Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pattaya ~~>Alcazar

After visiting the Sriracha Tiger Zoo,we continue our journey to Pattaya.I think I need not to explain where is Pattaya and how the place is since you can simply google about it.For short, it is a place that full of "entertainment" and also "trap".Don't got cheated by your eyes on what you looking at because 90% it is a trap and when you realize the truth,you gonna vomit along the whole street for the rest of the day..Too deep for you guys to understand?Check it out by yourself and you will know what I mean..

On that night,we went for one of the most popular show in Pattaya,Alcazar,the popular cabaret show in Pattaya.If you guys got the chance to visit Pattaya,this is the one that you shouldn't miss or you can go for Tiffany Show as well since they are categorized as same genre.

Here are some photo that I took during the show.Oh ya..forgot to tell that I got the VVIP ticket for this show from my agent and I was seated at the first row so you can imagine how tempting is that if they are "girl" just enjoy the photo ya and hope you guys love it..







Ya..becareful of this bombshell,because in every show,she is going to come down from the stage and choose some one to actually enjoy the bomb and that day I just got lucky because she choose me,but thank god my Crumpler camera bag save my day since the bag is blocking her from kissing me..muahahaha..and pity on my friend who sat beside me because he is the next victim.




Coming shot is my of the best that I what do you think?





Also,you can took picture with all these dancer after the show..but don't forget to pay them some tips after you took photo..



So,how is all these ice cream that I treat you guys?Do you guys love it..muahahaha...


Gallivanter said...

Wowee...are those really ladies? I'm skeptical when it comes to Thailand....sigh

yung . said...

I always lurve the colour Thai prepares to the audience, so energetic!

kimfei said...

@gallivanter, shoud read what I write...for your question,nope..they are not the real ladies...muahahaha

@yung.,yeah..they always use red..or gold..hehe.