Monday, March 23, 2009

The Path

Sigh, so fast it is another end of the weekend d, I really miss the weekend especially when my gf come over all the way from Malacca to visit me. That makes me feels like I am still a human who still have life, who still know how to enjoy the life rather than working..working..and working...Anyway, this will be another story about how I enjoy the weekend.

Back to this post, sometimes I had been thinking am I choosing the correct path in my career. Is the current job the one that I desire long ago...Is this the path that will lead me to the bright future?? Well, I not really have the answer yet but so far, I am quite enjoy for my current job except for the part where everyone keep pushing me to the deadline...I did learned a lot in terms of many aspect, technical side, marketing side and project management side etc...

The team that I am working in really did looks like a team, everyone is willing to give a helping hand when needed. So far, I not really had any experience of office politics..may be this is not a really good thing though cos I might not be able to survive if I fall under one..good or bad..judge yourself,right?


Anyway,I hope this will be the right path that lead me to the bright future least for current stage it is!


Of course, with the right path, you will also need something to ease the journey...basically you will need everyone's help in order to deserve a relax journey..If you understand what I am bullshit over must be a success one!