Monday, October 8, 2007

Port Dickson Trip Part II


During the night,we are having our dinner at EL Cactus Bistro & Bar.This restaurant is not far from the Corus Paradise Resort,it only takes about 5 minutes to reach there.May be you will think.."what is so special about this restaurant oo??Look at the signboard already feel like not really nice,some more got sell lobster,sure very expensive one!!"

If you think like that,then you are totally wrong.This bistro serves Mexican food which you hardly find one even in Kuala Lumpur,you may had mexican food in some high rated star hotel but you just can't found any in such bistro with cheaper price of course.

If you have chance to go there,and IF you would like to have a try in this bistro,then you may look for this big sign board.The bistro is just beside the main road from Port Dickson town.It is just at the opposite of the Mayang Sari Beach Resort.With these landmarks,you guys can easily found it.

From the name of the bistro, EL Cactus Bistro & Bar,for sure you may discover a lot of cactus plantation at the surrounding.The photo showing the biggest cactus in the bistro.

There is a short stair case when you walk into the bistro.You can't find anything special until you walk through it and reach the center of the bistro.

Surprise...the environment is so romantic.It is really suitable for couple.The candle light..slight breeze from the seaside..the decoration..while listening to the latin song..I guess this is the best way to relax myself,no pressure,no more FYP,no more final exam,enjoy to the max...

Inside the bistro,there is a Nineball Pool Table,anyone who feel like wanna having a drink and have some game,this it the place..

This is the place where all the nice drink..especially cocktail and mocktail being produced..hehe

This is another thumbs up design.If you feel "hot",you may sit in this dark corner with soft couch,it is so comfortable..Of course when I say "hot",it means you really hot,and there is a air-conditional to cool you down.Don't simply think to other corner..this is not a place for you to do something you like to do when you are "hot"..

The four beauty enjoy in the dark corner.I use flash for this photo,so you may clearly see the soft couch.

After we settle down,we order our foods and drinks.I would like to recommend the cocktail.It tastes so great..

There is some funky name for the cocktail..can you imagine how the cocktail taste for CACTUS Orgasm??or Pussy Cat??I bet you will get orgasm when you drink it..LOL

While waiting for the foods to be served

Yummy Yummy appetiser~Garlic Bread~

My drinks~Tequila Daisy~(Accidentally take such special effect photo..LOL)

My main course~Cactus Porlo Locco~ serve with BBQ sauce

Other delicious foods.I would like to say sorry for the low quality of the photo.First time using my camera to shoot in such environment,majority of the photo looks suxx..

This photo specially for Ming Jie.The decoration on the table.Sorry ya,no skill at all..

After the dinner,another group photo in the bistro.

Seems like everybody is satisfy with the food and drink and also the environment of this bistro..It is a great relief for me as I am the one who suggest to go this bistro.I have been there once 3 years ago and the food,drinks,and service is still good enough until you will definitely to consider the next visit to this bistro.I guess next I will go there together with my girlfriend after she request for so many time.
to be continue....

p/s: Sorry guys,seems like i need another entry to finish up the PD trip post.Stay tune and be patience..


jijitankyy said...

looks very romantic to dine within this atmosphere..

ZMing said...

hehe...keep up the good work!...there's room for improvement.

kimfei said...

jijitankyy : ya...very nice...highly recommended.

zming : haha...sure..i will work harder...

legend port dickson said...

thanks for this
didnt know got such place exist in PD.

must remember go check it out next time.

p/s: if you want to try stay at legend PD at cheap rates, let me know.

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