Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aircraft Shooting @ LCCT Terminal

As what I always say,we must plan for everything when we want to do something even though there is great possibility that our plan didn't work.During the last Thaipusam,I plan to go LCCT Terminal to have a peak so that my plan will go don't know what is my plan?Make a wild guess..hints the title lor..

Yeap,I want to shoot the aeroplane, shoot the aeroplane with my camera,not "beat" the aeroplane with my hand..OK!!Actually,the purpose I went to there is to explore some place that I never been to as I am having the public holiday during my internship.Adhere,I shall thanks for my friend,See Mean for helping me to check out the nice spot that can shoot the aircraft when it landing and also tag along during the hot day.You guys can check the spot from wikimapia,somewhere around the LCCT Terminal.The only regret is we can't find the place to shoot the aeroplane when there take off.

So,we went there by my car,of course!Present you the Grandpa of Saga BLM, SAGA ISWARA.*LOL*I quite like this photo,as it shows how shining is my car...haha

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The moment we reach there,I really getting very excited as the aeroplane is really damn near to us.Not believe my words?Okay,judge it from the photos.I ddn't use zoom for the majority of the photo cause once you zoom,you only get partial of the plane.

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I use zoom for this photo as I shoot this at different spot.I just stand at the side of the fences.Not so nice,right?I am damn frustrated during that time cause it is really hard to shoot the aeroplane even when it is landing due to its high speed moving.

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The second advice is I suggest you guys to bring the binocular along.This is because you can check the coming aeroplane,judge it size and type then only you may decide at which spot you shout ready with your camera.For your information,there are many type of air craft and what's more important is the size of the aircraft.If you are standing too close,you can't capture the full view of the plane and vice versa.

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If you observe carefully,you will see the difference of the plane,their shape,their size and their wing.You need not worry there isn't any plane for you to shoot at cause according to my 1 time experience,you can shoot for more than 10 aircrafts within an hour.

Actually I am not really satisfy with the photo and I really wish to go for second time.To shoot it with a very nice angle is a very challenging task as you need to predict the size of the plane,the direction and the lane that it going to land on as there are two separate lane.Another advice is try to do the shooting during the early morning cause the lighting will be better.

So far,here is the only photo that I quite satisfy with.

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After the shooting session,I decide to pay a visit to Sepang F1 Circuit as it is just nearby to the LCCT Terminal.

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This is my first time to be here and during the time,there are some MOTO GP team is doing their early season testing.It is damn nice to hear the rawr of the engine,it is totally different from what you heard from the live cast through TV,totally different feel!I failed to get any photo of the motor cause they are just moving too fast and I am very lazy to find a good spot cause I am really exhausted after shooting the airplane under the hot poison sun.

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Hence,I only take some landscape photo and this is the one that I took when I am leaving.

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Next,I also don't know what will I going to blog about as I almost finish posted all the photo that I think I want to share with.May be you will see me babling again about my FYP,hopefully I won't,now feeling better already,try my best to cope with it.Have a nice day !!


Mariuca said...

Wow, pic number 2 is superb Kim Fei, I wonder what will be ur next photography shoot! ;)

kimfei said... arr..should be less time for that..busy about my final year project and

curryegg said...

I love all the photos that you took! Oohhh..... lovely! AirAsia... ;)

SilverIsle said...

Woah. Like the landscape shot! Teach me how to do it. Hehe.

ViaN said...

wah..!!!! so nice... using DSLR ???

kimfei said...

@curryegg,hehe..thnx MAS also offer cheap ticket ler..

@silverise,ohh..i just take few connect connect shots,then use the photostitch function to combine all together.

@vian,hehe..thnx ya..I am using the prosumer panasonic FZ8,still waiting to get my DSLR..hehe