Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Port Dickson Trip Part III


After the dinner,we are heading back to our resort.Since Yann Hoong bought the firework in earlier time,of course is those child play type,hence,they all decide to play it at the beach there.

Night view of Corus Paradise Resort
Side view of Corus Paradise Resort
Preparation for the firework photo taking session

ta da...using the self timer to take this photo

Another syok sendiri photo

Yaya..Now only I realise we took a lot photo~~

Night view from the Man Made Gulf

Actually I don't know should I post this photo..then I think and think and think...Yes..Definitely I should.This photo is so funny.You know why the hand there is blur in motion,this is because our Mapo aka Woonlee can't stand stable still when I take this photo and hence she waving her hand to stabilize herself.

When we back from the beach,we are having the FUUF session.This game is learnt during the trip to Perhentian Island,an easy game yet still many people will get cheated.We are having fun and even more when Mapo suggest some acting scene by using her King card.

Here is some video of it.

Ming Jie in action:~

Tele Idol~s3r claiming that that broom steal his gf~~

Mr Ck dancing with the broom~~

And the last,The TMSC(The Most Shining Couple) in tele in action~~

The next morning,we walk around the beach there during the tide began to edd.And again,photo session..

It is so nice to relax in such a way

Yeah..we all like this lamp post very much

Group photo the Lobby staircase
Ck as the leader showing some stink face

Last group photo before we going back to Melaka

Bye Bye Port Dickson,it is really fun to hang out with you guys.Next,we should decide where to go for our Graduation Trip...can't wait till the day..LOL..At last,Happy Holiday ya..


生番薯 said...

wah...i like the video part...regret no join!!!I wanna join grad trip!!

kimfei said...

生番薯 : hehe..no problem...