Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear's Birthday

I suppose to update about this quite some time ago..but..hais..November 26..Its my dear's birthday...Time really flies..this will be the 7th Birthday celebation ever since I started with her..My goodness..I still can remember the first year celebration,that's the time when I was Form 5,I wanted to give her surprise so I arrange everything with her best friend for her birthday celebration and did works and I can see the tears of joys from her eyes..Then years after years...the curve of our relationship become very stable with some peaks and drops in between and I admit that I did enjoy this relationship a lot..


Very fast it will be our 7th Year Aniversary. People always say that 7 years is the time when something will happen..Well,I hope it won't happen neither from you nor me..Today is the fourth day you went back to Segamat after your internship and I still feel there is something lost in my daily life..Yupe,I admit that when you are here,sometime I will feel that you are intruding my life but when you are 300KM away from me..only I realize that I already accept that as part of my life..Actually I have no idea why I want to write this post where my initial plan is to share the joy of celebration with my friend but now...I think I just want to let you know I will always love you no matter when you are doing such funny face..


or drinking with such face..


Trust me..I still are the same person that you met six and a half years ago..*OKOK,may be looks a bit ok than those time*


Miss you my dear....


yung . said...

This is a fake post lor, it's about you two camwhoring ahahahhahaha!! Btw, wish you 2 all the best in your future k.. Love each other until MAD k.. hhahahaa

生番薯 said...

wah...touching tis proposing post???HAHA....but ur gf like slim down d she did tat??teach me