Friday, February 15, 2008

Primary 6A Gathering

On the first day of Chinese New Year,the gang of Primary School 6A classmates are having a gathering at our primary schoold teacher's house far at Jementah.It tooks us about half an hour to reach her house but we will never miss it.The gathering is just like our annual gathering,it is really hard to gather all the friends,I mean ALL at the same time to visit our teacher.

I really appreciate such chances and I waste no time to keep talking with them especially my teacher,Tan whom I only manage to meet her once in a year.Therefore,I only manage to snap some photo when the time we are going to leave.

There is another special guest,a friend who lost contact for around 11 years,who never met for 11 years,make it to the gathering because one of my friend who study in Serdaya College just happen to meet her in the college.I am really glad to see her again even though I can't really recognise her at the first glance but luckily I manage to recall who is she...keke..

This is she..I am so sad cause I miss the chance to take photo with her because she tell me she is going out with us during the night but she didn't make it..*Sad*

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Gi Chuan and Shu Pei

This is my primary teacher,Tan who really did a good job as a primary school teacher.She is my class teacher since Standard 3 until Standard 6 and she really teach me a lot of thing..She really earns my respect..

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My teacher,Tan and Me

At last,our group photo,I can't say it is a class photo because there are people still missing,there are 23 of us and I really happy to meet them..Besides,I really feel glad that I bring my camera along,else the photo won't be this clear cause it is a very bad lighting condition in the living hall..

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Back Row(L-R):Soon Kuan,Wei Mun,Wee Zhee,Siang Heng,Cheng Yong,Chor Wei,Kit Sheng,Cheng Chan,Huai Yi,Mei Ping,Gi Chuan and Me
Middle Row(L-R):Meng Han,Tan,Annie,See Yee,Yann Yann,Zhi Yeo and Phey Huoy
Front Row(L-R):Bao Chen,Phei Zi,Shu Yan and Shu Pei


Then during the night,we went to some Chinese Restaurant to have our dinner and the "MUST" order food will be "Lou Sang"..

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So,do you "lou" already??Got "fatt" or not??hehe
Then this time I didn't forgot to take photo with another of my good friend who come back from Singapore.A very pretty girl,Ser Fang whom I seldom met,may be 3 or 4 times in a year..hehe

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Ser Fang and Me

I think this will be the end of my post.Actually I took less photo during the Chinese New Year,even I myself also couldn't believe it..Anyhow,there are still some of the photo will be upload in the coming post..stay tune...Last day,wish all of you having a nice and sunny day just like the sun flower..

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This flower is now the wallpaper of my K810i phone


Huei said...

ur fren ser fang is so cute! seriously!!

wah! still got gathering with schoolmate..mine all long lost!! heheh except for my best fren

Mariuca said...

Hey Kim Fei, long time no hear from u, still in the CNY mood huh? Anyway, hope u had a nice Valentine's day with ur gf, happy weekend! :):):)

chingy said...

Primary school omg. O_O
Luckily most of my primary school friends same secondary school as me. XD

kimfei said...

@huei,yalo...i really happy about other friend all lost contact v primary sch classmates especially those from big city..

@mariuca,hihi..I am fine..trying hard to get back to my normal uni life..keke

@chingy,me too..but some already move to some other places..sad..

kljs said...

Wah, you so geng lar....

I already forgot most of my primary school friends, those that followed me to the same secondary school, I still keep in contact at least... said...

nice group photo,very clear....wa..u always have alot of cute cute gal friend one... which one is ur gal actually ;Þ

curryegg said...

I miss my secondary friends... How I hope there will be gathering... :D
Ya lor.. icalvyn is right. You've a number of cute girls in your blog. Who is your girl girl?

Oh ya... You've been tagged by me...
Muahaha... Feel free to do it.. ;D

kimfei said...

@kljs,it is really nice if still can keep in touch with all these friend..some time we need to work it out else we never will have the chance as well.., gal arr..i post it before..may be you can try to dig out from my previous post geh..

@curryegg,lol..i just got the chance to meet them ma..i shall do the tag when i free..hehe

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