Monday, September 24, 2007

Sonija Kwok & Roger Kwok Chun On are in the Town~video~

As what I promise earlier,these are some of the video clips that I take during the game session.There are 3 gaming session in total but I only shoot on 1 category only.Here are the interesting part of it.

Game Instruction :
The first person in the row need to look at the title and try to deliver the message from the title to the next person until the end of the row.The last person is required to tell what's message is delivered.

The sound of this video clip is very slow,so increase the volume of your speaker a bit to hear clearer voice.

The first clip : 地上拾到宝,问天问地拿不到 This clip is the demo how the game is play.Notice the guy stand in the middle,he is the Pirated VCD seller in the "Tai jor lar" Astro Commercial.

Second Clip : 黄飞鸿牙擦苏,耍太极劈西瓜(Part 1) Sonija is in action in this clip.Enjoy~

黄飞鸿牙擦苏,耍太极劈西瓜(Part 2)

Third Clip : 肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 1) In this clip,Kwok Chun On is in action.They are really funny.

肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 2)

肥婆穿性感短裙,靓仔看到眼金金(Part 3)

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