Friday, October 12, 2007

Zoo Melaka

Can you remember when is your last visit to the Zoo?Well,as I can recall,the last visit of mine are few years back when I still stuying in secondary school.Last Wednesday,my dear and I plan to pay a visit to Zoo Melaka.This is the first time for both of us since we study in MMU Melaka for almost 4 years plus.Previously we had plan twice to visit the Zoo but too bad the first time and second time had to be cancel due to the Rain God who visit early in the morning.This time is the third time and very big thanks to the Rain God because he is still sleeping...(I guess)

This entry will contain a lot of the animal photos.So,lets have a tour to the virtual Zoo Melaka.

We reach there around 10 something in the morning.Yeah..Welcome to Zoo Melaka!!For your information,this Zoo Melaka is operate day and night,the Night Zoo or so call Zoo Malam.I never experience the visit during night but I don't think there is any special about because this is not the Night Safari.Whoever been there during night..mind to share your experience??

All the photo is taken using my camera,Panasonic Lumix FZ8.This is just a portion of the photo.I had take 300++ photos in total.Now,I am looking some free host for the photo album,any recommendation?I would like to share all but it just seems impossible to post all photo in blogspot..very time consuming.For those who wan to see more,please be patience till I found the best place to host my photo ya..




Duck(forgot the species name)

Colourful Cock??

Guys,do you ever experienced as a VVIP of some performance.If you want to be the one,then just pay a visit to this Zoo during the weekdays,I repeat,weekdays or more precise during the morning session of weekdays.You will have high possibility to be the VVIP for the show.Guess what,my dear and I,yeap,only two of us is watching the show for the 11am session.This is so ridiculous,can you imagine when the host ask,"Is there any volunteer to try this?",become "Is there any volunteer? are the only one...!!".Oh man..thats so funny!!

The Orang Utan showing some sign??


Malayan Gaur



This is the way the Ankole Cattle welcome us by showing their ass to me!!

The Leopard in raining day

Now you know why at the very first line I mention the Rain God is still sleeping in the early morning.It is start raining around 12 something.The Rain God should be high for the over night and just got pass of it..Luckily the rain stop after a while of pouring.

Forgot the name..anyone?

This creatures like to hide deep inside the cage.Damn hard to shot its photo.

One of my favourite photo

Eagle(can you feel it?)

Red Eagle

Macro Shot on this bird.Lucky shot of mine.

Another lucky shot


The couple?or Brokeback??


When we visit to the monkey area,we found this little monkey sat at the corner.From the far view,I wonder why this little monkey looks so depress?!??It must be some others bully him,I guess.

Depress lonely monkey

When we come closer,damn you idiot fake depress monkey!!The monkey actually trying to eat the leave outside the cage and thats why it is sit near the corner alone.

Oscar Monkey

Siamang(Looks so innocent)

Sun Bear sponsor by A&W

The duck in bushes

Elephant with two nose??


The coming up photo is snap by using the tele-macro mode.What do you think about the composition of the photo?Please comment so that I know where is the room for improvement!!Anything will do..

I guess this is enough for the entry..If I continue post those animal photo,I guess many of you going to kill me on the spot...


yung . said...

kimfei[dot]blogspot[dot]com has tuened into a zoo! Lolz

For the free hosting, can try photobucket or flikr lor..

Pete said...

You have some great photo's on this blog. Congratulations.

Must be great to love what you do so much.

Best wishes,


Jian said...

dah lama wanna go
jz don hv the chance nia.. sighh

kimfei said...

yung : thnx..i will try do tat when i free..currently at KL

pete : thnx..hehe

jian : nvm..when u come back melaka time,we go again..if u wan la..