Monday, October 27, 2008


What do you think when you see the title of this post?You must be thinking oh shit KimFei trying to fool us again right..I wonder how many Non-Thai can really speak the words out loud..Well,as what I say in my previous post,this is a very famous temple where the Sleeping Buddha living in it..Also,there is one historical building in this park as well..


Here is the sleeping is quite different from the one you see in Bangkok..the most significance difference is the color of the statue..She is in white color while the one in Bangkok is in Gold..


As I said,there is a very tall buidling in this park..


Before you enter the that area,you will see this statue..the Laughing Buddha..correct if I am wrong..the special thing is you can see there is pig statue beside the Buddha..I wonder do I have the chance to see such thing in Malaysia?


Of course since we are in the area where everyone is so into the religious,so the thing you can see around here is statue..statue and again statue of Buddha..


I wonder how long does all these Buddha Statue being placed over here..because they looks realy aging..



View from the top of the building..


This is also one of the reason why you should stay over night at Ayuthaya because if you going for a one day trip,you will visit this place around noon time and I tell you the weather is freaking see how "hangus" I am then you may judge my word and think twice..


Next will be the very last post of my Bangkok entry..afterward there will be load of photo to come..muahahaha....

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