Monday, February 4, 2008

Ming Jie's Birthday Outing

Last week is the first week for the new and also my last trimester before I end my degree course.I feel great and a little bit of weird feeling when I step into the lecture hall.You know,it is great to meet all the friends,coursemates and it is really weird to study in lecture hall after 3 months of working.

No matter what's the feel is,we already plan for the telegangz outing and also celebrate the belated birthday of our "dai ka jie" ,Ming Jie.

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Ming Jie

So,we went to the newly open Wong Kok Restaurant at Dataran Pahlawan for our dinner.The restaurant will be the smallest Wong Kok Restaurant that I ever seen after the 3 months in KL.Well,I can't expect much since Melaka is way too different from KL.What can we do in Wong Kok other than eating?Camwhore is really great to meet all of them after 3 months and the best is I got so many model to let me shoot...*muahaha*

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Random Pic 1

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Random Pic 2

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Blogger in action

Haha..this is some weird thing that I felt,no more DSLR from my eyesight when I back to Melaka..LOL

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Ah Jian in the screen

After the whole night of shooting,this is the only photo that I like the most.The kind of feel give me some idea.Sigh,I really suxx in taking People photo.

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My housemate

After the dinner, we went to Wings Music Cafe for our second round.Oh ya, I forgot to mention, there are 17 of us in total,consider quite a big gang but still,not all attend yet since some of them haven't back to Melaka and also some is not free.

Since they named it Music Cafe,there must be some one on stage to entertain us,right?This is the only photo that I shoot on them since my battery is running low!*damn me forgot to charge the battery*

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The Singers

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I don't know why I put this,but I like it

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Siao Luis in action!!

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Random Pic 3

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Random Pic 4

Sigh,Ming Jie is just too fair.One lesson for you guys,don't ever took a photo together with a much much fair people,that will only show people that you are dark,real dark.

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Ming Jie and Me

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I like this one too,seems natural!

At last,the group photo of the Telegangz~

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From left,
Back Row: Me,Wei Siang,CJ,Alex,Siti,SzeYing,Jap,s3r,Luis and Jian
Front Row: Nicole,Gik,Ming Jie,NianYou,Cunlynn,Yung and Woonlee

So,this will be the end of the post and I think I still able to post up another post before the Chinese New Year,anyhow,wish you guys Happy Chinese New Year in advance first,just in case and Gong Xi Fa Cai ya..


Huei said...


ur housemate so "san pei"! =P



yipguseng said...

aduhai~ really always so many cameras when go outing wan hoh :P

kimfei said...

@huei,"san pei"?what do you mean??
happy chinese new year to you too!!

@yipguseng,haha...not many photo de including mine only have 3 camera loo..keke

Mariuca said...

Kim Fei, seems like every weekend also got birthday party mah , u're so famous he he he!! :):):)

kimfei said...

@mariuca, uni ma..sure a lot friend bday de loo..keke..

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