Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Some Random Pic

Just to keep my blog alive while I am still tied with few projects at the same hopes that my blog won't die after I posting some of this random pics ya..


This one taken quite some time ago during the visit to the KL Birdpark.


Hmm,what shoud I named this one....


Chicky pic..This was taken using my +4 Close up filter..the effect is really amazing..Have no faith on my words...check this out..


So,what do you think?This one was taken using my 18-55 IS Kits with the +4 close up..not bad huh..


Hopefully by next post I am able to share some of the pic that taken during my family trip to Pulau Ketam...till then..


xuen adyla said...

hey kimfei ge ge
have u ever read a mag title bug
if u send the grasshopper pic they hire u for sure
its amazing

luvin it
da ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ahlost said...

Nice insects pics :)

c e said...

reallyyyy amazing...