Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Old Flamingo

Nothing much to share nowadays since the chance for me to join an outing is just too low..still the same words from me.."BUSY"...Now, I really understand why people says that joining this company is not as easy as what I think of. Luckily I still able to find some passion on this job eventhough it is having a real hectic schedule...

Just to hope that after all these projects, I won't have so much wringles like this flamingo did. This shot is taken during my last visit to KL Birdpark..sound ages ago..muahaha..Nothing much to pp since the time I capture this, it already give me some studio effects...


For this time being, I think I shall stop here..Ya,I know it is a very short update but I think nobody cares except Rawpotato and Woonlee who purposely come over to spam my chatter box..LOL..Anyhow,I still wanna thanks to all whoever visit my blog eventhough there is less and less update nowadays...May be you can pray to see some Human photos on my next update rather than those birds again..muahahahaha

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