Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ayuthaya ~ Bang Pa In Palace

All right, finally this will be the last post of my Bangkok trip.Actually I found that I am very lazy compare to when I first started my blog..its a shame because it is just 1 year plus ever since I start writing and now it become a photo blog with load of photo and words...Well,hope those who visiting my blog won't get bored.As usual,haha...or as lazy me,here are some of the photo that I took and just wanna share with you all.This is the last place that I went to during the Ayuthaya trip,the Bang Pa In Palace.Nothing much to say since I didn't pay much attention on the explanation of the tour guide and didn't know much about their just photo..







Really nothing much right..this is because we are not allow to take photo when we are in the building,the inner part of the building is very beautiful yet classy but too bad I can't show you,the outlook of the building is just like those ordinary president house and nothing much to will be the end of my Bangkok trip posting...See you..


elaine said...

Hi there! i love all the photos in your blog, so nice taken! may i know how u upload them up in such a big size?

kimfei said...

@elaine,actually the size of the photo is not really big,each is about 100-200kb only,i am using flickr,just upload to flickr and copy the html code from your flickr and paste it in the box for html code will do..glad you love the photos..see ya..

elaine said...

ohh, so u are actually choosing the large size for your photo in flikrc is it? may i know how big is your main column size? ( the part that u wrote your post.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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