Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

~dang dang dang ~dang~~~

Last week,when I doing the Genie tag from net,I have been invited to on board to the Magical Flying Carpet ride by the Genie Princess.Not long after,the Genie Princess requested if I can let the small little Genie Princess to fly around my blog and I am kind enough to do that as well.Hence,I have been awarded by the Genie Princess this "You Make Me Smile Award" since the little genie definitely happy to stay in my blog.

First,I would like to thank Genie Princess for the award and I would like to mention that,this is the first award that I receive since I start blogging,really appreaciate it,and it really light up my day and my blog too.Genie Princess,you make me smile too!!

Therefore,I would like to pass this award to my friends,who are busy studying for the coming final exam.Wish you all good luck and have a nice day!

I would like to dedicate the award to

woonlee(hope to make you smile with this award)

ck(your comment on chelsea tribute makes me smile)

miao(your comic strip light up my day)

yung(your retarded movement is never the end in my imagination)

adyla(hope you will happy with this award)


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