Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Little Genting

On the last day of my training,I met with my hometown friends before I went back to Melaka.I stay ar Kuala Lumpur around 3 months time but there is one place that I always wanted to go but don't have the chance.So,my friends are kind enough to bring me to the place during the last outing.

The place is located some where near Cheras,don't ask me for the exact route to there,cause I also don't know and neither my friend.We spent around one and a half hours only reach the destination.I only know some signboard showing that it is Kuala Lumpur Look Out Point so may be you can check from the wikimapia.

Once we reach there,I really getting very excited until I left the tripod holder for my camera in the car and I only realize that when I take out my camera,my tripod and ready to shoot some photo on the top of the tower.So,I have no choice but to walk down the slope again just to get the holder.That's freaking tired.

Then I took some of the photo but the photo is not really satisfy since that day is quite misty.So,I only post up 1 photo for the view..keke..

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Kuala Lumpur Night View

When the time I start to take photo for my friend,there is something wrong with my stomach.For my friends who know me well,they will know that my stomach is very sensitive and I will easily go for the "big" one if I ate something wrong.That day consider a bad day for me,I went to toilet for around 4 times,man,on the hill,when I am on the top of the tower,stomachache,then have to walk down to the toilet near the restorant,then go up to the tower again,then cannot stand the pain,go to toilet again...damn...I am damn tired for the view...

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Cheng Yong

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Cheng Chan

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Group Photo 1

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I damn like this group photo..very yeng..hehe

After we took all the photo,then we went to the restorant for some rest,especially me who totally not in good condition. The view from the restorant also very nice,must have a try especially for couple,really romantic!!

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Gasoline Cafe

Then my friend start to ki siao again after eating the KLCC,now he is imagine the KLCC is just in front of him..he just love KLCC,didn't he??

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Siao Cheng Chan with the KLCC

Last photo before we going back,took at the entrance of the staircase.We actually stay there for around 4 hours plus until the gate is going to close which is around 2am.

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Cool Huh??

Luckily,at last I still able to take some of our photo,else this will be a really wasted visit,anyhow,I swear I will go there again for some nicer photo..anyone?


Abcchin said...

look put point! hulu langat! ahahahaaa

leo said...

i wan to go..coz never been there before:p

chingy said...

I want to go.
Come come XD

Mariuca said...

I'm so jealous of all your lovely pictures, they'll make very good memories for years to come!

And I tagged u with a meme!

yipguseng said...


u really make me feel like getting a camera for myself T_T

-SaMYP- said...

hey...u should go upper place...there very dark but romantic...just becareful dun kena rob laa...刺激 but nice...haha

kimfei said...

@abcchin,haha..yalo..u just live near by only hor..so nice lor..

@leo,haha..i hope to go one more time ler..

@chingy,no prob...next time if got chance..keke

@mariuca,yealo...definitely will..about the tag..shall check it when i free ya..now chinese new year ma.haha

@yipguseng,i am thinking of to sell my camera oo..interested??

@-samyp-,waliao..u didnt read arr...i stomachache till wan die d still wan me go higher..haha..die la..

Cekik Darah Team said...

Wish you Happy Chinese New Year from team CekikDarah.com :)


*nice view

n@zm! said...

happy chinese new year !

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