Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve

The first thing that I would like to say is Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who did visit my blog recently. I hope all of you also win money while gambling ya..

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My mum bought the Gold Mouse to put it in my house and do you know what I tell her?I say then you better keep the “Money Making” Cat else all the gold mouse will run away..keke

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Throughout the whole Chinese New Year,I am just busy to hang around with my family,my old buddies,my friends,my classmates and of course my my dear and her family.

I guess most of the people also doing the same thing,gather with family member,having some gathering with old schoolmates and lastly gambling no day no night.If you are not doing this,then I really curious on what had you did for the whole Chinese New Year.

For today,I just having some time to edit some of the photo and hence I will update a little bit on what I have done during the Chinese New Year eve.

Chinese New Year Eve,everyone will having the dinner with the family member and so do I.I having my dinner at my grandmother house where all my uncles also there.For those who still don’t know me well,my father have 10 sisbling including himself.So,it is really a good chance to meet all my auntie uncle who came back from outstation.

So after the dinner,I am kinda boring while all the children are playing fire cracker out side the house.I used to like it but when I reach the age of 22,I just can’t force my ass from leaving the comfortable sofa.Hence,I taking some random photo of my family members..

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My dad and my Grandma..SAME POSE!!

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My creative photo again..haha..

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My mum,Youngest Bro,Wan Fei and My Youngest Sis,Phei Gie

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Phei Gie

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Elder Sis,Phei Szi

So far,these are the photo that I had edited.I am still quite busy gambling with my course mates and tomorrow I need to celebrate Valentine with my dear.So,stay tuned for more photos ya!!


yipguseng said...

wah!! wat's inside tat gold mouse???

leo said...

wah..ur little bro still as cute as last time..haha/..
ask him dun eat so much ar~~~

happy Valentine's day~

Nux V said...

ur family is FUN!

kimfei said...

@yipguseng, is empty..waiting for people to bring some money in ma..hehe

@leo,haha..he really eat a lot lor..

@nux v,hehe..thnx