Monday, May 26, 2008

A Famosa Shooting Session~Flower Series

During the Wesak Day,where the whole Malacca Town is filled by the tourists that 80% of them are mainly from Singapore,Johor and KL and there are three silly fellows choosing this day to have a photoshoot session at A Famosa,one of the historical spot in Malacca Town and hence now you got the chance to see the master piece of one of the three silly people...

During the entire five years of my uni life,I only visit these place once when I was in Alpha year,which is the first year I came to Malacca.Many thing had change and it really makes me feel that "aerghh...I am getting older...aging..."All right,I think I better straight to the point since I got load of photos wanna share with the readers and I have limitted time to do so..

Remember,C & C are always welcome...I would love to hear any comment,critics or praises from you please leave me a come the Flower Series that I took when I first reach there..Actually I am taking all these to test out my lens only but anyhow,the result is quite satisfying..






So,what do you think about the photo..I know some color saturation is over d..I also don't know how come this will happen..may be due to over expose or whatever..

Anyway,tommorow,will be the starting of joyness..excitement will be around all the time because I am going to BALI but don't worry,I will still keep my blog update by using the pre-post feature.cause seriously I need to clear out some some of the pending photo folio else I will end up rushing to post it before I can show you guys the pretty of Bali...So,do check my blog often ya...

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