Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chinese New Year Outing

During the Chinese New Year,there is nothing that we can do if we are from some small town like Segamat.Basically,the only thing that you can do is yum cha,or gather at somebody's house gambling or go to friend's house "bai nian".There is nothing like watching CJ7 at cinema,or clubbing at Ruums,not even Pure Bar.

Did I mention there are some disco?Oh ya,there are some disco where you can shake your butt but normally these places are full of gangsta and "la la" boy or so call "Ah lian" and "Ah hui" which I not really like.Then there is another choice which is sing Karaoke at some KTV box where you can only order beer or liquor,other than that such as Coke,yeap,you can order but the price is about the same as the beer,it is up to you..

For my gang,things really getting bored when you already gamble for 3 days and hence we decide to go this Captain KTV to have some fun.When the time we reach there,I really feel myself like a "waterfish"..sigh..all the price is increase by 20% during Chinese New Year and there is no free room package which means you need to pay for the room as well as for the drinks itself.Thats sucks..but luckily there are about 13 people of us and hence the charges is still reasonable as we didn't drink too much.

I only manage to get some photos by using my phone camera as I left my camera at home.Here is some snapshot of my secondary school mates..

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Kee Lim the Rockz Stars..

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Tong Jian the Enjoy fellow,Kee Lim the poser and Gi Chuan the Mic Eater

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Kit Sheng,Cheng Yong,Me,Gi Chuan the Sucker and Tong Jian

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He is damn enjoy,didn't he??

Actually there are few more peoples but I didnt snap them since my phone camera flash is not that good also...

On the next day,my friend,Gi Chuan who bought a box of fireworks invites us to his house to enjoy the fireworks show.The show end very quickly since there is only 1 box of it and therefore I start to play around with my phone camera again..thats the thing that I will do when I feel bored and this is why you only able to see few photo of it cause most of the time I am busy talking and gambling..

The people that appear below is the gang that I normally hang out with at my hometown.They are my best buddies ever since Standard 3 in Primary School and the lucky part is we are all in the same class when we go to Secondary school until Form 4 but the friendship between us never change and I really treasure it a lot..Hope to see you guys soon..

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Kit Sheng and Annie

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Cheng Chan

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Gi Chuan

and I miss out my another friend,Cheng Yong,hence,the photo of him when we went to Green Box the other day..

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Cheng Yong

Basically thats all of the photo that I took during the Chinese New Year and Chap Goh Mei is coming,which means new year is going to end soon,and I,as a final year student,also need to fully concerntrate on my study as well as my final year project already..*sigh*Bless me for my FYP..till then~~See Ya..


yipguseng said...

notice one thing...90% of u guys wear specs and almost all of u have the same type of specs! lolz!

生番薯 said...

notice anything??the pic u with ur fren make me think of one thing...segamat only got one spec shop??how come everyone wearing the same spec?

kimfei said...

@yipguseng,that prove we are 1 gang ma...all have same taste geh..

@生番薯,haha..there are about 4 spec shop ba..but all selling same design spec for our age can get others design but thats for primary student de...give u free u also dun wan la..