Monday, September 10, 2007

Surprise from My Family

Yesterday around 10 in the morning,my mum call up and saying that they will come to Melaka shopping and asking me to have dinner together.I feel so happy as I long time didnt see my parents and most important is I long time didnt go for dinner in the Chinese Restaurant.(always dinner at the MMU corner/fastfood) So,I am absolutely fine with their visit.

Around 10.35am,my phone ring again,this time is the sms.Yeap, our wunderkind ~ser tell us his taekwondo match is going to start soon but I just come out from the toilet and didn't prepare anything yet.haha..end up miss out his first match but luckily he make it to the second match and same to our friend,Luis as well.We really having fun watching the tournament.It is so exciting and the fans from MMU is really superb.hehe..At here,I would like to congrat ser again for the winning gold medal.I wait until the Grand Final end,then I straight head to fetch my girlfriend to join my family for dinner.

The restaurant is some where near the Ayer Keroh Height there.I am not so sure of that area.Then one funny thing happen cause my dad tell me that the restaurant name is "Fei Mau",then i keep looking for "Fei Mau" Restaurant but for sure I couldn't find it because the restaurant's name is "Fei Lee" Restaurant (Restaurant Lee) last found it.

Luckily without waiting for long period of time,the dishes are served.The special of this restaurant is it is HALAL as they are not selling pork.Here is the some of it.
This fish just look like the Pineapple.

The Taufu is never out of the list.
After finish the meal,here comes the surprise................

I am really surprise when I see the cake is served and another surprise is you can see that the cake there is written two people's name,one is mine and another one is my younger sister's name.Her birthday fall on 18 September.haha...what an early pre-celebration.I am so so so happy as my parents purposely come to Melaka to pre-celebrate my birthday eventhough it is not the day yet.I think they saw my post for my mum's birthday thing.haha..

This is my younger sister who is going to sit for the SPM in the coming November.Wish her all the best ya.

And at last,of course is the family photo la.hehe,really feel so so so happy.For those who had read my previous post of my family photo,here come the updated one.You can see my family member did change a lot especially both the younger brothers.

OK la..sorry for the long post.I am freaking frustrated b'coz i cant figure out how to draw my program flowchart for the presentation slide!sigh...let me relax relax a while..