Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Sixth Year Anivesary

This gotta be a very personal post.Yesh..6 years ago,23rd of May 2002,I still can remember that time I still driving a Suzuki RR2 motor,rushing to this special one house just before my tuition going to start...

The very lame reason that I tell my special one so that I can find her is to borrow her camera for some event shooting in school...Of course,since I mention it is a lame reason,so at last I end up forget about the camera but I am full of joy and happiness when I came out from her house and went to the tuition..this is because,at 03:05 pm 23rd May 2002,she agree to become my girlfriend after I dig out all my guts to ask the second hardest question in this world "Can you be my girlfriend?" is just like a blink where I still can remember clearly what had happen throught these few years and now it is our sixth anivesary..Dear..thanks for all your love,all your concern throughout these six years had meant a lot to me..I am glad that you are by myside when I am down and I really feel glad to have you as my dear...Even though some time I am getting a bit frustrated due to some disagreement among us..but I really likes the way you handle it...

So,till here...I guess most people will ask,"Then how you guys gonna celebrate your sixth year anivesary..Dear..once again I have to say sorry because I am really bond to a tight schedule as you all know that I gonna move all my ass up to KL and prepare for my new journey of life after my uni~~Working!!So,I really hope that you will love the gift that I think you will need it the most when you are doing your internship...

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Also,I would like to thank for the gift that you buy for me...It is lovely and just the thing that I need most..and never forget this is my preferred brand..Crumpler Six Million Dollar...Muaks....Luv ya..

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Lastly,there is a great surprise for all my friend,especially my dear who like her so much...Dang Dang Dang Dang...ViVi..

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Her name is ViVi,you may wonder why ViVi..sound like wee wee...later always pee...Ahaks...then you are wrong...ViVi is after the name ViVidus in latin which means "Lively" and she is just like her name..lively...Isn't she very cute??Even though she is a mix..but I damn like her..Dear arr...don't jealous arr...kekekek..Lastly..again..Happy Sixth Year Anivesary and I luv ya..


-SaMYP- said...

What is the hardest question???

leo said...

vivi never cut off her tail??
btw, happy anniversary to you n ur gal!

SilverIsle said...

Hardest question is "will you marry me?" I guess. Hehe.

Happy anniversary oh! May both of you be happy forever and ever lar.

P/S: Anniversary must post both of your photos one lar. Why put all gifts only. =P

kimfei said...

@-samyp-,haha..already got ppl help me answer d..

@leo,no wor..thnx thnx..

@silverisle,haha..coz my gf say post all these can d..dun wan show face...hahaha