Sunday, March 8, 2009

Huawei MRO Staff Gathering come another weekend already...Well, as usual,I still got nothing to do during the weekend since my girlfriend is not around,and most of my closer friends went back to hometown already..Hence, thanks for that and now I remember to update my blog..hehe..


Still, this is a very outdated post as this event is happend right before the Chinese New Year.It's my company regional office's staffs gathering.It was held at the JW Marriott Hotel, opposite of the Pavillion.This event start from 9am till 4pm.Actually there is nothing much to tell since it is just like an ordinary company annual staff meeting.The only different is me and my friend JiunKei had volunteered ourself to become the volunteer photographer to cover for this event which means we had the passport to walk around during the meeting..rather than sitting there for the whole day, and listen to the annual report of each departments...

We are the first two person who reach there,this is mainly because we need to survey some spots to photograph during the event on-going..


And we found out that the lighting in the ballroom is definitely a big challenge for a noob like me who never cover any event before...Luckily,eveything still going fine after trying a few setting...

Here come the MRO-TSD department director at the registration booth...


All the team director,manager are busy chatting right before the start of the meeting..


During the meeting..everyone seems like paying attention to the presenter on stage...


Very serious indeed..


While everyone are paying attention to it...we shoot..


During the breakfast time..Here come my teamates,all under the same product line..Opps..did I tell you guys yet?Yeah..I am working as a Optical Network engineer who mainlly take charge on the optical transmission part..



The ex-department director...


Before the end of the meeting, we had a company group photo..ZOMG..this is real not easy in anyway...The lighting is just not enough for the front speedlite is just not power enough to cover all..and hence...this is the best I can give..Luckily still can pakai and the good news is it had been selected to publish in our company monthly happy la..


If you think this is the end of the day, then you are wrong..My company department is very kind to invite all the staffs to the Chinese New Year celebration dinner,which also located in JW Marriott Hotel..and That will be cover on my next post..till then...


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