Thursday, October 11, 2007


At last,my girlfriend finish her last paper last Tuesday.Hence,I decided to celebrate with her on that night since I already enjoy my holiday for few days with the Tele Gangz.This time,both of us want to go for something new..something different and my dear always say that the TARO looks very nice,so we decided to have a try in this restaurant.

The outlook of the restaurant is very awesome.It will be just nice to sit at the outside which facing the main road between the Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade,holding a glass of red wine..hmm...the feels is great.When we go inside the restaurant,we saw a lot of "ang mo"/foreign tourist sitting over there,some having a bucket of beers,some drinking the red wine.The atmosphere is very nice..relaxing..

Once we walk through the entrance,this is what you see.The decoration seems very highclass and this is the first time I being inside such highclass restaurant,what even worse is I am wearing shorts with slipper..shame on me..haha

This is the layout of the restaurant.For your information,the downstair of this restaurant is reserved for those having the buffet.The waitress lead us to our seat which reside within some where near the corner which is quite suitable for couple to sweet sweet inside.Yeah..I mean sweet sweet but not kiss kiss..Ok!!!

When the time we reach there,there isn't much customer dining in the restaurant.Most of the customers are drinking outside the restaurant.The table beside ours is empty and you may notice there is a small LCD screen on the table.Ths content is keep repeating about the tourism of Malacca and introduce the food of TARO.

Remember I say we sat in the corner??Yeap,this is the thing that block up the view to make us in the corner..hehe..I am quite enjoy the atmosphere in TARO..After we have a glance on the menu,the waitress take our order politely with a sweet smile on her face.Well,I think the malay waitress is very sweet but too embarassed for her to tell me the food is not avaiable when I order for the Omelette.Here is the conversation after I order the main course of mine...

Sweet waitress : Sir,is there any side order you would like to add??

(I look at the menu,asking my dear..)

me : Yea..May I have the omelette??

Sweet waitress : (embarassing smile)Sorry sir,the food is not a-available..May be you can try this fish finger..(while pointing to the menu)

Me : Oh..nevermind then..let me see..(I have two choice actualy,Roti Jala or Omelette)All right,I would like to have the Roti Jala please..

Sweet waitress : (embarassing smile again)

(In my mind..oh gosh..again??)

Sweet waitress : I am so sorry..the Roti Jala is not avaiable as well.."mei you"..

(LoL..the sweet waitress say chinese already..)

Me : Like that arr..then nevermind lor..Thanks ya..(what the....the thing I want all don't have??!??)

After we make our order,the golden plate is served,with a roll of wet tissue look alike thing on it.Thats a big joke of me as this is the first time I see such thing.(Like a orang kampung out to town).At first glance,I thought it is some appetiser.~idiot me~Luckily didn't have a try on it..~ngeh ngeh~It is actually the wet tissue thats for you to wipe your hand..

I notice something special about this Taro is the shape of the dish..the plate..the glass..mostly having some angle so that the dish is like facing you.Look at the glass..this is why I say this is the place to have some red wine..

Mango Honey Sparkling Juice

Well..of course I am not that rich.I order for myself a glass of Mango Honey Sparkling Juice while my dear get herself the Ancassia Honey Sparkling juice.I tasted both,the taste not bad and the price still reasonable for such drinks.

Ancassia Honey Sparkling Juice

Chicken Chop

Shell Pasta with Tomato Cheese

The food is served without waiting for long time.My dear get herself the chicken chop.The price is consider slightly higher if compare to Amigo or Wok and Pan.I have no idea why the side dishes are all smaller in quantity and even the worst is one of the small plate is the sauce that serve on top of the chop.What is it for for the extra plate..I am quite disappointed with the chicken chop but luckily the food I order,Shell Pasta with Tomato Cheese,looks great and taste delicious.I think the spaghetti is worth a try but not the chop,it is tasteless especially I am just back from the EL-Cactus Mexican Style not long ago.

And thing just getting worst during the half way while we enjoy our meal,there is a family of four together with a maid sit beside our table.Remember the table with LCD,damn..they sit at there and the small kid,i think still not yet study in kindergarten keep making noise over there..the atmosphere totally spoilt.Luckily another kid is just a baby and not really making noise,else I think I gonna kick them all out of my sight...grhhh...Once we finish the meal,without staying any longer,we pay the bill and leave..what a so call "enjoy" dinner in TARO !!Seriously have to think twice to back there since the price is not cheap as well....


yung . said...

Woot, seems like everyone's complaining about the price oh. How expensive is it? Above RM30? I think they have to charge at a higher price, or else who's gonna pay for those big billboard advertisements they set up along Melaka streets.

Shall collect more views before proceeding into that Taro!

kimfei said...

yung : hmm...for the thing I order,cost around RM45 include all the tax what do you think??worth??haha...

mapo said...

will go try if i got chance..haha

kimfei said...

mapo : should have a try on that then you will know what the dilemma i am facing of..