Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~HDR Series

After the previous testing on doing the HDR,this time I am using 3 different exposures to compose the HDR effect photo but still there is some flaw because I didn't use tripod to capture all these..handheld for 3 different exposures will cause some shadow or blur to the photo..

Anyway,here is some creation of mine which I think worth to share with...Notes that the dark cloud in the first picture is uneditted version...The cloud is there when I shoot that and it is dark in colour as well..It is not me who edit it till like some sort of Armageddon effect...

As usual,I will show you the normal exposure photo and then the creation of HDR with the photo..C&C are welcome..



And for this one..I know it is a bit can see aura light surrounding the statue..but I think I can explain this effect..muhahaha..This is because the light is come from the back side of the statue and since the statue is in white,so the reflection from the statue will cause its surrounding a bit brighter than the front part which cause the aura...nice or not...kakakaka



Next is the picture that capture in the building up at the St.Paul's Hill..





So,what do you think??The color looks so fake..?!The pciture looks so unreal...kekeke...I quite like the effect..It does look like an oil painting to me..anyway..just wanna share it here and hope you guys like it..Two more days I will be back from Bali...stay tuned ya...


alvincheng said...

hihi, nice blog,wanna link?

ahlost said...

I like the statue with light from behind pic .. nice :)