Sunday, September 30, 2007

Philosophy of Magic Cubes

You may wonder, come Kimfei suddenly become so serious..talking about philosophy over here.Nope,this is not my philosophy,it is come from a magazine -Feminine.

Whats?!!?Again..yeap,it is Feminine or in chinese "Feng Chai".Many people would think that this is a magazine for girls but I may say you are wrong.There are plenty of information with different kind of variety,and it is still adding more categories into it.While i read this latest published,I found this article which I think quite interesting to share with since majority of us is going to work very soon.

Here is the story,actually it will be more interesting in dialogue form.

So let
A-Big Boss of It Company
B-friend's of A

One day,when A is outstation to B's place,A invites B for dinner so that they can gather around.
When B meet A in the hotel,B saw a young guy in front of A.The young guy is the one who want interview for the job offer in A's company.B saw that A is demostrating to the young guy a magic cubes and solve it on the spot,and then A ask the young guy to solve it.It is quite hard for a person who never play those magic cubes before.Hence,A tell the young guy to solve it within 3 days time,then the young guy leave.

After the young guy left,
B : A,this is the special question that you use for the interview?

A : Oh..this young guy have some supportive background,so I just can't abandon this job
request,hence,I ask him this question in order to know where to place him in my company.

B : Oh,now I see,but If that question is for me,I am not that clever though,I think most probably
I will unplug the magic cubes and arrange it in the correct order in the sense solved.

A : Haha,that will be great if he do like this,this at least show that he dare to do anything in
order to achieve the final goal,the Marketing Department is the place for him.

B : Hmm..what about the other solutions imply??

A : Nowaday,those kid never play magic cubes,I don't think he can solve it immediately.Let say,
If he paint 6 different colour on the cubes,this show that he is creative,can works in Software
Development Department.

B: Oh..what about if he can make it by this evening??

A : If he can do it before this evening,this show that he is a smart learner,it will be the best to
become my personal assistant.
If he can solve it before the end of the 3 days period,this mean he know a lot friend,his EQ is
very good,hence he is more suitable to Customer Service Department.

B : Good idea...

A : And if he manage to give me the solved magic cubes before I back to my company,this imply
he is very hardworking,and he can work for lower level software processing job.
And in case he give me back the magic cubes and admit that he don't know how to solve it.
This shows that he is a honest people,can work in the Financial Department.

B : What if he never come back?

A : If he never come back,what else you hope me to do?Surely I can do nothing what..

The second day,A and B meet again,

B : So,hows the magic cubes story goes??

A : haha...I already hired the young guy. This morning,he came to me,and pass back the solved
magic cubes to me.Guess what?He buy me a new one and tell me that he is not able to solve
after he try few times,so he decided to buy a new one,and this magic cubes is larger than
the previous one,and more smooth in turning as well.

B : Whats this imply then??

A : don't know??He is definitely have talent in doing pirated job.You know la.
There are a lot of software which also copy from others ,the name is different but serve the
same purpose,this young guy is very good in this for sure.

The End.

So what do you think about the meaning behind this??Although it is more like a joke,but, in my opinion,the thing that the boss say is quite true,every tiny act from us is implying something.So,lets start observe which part are you good in,in later time,we shall know better how to present ourselves during the interview.


mapo said...

i oso always read feng chai..
but they always say me y read this kind of magazine pulak
this is in the latest one isit?

生番薯 said...

i noticed something...u sure understand girls very well since u read feng chai

kimfei said...

mapo : haha..who say u always read this kind of magazine..we go psyco him/her..

生番薯 : u notice means u think i very understand girl or i will very understand girl??

yung . said...

I think i read this passage somewhere else before..

kimfei said...

yung : haha..u read feminine also is tis article quite interesting lor..

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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