Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I want Freedom!!

I really hope that I need not to face all these headache problem especially the Final Year Project.It is really gonna to kill me soon..real soon..How nice if I do not need to face all these but just the blue sky..I love blue sky..if blue sky plus the beautiful white sand beach..god..I am in heaven I tell you..

Too sad I don't have any free time to any beaches or islands and hence blue sky is the thing that can make me half in heaven.I took some of these photo during the last Thaipusam when I went to some where near LCCT terminal.

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Even though the route is still long,and I not even reaching the half of it..but with the blue sky as the destiny will definitely enlighten the journey.

Now,I gonna show you my most favourite photo so far,I don't know how you guys feel about it but I just like it..It really give me the relax feel,especially during this super tension period.

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How I wish I am the little caterpillar,worry about nothing,enjoy the breeze,swing on the grass,do nothing and just follow the wind and enjoy the blue sky at the same time...

Here is another shot of it.I just love the shot!!

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I think thats all for this temporary post.I shall do some more detail updates on what I capture during this outing at latter time.Hope you guys love the photo and comment are always welcome.The more the comment,then I only know where is the room for improvement else I will never sharpen my skill..right??


Huei said...

faster finish ur project..then u will have FREEDOM!! heheheh

psssssttt..dun look for job so fast. i looked too fast..never got to rest oso >.<

kimfei said...

@huei,i hope so lor..hopefully can finish it..else i really in deep shit ...

ViaN said...

wow... nice photo u have..!!!! great job..~~~

kimfei said...

@vian,thnx thnx..keke..