Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KLPF Fujifilm Model Shooting Contest

Just allow me to have a short break from my Bangkok posting,I had visitted the KLPF on the last Saturday together with Monkey Hao and Jian aka Miao.Please forgive me for the lack of information regarding the event because I also not so clear about that.The only thing that I know is there are a lot of seminar by those professional photographers.

Other than that,there is a model photo shooting contest organise by Fujifilm as well.Hmm..I didn't submit any of my humble shot because this is my first ever model shoot and I can say that I am like a noob in front of all those pro photogs who holding those L lens with big big flashgun.

So here are some of my noob shot of the day..C&C are always welcome..even though I know not much people going to leave me a comment...I shall resume on my Pattaya post after this...

















Mei-Wah said...

your photo-shooting skill are as GREAT as ever!!!

robin said...

hey kimfei !!
I thought your pictures are pretty good !! Though I believe the background is a bit distracting, but hey, thats not your fault. The setup and the lighting of the stage was terrible.
Nice meeting you man.
Keep those good pictures coming !

Neo said...

Beautiful models, I love them all. Your pics are pretty good too!

fattien said...

hmmm.... next time better use AWB for this kind of situation. It was difficult to shot as well coz people blocking in the front and people pushing from the behind...lolz. and my head even get knock by the lens as well. For shoting model events you have to get a right user define setting. flash controlling also difficult at this stage coz the shadow from behind the backdrop is quite annoy.

Anyhow, i like picture 4# and 5#.

kimfei said...

@mei-wah,haha..finally some body leave me a comment...keke....thnx thnx a lot..i am waiting ur bangkok post..hehe

@robin,hey hey...nice to meet you...hope this coming weekend can hang out with you guys again..lol..you are correct..tat day situation make us real hard to shoot la..

@neo,haha..you are so greedy..you love them all...my god..kakaka

@fattien,haha...I already using AWB,my camera AWB also kena cheat by all those big flash gun..haha..u kena knock head also arr??I kena 70-200 Xiao Bai knock my head lor..need a lot practise and experience then only know how to capture for such situation...

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