Sunday, April 5, 2009

CNY Gathering

In every Chinese New Year ever since I graduate from Secondary school, there is a must "to do" thing during the CNY which is the Primary Sch 6A Class Gathering at our class teacher, Miss Tan's house.During this time,basically I will met with almost half of my ex-classmates who I don't even know where they all disappeared,how they all doing,is it still studying or already working for sometime.

And to my biggest surprise during this time gathering is one of my friend already become father...ZOMG..Really need to congratulate him and wish him all the best for his future,and of course happy always for his family!


And as usual,we chat a lot,especially those gals,and for the guys, the topic that we usually chat for an hours had changed.Time flies and can't deny that we need to be more mature and that's why ppl start talking about buying car,or house or investment!I wonder for the coming CNY Gathering, how many of my friends will start talking about marriage..muahahhaa...

OK la...with further is is loads of photo that taken during the gathering..And I don't think I can post all of it over here but anyhow,you still can view it through my facebook's album

As you can see from the photo,the living hall is almost fully filled by us..


Part of the guys...


My 6A class teacher, Miss Tan,and the most unforgetable thing of her is her "rotan"..may be this is the main thing that make us still remember her...LOL..And thanks to my friend's hand,the only photo also become blur due to his handshake...arghh...


Taken with the gals whose hardly can met for the whole year..


My best friends,luckily I still able to meet them once in a while..
After a while, the gals also join in for the photo end up we keep shooting nonstop..


During this time,the guys only got the opportunity to chat with the teacher..


Well,obviously the gals are much more than the guys..



And lastly, the group photo of us..


So,this will be the end of this post..sound kinda serious and up I will post up some random shots during this gathering..till then..

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