happy only,dun shoot her gao gao la..kesian her

mapo said...

lol..after see shifu's reply i onli saw yung got shoot me -_-"
dun shoot me la..
i dun hav cham..
skill oso dun hav..i know u all pro la..hahha..

yung . said...

Waahaha shoot liao shuang shuang!

Stephanie_yinG said...

wow..i hope to own one osso ler..Hahaha...berepa lu beli arr?

kimfei said...

stephanie_ying : consider quite cheap if compare to the market price,i buy from

Eugene said...

Haha... I stumbled upon your blog. Good cam with image stabilization that helps with zoom. Can I poison you to switch to Canon after this? :D

Manual takes time to learn. Took me years to understand stuff. Shoot in Aperture mode first lar. Quite easy to grasp things after that.

Cheers and happy taking photos.

kimfei said...

eugene : hey,thnx for the advice,u wan poison me into canon oo..haha,i would like to just tat no money for that,at least for now la,and yalo,i find it quite hard to do the aperture setting,still learning the theory of it,lol,i think this is really experience base,the more u capture,the more u learn

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Anonymous said...

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